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Neighbours Episode 3084 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3084
Australian airdate: 21/05/98
UK airdate: 21/09/98
UK Gold: 26/07/04
Writer: Russell Kiefel
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Gillian Smart: Margot Fenley
Jeremy Smart: Oliver Wood
Peter Gable: Andrew Murrell
Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
Jane Kennard: Pixie Jones
Josie: Emma Buckland
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Libby and Anne are investigating the development being planned behind Lily's house.
- Mark from Year 10 invites Hannah to the formal.
- Phil gives Hannah a dress that belonged to Julie.
- A horrible woman takes advantage of the bottomless coffee offer at the Coffee Shop. Madge throws her out.
- The horrible woman brings a load of other mothers into the Coffee Shop to protest.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold tell the horrible woman that she's taken it all the wrong way - they are not discriminating against mothers and children. She just shouts that they all want a bottomless coffee. Harold takes charge and says he's closing up, but the women won't budge. The horrible woman tells him her name is Gillian Smart. Harold suggests that they discuss things in the kitchen, but they all keep yelling about discrimination and wanting coffee.
Hannah is trying on Julie's dress. She says it feels strange to be wearing Julie dress. Phil tells her that Julie wore it to a New Year's Eve party just before they were married. He tells her how proud Julie would have been of her.
Phil then opens a jewellery box - it's a brooch that belonged to Helen. He gives it to Hannah, saying he was going to wait until her 18th birthday, but that she should have it now instead, to wear on the dress.
Coffee Shop
Gillian Smart and Harold are thrashing things out in the kitchen. She keeps going on that Harold and Madge offered a deal that they refused to honour. Harold insists that he and Madge are not discriminating. Also, that Madge is not very well today. Gillian says that she'll call off the protest for now, but Harold hasn't heard the last of this.
Amy shows Libby the photos she has taken of the development site. Karl shows them a leaflet about the forthcoming council elections. Libby observes that it's Jane Kennard - she's on the board for Gable Constructions too. Amy thinks she looks "sneaky"(!) Karl tells Billy that he'd better enrol to vote. Billy says he can't see the point because of corruption - his vote won't make a difference.
Harold and Madge have arrived to have dinner with Phil.
In the kitchen, Hannah tells Paul that she's going to the formal with Mark from Year 10. She tells Paul that she's going to wear Julie's dress. Paul asks her to give him some more dancing lessons. Hannah sighs and says he should just join the classes - after all, he only speaks to Hannah when he wants something. Paul promises to be good and Hannah relents.
Libby and Amy are discussing the development with Lily. They also talk about democracy and Billy using his vote. Apparently Lily has been made an offer on her house, but she used the letter to wrap up some fish heads(!)
Jane Kennard is on the boards of several organisations linked to the construction company, but they've tried to cover it up by listing her as a "consultant". It's Conflict of Interest at the very least. Libby has an idea, though.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold open up and find a legal document has been posted through. Gillian Smart has sent them a solicitor's letter alleging discrimination.
MADGE: She is persecuting me!
Libby rings Peter Gable saying she is doing a personal piece on local development companies and their owners. He agrees to meet with her. Apparently he's a bit of a sleaze and referred to her as "sweetheart". Billy offers to go with her to meet him and just stay in the background.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Amy order a glass of water each and Madge is not pleased.
MADGE: This is a coffee shop, if you don't mind.BILLY: I'm in training!
MADGE: And I'm trying to run a business, and you two are taking up a table that could be used by paying customers!
Amy orders a bottomless cup of coffee instead, but Madge says it's off(!) Billy orders a smoothie.
Peter Gable offers Libby a guided tour of their new appartments. He tells that he didn't know he had a councillor on their board and gets a bit shifty when she asks him about a conflict of interest. He gets up and leaves, leaving Libby with the Bill!
Susan is attempting to teach the IT class (the usual teacher is away). Some screensavers come up and they are of an animated Lou's head with a slogan "Drink at Lou's"(!)
Susan confronts Lou about the screensavers saying they are inappropriate and the kids are underage. Lou says he could put the garage on it instead(!) Susan says he either removes the screensavers or the computers.
Gillian Smart comes in with her child saying she needs to see the doctor urgently. She's surprised to see Harold. Harold is concerned about the little boy's earache and manages to fit her in to see Karl. She thanks him profusely. Harold says that they've received her letter, but they wont go in to that. He tells her he'll keep an eye on the baby while she takes the little boy in to see Karl. Gillian bursts into tears.
HAROLD: Oh, dear. Ah.
Billy tells Amy that he doesn't think the police are doing enough work on the streets (very political, Billy!) when suddenly Amy spots Peter Gable talking to Jane Kennard in the rotunda. Amy takes photos of them from a distance. They see him giving her a document. Amy races off to develop the photos.
Harold has sat Gillian down and made her a cup of tea. She explains that she's so tired as the baby is teething. She has no family to help her, and she's always biting the wrong person's head off. They talk about the Coffee Shop and Gillian says that she's so tired that she's just lashing out at everyone.
Karl comes out and tells her to come through to his office. Harold says afterwards they'll go to the Coffee Shop and sort things out.
Phil and Lou are trying to remove the screensavers. Apparently this requires leafing through huge manuals - just open the Control Panel, guys! Lou still can't see why he has to remove the screensavers at all(!) Phil deletes the screensaver and tries to add another one, but all the computers crash(!) Luckily they all come back up. Phil wonders if he entered the wrong command.
PHIL: I know about computers...but not in a big way.
Lou wonders if the the computers are knackered(!)
Coffee Shop
Gillian, Madge and Harold are having a reasonable conversation about the bottomless coffee. None of them were in a very good mood on the day, and Gillian says she won't be continuing with legal action. She leaves on good terms with them.
No.28 (evening)
Libby answers the phone to someone talks to her about "Accidents and Statistics". It's clearly a threatening phone call. Libby looks worried.
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