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Neighbours Episode 3083 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3083
Australian airdate: 20/05/98
UK airdate: 18/09/98
UK Gold: 24/07/04
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Mark Sindon: Marc Stafford
Gillian Smart: Margot Fenley
Jeremy Smart: Oliver Wood
Claudia: Amanda Pettman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Madge wants to run a "bottomless coffee" offer. Harold isn't so sure.
- Karl wishes Sarah luck with her exam.
- Sarah misses her exam and Karl comforts her.
Sarah is despondent about missing her exam. He advises her to ring the Faculty and ask them for advice.
Zoe thinks a boy called Mark is looking at her. Hannah thinks she's imagining it - after all, Mark is in Year 10! Zoe would like him to invite her to the formal. Mark comes over, but just as he's about to speak to Zoe, Paul interrupts them. He wants to ask Hannah to put in a good word for him with Claudia.
Coffee Shop
Phil is having a top- up of coffee. Harold tells Phil how bad caffeine is for his teeth(!) Harold moans to Madge that Phil has had three cups! Meanwhile, a child is making a mess at a table. His mother orders a top- up of coffee while Madge cleans the mess up(!)
Karl suggests that he rings the Faculty on Sarah's behalf. He dials the number.
Joel pops round. Caitlin is in her dressing gown as she's still resting up. She is frustrated with herself and says that she's been acting like a mad woman. Joel says she just has to keep her swimming in perspective. She apologises for being rude to Joel previously.
Coffee Shop
The child is still making trouble and his mother has had five coffees! Harold goes over with a warmed bottle for her and she orders a sixth coffee(!) Madge is not pleased.
Kim is telling Sarah that she can repeat next year. Karl comes out of his office having spoken to Sarah's course co- ordinator. Apparently Karl lied and said that they had a medical emergency at the surgery, and they've agreed that Sarah can do the exam in half an hour from now! Kim says he'll drive Sarah. Sarah hugs Karl to say thank you.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Paul come in. Hannah is in a bad mood with Paul.
Anne tells Madge that she's signed up for a first aid course, and invites Madge to join her.
The mother of the bratty child moans that she hasn't received her sixth coffee. Madge tells her she'll have to pay again. When she refuses, Madge asks her to leave. The child is now shouting at the top of his voice. She storms out, saying Madge and Harold are in big trouble.
Joel is swimming and Billy chats to him when he gets out. Joel wants Caitlin into cross training after all, so she doesn't obsess about swimming. Also Billy is about to start a new training regime.
BILLY: I think I've got the opposite disease to Caitlin.
JOEL: What, laziness?
BILLY: That'd be the one(!)
Coffee Shop
Phil comes in. Madge and Harold are bickering over the bottomless coffee offer. Phil asks if the bottomless coffee from the one he bought this morning still applies and Madge growls at him. Phil invites them over for dinner tonight and Madge accepts gratefully, saying it's been a very trying day. They tell Phil about throwing the woman and her bratty child out earlier.
Billy tells Anne that Joel is starting a new training regime with him. Hannah tells Zoe that she set Paul up with Claudia, even though she's not happy about it. Zoe says Hannah will have to find someone else. Just then, Mark from year 10 comes along and Hannah says hello. He doesn't stop, though.
caitlin tells Anne that she's feeling a bit better. They talk about Billy training with Joel. Sarah comes in and tells them that her exam went well. Also, that the landlady said that they can stay.
Lance and Toadie come in and tell them to get down to the pool if they want a laugh.
Joel has got Billy and the other trainees doing aqua- aerobics. Toadie, Lance, Anne and Caitlin turn up to point and laugh. Billy does not look pleased. He tells Joel that aqua- aerobics is ridiculous, but Joel says it's zero- impact cardio and technique training. He makes Billy do some of the moves solo!
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Zoe are sharing a plate of trips. They ask Madge if she knows any single boys they can ask to the formal(!) Zoe tells Hannah that she'll just have to ask someone out herself, or go with Zoe's brother.
Hannah notices that Mark from Year 10 has come in. He comes over to talk to them and introduces himself. He seems mainly interested in Hannah, rather than Zoe. Then he asks Hannah to go with him to the formal. Hannah is taken aback.
Sarah has come to show Karl the exam paper. She thanks him profusely for sorting the exam for her.
KARL: You're lucky I'm so deceitful.
SARAH: If only you were.
Billy comes in rubbing his leg saying his muscles are killing him. Joel and Karl laugh at him.
Lance, Anne and Caitlin are hanging out when Kim comes round looking for Sarah. Caitlin says she might be at No.28 and suggests Kim tries there. Caitlin and Anne start talking about how spunky Joel is. Lance rolls his eyes and says Amy is always going on about Joel too.
Hannah is very pleased to be going to the formal with Mark. Phil doesn't look too chuffed, then Hannah asks him for money for a dress. Phil goes into the bedroom and gets a box out - inside is a dress that belonged to Julie.
HANNAH:(shocked) Dad, it's gorgeous.
PHIL: FOr a gorgeous girl.
He smiles at her, fondly.
Coffee Shop
Harold has made tea and scones for himself and Madge at the end of a long day. He apologises for not being supportive of her. Just then, the horrible mother comes back with some horrible friends in tow and a load of bratty children.
HORRIBLE MOTHER: Right. I said I'd be back, and I'm back.
HAROLD: What's going on here?
She announces to Madge that they've come to stage a protest.
HORRIBLE WOMEN: We want coffee! We want coffee!
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