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Neighbours Episode 3082 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3082
Australian airdate: 19/05/98
UK airdate: 17/09/98
UK Gold: 23/07/04
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
June Lambert: Gillian Hardy
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou and Toadie are having trouble with the second- hand computers.
- The No.30 residents desperately clean up before their house inspection.
- Bob runs in and a door falls of its hinges. The letting agent does not look impressed.
Ben has fixed the broken door. Apparently the agent is recommending not renewing the lease for them. Ben suggests that they write to the agent to say they've fixed the damage and they'll get rid of the dog(!)
Nick says that it might help if he gets a job - hopefully that will be soon. Toadie says they could get references from the neighbours - it would also help to flush out who complained about the noise(!)
A road
Anne and Lily get into the car. Lily is teaching Anne how to drive. She says Anne has to "feel the rhythm of the road". Today they are going to drive round the car park in reverse. Anne looks a bit nervous.
Toadie asks Lou for a reference for his continued presence at No.30. Lou agrees. Toadie asks if Lou has any complaints about the noise, but Lou says he was just glad to get Toadie out of No.22(!)
Nick comes round and asks Lou if he has any jobs in the bar until he can get a teaching job. Lou says he might have something for him - in PR. Nick should come and see him in the morning.
Caitlin is apparently sleeping in her room. Joel comes round and Ben tells him that Caitlin is a little better.
Kim comes round to pick Sarah up for their date, but she's forgotten about it and has too much study to do. He gives her some flowers anyway.
Toadie comes back with a handful of references!
TOADIE: Phil went with responsible, courteous and reliable, Karl and Susan went with responsible, respectful...that'd be Karl...and well-mannered, and Lou thinks that we're all top blokes! Even you, Sarah!
Kim suggests that they bypass the real estate agent and go straight to the landlord. Sarah thinks this is a good idea, but they don't know who it is. Toadie says he'll try to find out.
Nick comes back and says he's got the job - it's in the hospitality trade. Joel pipes up and says he also got a job today - at the Sports Store at the mall.
Caitlin wakes up and Toadie says Sarah can tend to her as she wants to be a nurse(!)
Ruth tells Anne and Lance that the house finances are low. The phonebill alone is almost $200! The rent at the surgery is also crippling Ruth, but she's not using it very much as she mainly does home visits. But there are still a few months to run on the lease and she doesn't want to leave Karl in the lurch.
Amy, Anne and Lance discuss the housing development behind Lily's house.
Libby has ordered a pizza, but it's the wrong one, so she calls the deliverer back. It turns out to be Nick!
Car park
Anne is practising reversing the car with Lily again. She hears a thumping noise and it turns out to be Toadie in his car, playing his stereo very loudly.
Sarah has arranged to meet the landlady, but it has to be this morning. Sarah is panicked as she has her exam in a few hours.
Just then, Karl pops round to wish her luck for her exam. She tells him she's very nervous about it.
When Karl has gone, Sarah asks Nick to deal with the landlady, but he's off to see Lou. She says she'll have to shut Bob in Caitlin's room with her.
Lassiter's Complex
Nick is wearing a sandwich board and advertising "Lunch at Lou's". He's not very happy about it, but at least it's a job. Joel mocks him a bit.
Karl comes over and tells Nick to keep away from the Surgery to avoid his patients being enticed into eating unhealthy meals at Lou's(!)
Nick is tempted to throw Lou's leaflets into the bin, but Lou comes out and suggests that he does a letterbox drop! If it works, he'll give Nick a permanent job. Nick's face is a picture.
Lance thinks Anne is getting too involved in the development protest. Amy has agreed to take some photos with Libby for the article.
Lou and Toadie have got the computers sorted and installed in the school. All is going well until suddenly the computers all go off. Ruth looks a bit worried.
Sarah is explaining to the landlady that they were having a chaotic day when the agent called round. But they really are good tenants and she also gives them the references. They get talking about nursing, and it turns out that the landlady is a qualified nurse too. She tells Sarah that as long as she's listed on the lease, they can stay.
At that moment, Bob escapes from Caitlin's room. Luckily, the landlady likes Bob and agrees he can stay. Sarah is very pleased and sees the landlady out.
Coffee Shop
Nick is moaning about his two jobs. Joel invites him for a swim, but Nick has to go off to do his letterbox drop.
Libby and Anne sit at a table and discuss the development behind Lily's apartment. Apparently someone on the Council is connected to Gable Constructions who are the building company. Lance and Amy comes in and offer their help to fight the development.
Lance takes exception to Amy saying "Oooh, wow" as Joel passes(!)
Sarah has ordered a cab to get to her exam, but it hasn't turned up.
Ruth tells Karl that she has to leave the surgery - but she'll pay the rent until the end of the contract if Karl can't find someone else. Karl isn't happy. Ruth says that she'll pay to place an ad to try to find someone else to take her room over.
A road
Sarah runs to the bus stop, but the bus leaves without her. Then she tries to flag down a taxi, but it doesn't stop.
Toadie is still trying to fix the computers. Ruth is worried that the computers are "off the back of a truck" but Toadie insists they are good. Finally, "Welcome to Erinsborough High" appears on the screen. Ruth is pleased.
Nick has turned up to see Susan about some relief teaching.
Sarah comes in and tells Karl that she didn't make it to the exam. Everything went wrong. She starts to cry and Karl comforts her.
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