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Neighbours Episode 3081 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3081
Australian airdate: 18/05/98
UK airdate: 16/09/98
UK Gold: 23/07/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dr. Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
Tony Gunn: Michael Dyson
Terry Robins: Neil Fletcher
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil suggests finding a corporate sponsor for computer for the school.
- Lou offers to be the sponsor.
- Susan isn't sure that Lou is the best sponsor.
- Caitlin is training herself into the ground.
- Caitlin faints at the side of the pool.
Toadie is looking for some CDs and Sarah is revising for an exam tomorrow. The phone rings and Nick answers it. Apparently there's going to be a house inspection this afternoon. Sarah goes nuts and starts tidying up and asks where Caitlin is so she can clean her room. She also tells Toadie to get mopping.
Garden of No.30
Nick discovers Caitlin still passed out with blood trickling down her head. He shouts to Sarah to call an ambulance.
Ramsay Street
Caitlin is being loaded into an ambulance. Nick asks Sarah to call Ben while he goes in the ambulance with Caitlin.
Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge are discussing a sign offering bottomless coffee. Harold isn't sure about the offer at all, but Madge says it went very well last time.
Madge has got some leaflets through the mail from a charity that helps blind people, as she's interested in doing some volunteer work.
Toadie has filled Lou's living room with computers. He tells Lou about Caitlin being taken to hospital and how much she's been pushing herself lately. Toadie asks Lou how his car is getting on. Lou says something about installing the front seat and Toadie looks rather worried(!) Lou tells Toadie to just get on with installing software on the computers.
Ben has arrived. He asks Nick what happened and he explains that he found her unconscious, and didn't start coming around until she was in the ambulance.
A nurse comes over and says there's nothing seriously wrong with Caitlin, other than overdoing things a bit. Her blood pressure was low, and she hadn't eaten anything today. They want to keep her in for observation, at least until this afternoon. Ben says at least it will keep Caitlin away from the pool for a bit(!)
Toadie is having trouble installing software on the computers. Lou looks out of the window and sees Drew, who waves to him. He calls Toadie to look - his car is fixed!
Ramsay Street
Drew tells Toadie that his car is fixed, and it's "on the house" (Lou's idea!) Toadie is very excited, but before he can try it out, Sarah comes out and drags him back to No.30 to help with the cleaning(!)
Drew follows Toadie and Sarah in to the house. Sarah chases Bob around the house.
Ruth lets Bonnie in through the back door, and Ben comes in through the front door. He tells Ruth that Caitlin is in hospital and she is shocked. Ben feels guilty for letting Caitlin get into this state, and says he'd better ring the school.
Toadie is ringing a plumber to come around urgently to fix the toilet. Bob is still making a nuisance of himself. Just then, Drew breaks a window with the mop handle(!) Toadie gets on the phone to a glazier(!)
Sarah asks Ruth to babysit Bob as she's not allowed to have dogs at No.30, and they're having an inspection. Sarah asks Ben if he'll help them clean up for the inspection.
The phone rings for Ben. Ruth lets Bonnie in and she decides to run around the house barking. She and Bob clearly don't like each other, so Ruth tells Sarah she'll have to find somewhere else for Bob.
Lou answers the door to Sarah who begs him to take Bob for the afternoon. Lou says she can put him in the backyard. Lou asks Sarah about how to load games on the computer, as he's having trouble with it.
The nurse tells Caitlin that she can't train for two weeks, and when she starts back, it must be in moderation. Nick tells the nurse that he'll be imposing complete rest when they get home.
Sarah is cleaning the windows and Toadie is hoovering. Everything goes wrong and the curtains end up falling down and Sarah puts her foot in a bucket of water. Just then the plumber comes in and they have to pay him $120. Everything is pretty much a disaster(!)
Ben tells Ruth that Jeff rang. There's a job for Ben as a mechanic near Jeff. He'd like to stay in Erinsborough, but he'd also like to get to know Jeff. He and Ruth hug.
BEN: It's been a big year, hasn't it, since I got here?
RUTH: Has it been that long?
BEN: Yeah, and a bit more. I'm so glad I found you.
RUTH: Me, too.
They hug again.
Sarah and Toadie have finally finished cleaning. Nick helps Caitlin into the house and she admires how tidy it is. Sarah isn't terribly happy that Caitlin didn't tell them about the inspection, but lets her off as she's so sick.
Ben and Ruth come round to see Caitlin. She says she "just fainted" but Nick and Ben says she passed out through exhaustion and she'd better start facing up to a few facts.
There is something wrong with the computer Lou and Toadie are working on. Bob has chewed through a mouse lead!
Ben and Nick tells Caitlin that her exhaustion is their fault - for not being good enough at parenting.
Sarah asks Nick to look at the hinge on a door. When he looks, it falls down and knocks a plant down too(!) There's a knock at the door, and Nick says Sarah had better just stand there and hold the door in place(!)
Nick opens the door and it's the agent.
Coffee Shop
Madge tells Harold that she's going to sell raffle tickets for the charity for the blind. Harold says maybe they could tie it in with the bottomless coffee offer, so at least they'd make money for charity while sending themselves broke(!) Madge tells him to stop being so negative.
The agent is pleased with the house. Apparently there have been complaints about parties and loud music. Also, he'd like to know exactly who is living there. Everything is now in order, and the agent is happy to leave, but when they open the door, Bob runs in and leaps into Sarah's hands, causing the door that Sarah is holding to go crashing to the floor!
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