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Neighbours Episode 3080 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3080
Australian airdate: 15/05/98
UK airdate: 15/09/98
UK Gold: 22/07/04
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Myles
Guests: Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
Joel Samuels: Daniel MacPherson
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Caitlin tells Nick that she'll just have to train harder to get into the Institute of Sport.
- Caitlin ruins Toadie's essay and he goes ballistic.
- Phil reads Toadie's assignment and tells him it's not good enough to pass.
Lily's House
Lily is choking. Luckily Harold performs the Heimlich manoeuvre and she starts breathing again.
Phil gives Toadie a load of books to help him with his essay. Phil gives him advice on what to put in his essay and tells him to keep up his fighting spirit. Toadie is contrite and says he'd better get one with it. Phil says Toadie has had it easy for too long, and it's time to work.
Lily's House
Harold has rung Karl to come and have a look at Lily. Madge gives her a glass of water. Lily's ribs are a bit sore from the Heimlich manoeuvre, but she says it's better than being dead!
Harold, Madge and Anne have brought Lily in. Karl takes her into his office.
Caitlin tells Ben what happened with Toadie's essay. She also tells him that she's looking for a new coach as she's not getting what she wants from Simon. Ben thinks she should listen to Simon's advice. Caitlin keeps banging on about cross- training and how much she thinks it would help her. Ben comforts her, but tells her that there's more to life that swimming if she doesn't make it. Caitlin says that she doesn't want to do anything else.
Karl has examined Lily and everything is alright. Karl congratulates Harold on saving Lily. He tells Lily to rest up for a few days. Harold and Madge invite her and Anne back to No.24 for dinner.
Caitlin gingerly approaches Toadie and apologises for ruining his assignment. He lets her off the hook, saying that without the essay being ruined, he never would have found out it was rubbish.
Phil, Susan and Ruth are talking about the school funds. There's no cash for new computers. Susan can't understand where all the cash has gone - but Ruth says it's because there was no serious fundraising when they were waiting to see if the school was going to close down. Phil says one way is to find a sponsor, but Susan isn't too keen to have the school beholden to a company. She can't think of any other way though.
Madge, Harold, Anne and Lily are having dinner. Anne is a bit distracted, thinking about what could have happened if Harold hadn't been there. Harold suggests that she could do a First Aid Certificate with St John's Ambulance. Anne look interested.
Caitlin comes in from the pool looking fed up. Toadie offers her a sandwich, but she goes to have a rest instead.
Phil pops round to see Toadie and comments that Caitlin looks wrecked. Toadie tells Phil that he's doing quite well with his graphs and hopes that Phil will be pleasantly surprised.
Toadie asks Phil how the school meeting went. He says that all schools are after corporate sponsors, so it might be hard. Toadie tells him that he has an idea for sponsorship, but won't tell Phil what it is.
Toadie asks Lou to sponsor the computers at the school. He points out that donations are tax- deductable, Lou will be admired in the community, and it will be good for business. As a local hero, people would be queueing up to get in to the pub! Lou says he'd rather make some cash, but Toadie says he can help out there too!
Joel and Caitlin are talking about her training. Caitlin thinks Simon is against her personally. She tells him to tell Simon to get lost and then goes off for a jog.
Lily is telling Anne, Madge and Harold about being in the war in France and meeting Picasso. Apparently Lily posed for both him and Dali. She also travelled in South America. She ended up back in Australia because her mother sent her a gum leaf and it made her very homesick. But she loves Australia...she met her husband there and...but she decides that she's told enough stories. They drink a toast to "Life" instead.
Caitlin comes in from jogging. Toadie is off to the pub to meet the school fundraising committee.
Toadie is telling the fundraising committee that Lou will sponsor second- hand computers for the school - at least they'd be better than the ones they have now. Susan says that she'd like time to think about it. Toadie gives a brilliant marketing pitch though.
Caitlin has been up since 5am. She's been for a jog and has decided to swim laps in the back garden instead of going to the pool. Lance and Amy are rather surprised.
Susan tells Karl, Phil and Ruth that she thinks the computer offer is a shonky deal. Lou isn't exactly dishonest, and she's very fond of him, but he never goes into anything without something in it for him. Karl and Ruth tend to agree. Phil says that he *is* both Lou's accountant and the school's accountant, so it would be difficult to pull the wool over his eyes.
Toadie tells Lou that the plan is "foolproof". The computers are legal - they're ex- government stock and in good nick. The chips are just a bit slow to run some of their software, but it'll be fine for the kids. Toadie says he can pick them up by lunchtime as long as Lou lends him his car(!) He shows Lou a spreadsheet and Lou looks pleased - it'll make a big dent in his taxable income.
Garden of No.30
Caitlin is swimming laps. Suddenly she stops and gets out of the pool looking exhausted. She wraps a towel around herself, then suddenly passes out on the poolside.
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