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Neighbours Episode 3074 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3074
Australian airdate: 07/05/98
UK airdate: 07/09/98
UK Gold: 19/07/04
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tony Simpson: Stan Tsitas
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Billy doesn't want to have an 18th birthday party.
- Harold on the radio phone- in quiz show.
- Hannah is upset that Toadie paid off the loan for the jukebox without asking her or Lance.
Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Hannah that he needed to get the credit card urgently to pay for his car, so had to pay off the loan.
HANNAH: We're partners, Toadie, and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when Lance finds out.
LANCE:(coming in) When Lance finds out what?
Harold asks Paul to turn the music down (he's practising for his dance classes). He tells Paul off and Madge intervenes. Harold protests that he is preparing for the quiz tomorrow. Madge says Harold is probably over- training(!) Paul gripes about having to learn to dance and Madge walks off in exasperation(!)
PAUL: What's Madge's problem?
HAROLD: I haven't the foggiest idea.
Coffee Shop
Lance is ranting at Toadie for not telling him and Hannah about paying off the loan. He says they can use his car for business purposes(!) Toadie is unrepentant - from now on, all the money from the jukebox is theirs, so they should be thanking him. (They hadn't figured that out before?!)
Libby comes in with a present for Billy that has arrived from Malcolm, but Susan won't let him open it before his birthday tomorrow.
BILLY:(reading the ltter) Dear Billy and everyone. Happy birthday squirt. Don't open your present until the big day or else. I've rigged a special explosive device that will destroy the contents if opened even an hour early(!)
Mal goes on to say that he and Catherine are in Greece - they might be getting jobs with the tour company as guides. It's a year contract. Karl moans that Mal is never going to settle down(!)
BILLY:(reading) Catherine's lost weight....
SUSAN: Where from?!?
BILLY:(reading) ...and I've put on heaps!
Susan, Libby and Billy laugh.
BILLY: Thought I saw a Spice Girl the other day...
KARL:(suddenly interested) Really? Which one?!
Hannah is pouting about the jukebox affair. She tells Phil what happened with Toadie paying off the loan. Phil says they should have had a written agreement. But he'll have a think about what they can do.
PHIL: Does this mean you'll listen to me in future?
HANNAH: Oh,of course!
PHIL: You liar!
SUSAN: I'll see you at school, Billy.
BILLY: Hey, mum, you can call me "Bill" from now.
SUSAN: Can I? Why?
BILL: I'm officially an adult tomorrow, and I just think "Bill" sounds...more adult.
There is a bit of a silence and Libby giggles a bit.
SUSAN: Yeah, you're right, it does. OK, just be a little bit patient with us until we all get used to the idea.
BILL: No worries.
SUSAN: Alright, I'll see you later...Bill.
She leaves for school.
LIBBY: Why don't you just go the whole hog and call yourself William?!
BILL: Shut up.
LIBBY: Sorry, Bill.
BILL: Mal sounds like he's having a ball, doesn't he?
LIBBY: You mean, Malcolm? And in future I think it'd be only correct if you addressed me as Elizabeth.
BILL: You're going to cop one in a second.
LIBBY: Oh, that's very mature, Bill(!)
Radio Station
Harold is being introduced for his quiz programme.
Karl rushes in and turns on the radio. Harold is answering all the questions well. But then there's a question about orchids and Harold is stumped, but Karl knows the answer(!)
Tony (the announcer) reassures Harold that it's fine to miss a question now and then.
Phil comes in and sees Toadie sitting at the counter with a beer. They circle each other about the business(!)
PHIL:(very seriously) Let me put my two cents worth in just to clear things up. In the eyes of the law, what you, Lance and Hannah have is a partnership.
TOADIE: Of course, of course.
PHIL: Good. I'm glad there's no misunderstanding. Because you would not believe the expensive legal hassles that would eventuate if you were to take unfair advantage over your partners.
TOADIE: Who me?
PHIL: And just so we're absolutely clear on the subject, Hannah's under the impression that you're making decisions without discussing it with the other partners.
PHIL: So I thought I'd better check things out, before they got out of hand. What with expensive lawyers and the like.
TOADIE: Yeah...
PHIL: And I think it would be a great idea to draw up a contact between the three of you.
TOADIE: Phil, that sounds really expensive...
PHIL: I'd be very happy to do it for you. To clear up any misunderstandings, not to mention any future expenses.
TOADIE: Right.
PHIL: To sort out any grey areas.
PHIL: Good. Well, glad we got that sorted out.
TOADIE:(timidly) Thank you, Phil.
Harold is depressed after missing a question on the radio show this morning. He feels his ego has been deflated.
KARL: No- one's infallible, Harold.
HAROLD: That's true, I suppose.
KARL: Yeah, I thought I was wrong once...but I was mistaken.
He reveals that he did know the answer to the question himself. He invites Harold to come over and see his orchids some time(!)
Coffee Shop
Paul comes in and tells Madge that Hannah is going to be his dancing tutor. He feels inadequate because Hannah is a really good dancer. Madge tells him to give Hannah a chance.
Hannah tells Phil that she's going to be Paul's dance tutor and she's "going to make his life a living hell"(!) Phil tells her off and tells her to sort things out properly with Paul and be nice to him.
He tells her that he's "had a word" with Toadie and he's arranged for them to draw up a contract.
PHIL: Just do me a favour in future.
PHIL: Listen to your father!
Anne is off to see out and tells Lance off for referring to Lily as an "old duck".
ANNE: She is a lovely person, and if you bothered to get to know some more "old ducks" you'd realise that they deserve our respect.
LANCE: Yadda, yadda, yadda.
She strops off.
Hannah comes in and Lance says that he thinks Anne is off to see Bill(y).
Hannah tells Lance about the jukebox contract and he is pleased.
LANCE: Your Dad, what a star, eh?
Paul and Madge are practising dancing when Hannah arrives and takes over. Paul warns her not to hassle him, but she starts teaching him the box step.
Harold tells Madge about missing the orchid question. In the living room, Hannah and Paul are already bickering. They go off to Paul's room, arguing, so Madge and Harold take the opportunity to dance to the music themselves!
Anne timidly comes around to see Bill. They talk on the porch and she gives him a birthday present.
BILL: No, look, really, you didn't have to.
ANNE: Yeah, I know, but I did.
BILL: It's not till tomorrow.
ANNE: I know the right date. I just sort of figured that you'd be busy with family and stuff tomorrow.
BILL: You're forgiven then.
He opens the present. It's a keyring with his name on - "BILL" for when he finally gets his car keys. He's pleased and invites her in, but she heads off.
BILL: Take care.
ANNE: You too.
He looks wistfully after her.
Bill shows Libby his keyring from Anne. They talk about his biology exam which didn't go very well. Libby brags that she got a distinction for her latest essay. He rolls his eyes - he works really hard and doesn't do well. Bill is in a really cross mood now and stomps off to his room.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is emptying the jukebox when Hannah and Lance come in.
LANCE: What are you doing?
TOADIE: Just about to count our takings.
HANNAH: Good, we'll help!.
LANCE: Not that we don't trust you.
HANNAH: Because we don't.
TOADIE: That's nice isn't it(!)
They sit down to count the money together. They bicker a bit about their partnership.
Harold is still banging on about the orchid question and says he might go and have a look at Karl's orchids.
Paul comes out of his room for dinner, saying Hannah is a freak(!) Harold tells him off and tells him to call Hannah and patch things up.
Coffee Shop
Toadie, Hannah and Lance have finished counting the money and splitting it in three.
HANNAH:(to Toadie) No more funny stuff. We're on to you.
Susan, Karl, Bill and Libby are sitting down to dinner. Bill tells them he got a C for his biology exam and is depressed about it. Karl tells him to study more.
BILL: Look, I'm doing my best, OK, but it's not easy when you have dyslexia.
SUSAN: We know how hard you're trying!
BILL: Oh, yeah, just not hard enough, right?!
KARL: Why are you being so touchy? We know it's not easy. That's why you have to commit 100% to your studies.
BILL: I am! I didn't have to repeat, I decided to do it so I could try and make something of my life. But what's the point, I wouldn't be good enough to do Fine Arts, and I certainly wouldn't be good enough for you!
SUSAN: Billy!
LIBBY: Just let him go, he's always like this on his birthday.
BILL: It's got nothing to do with my birthday, it's my family, OK?
He goes off to his room.
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