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Neighbours Episode 3073 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3073
Australian airdate: 06/05/98
UK airdate: 04/09/98
UK Gold: 17/07/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sarah is mooning about Karl when Kim unexpectedly pops around.
- Lou tells Toadie that the state of the car he sold him is not his problem.
- Toadie vows to take Lou down on his radio show in retaliation.
Toadie is nagging Lou about the repairs to his car - it seems to be taking forever. Lou says he'll have to wait until all his paid work is finished(!) but Toadie isn't having any of this.
Kim and Sarah are chatting. He misses Susan in Whangaretta as she was a lot of fun to have around. Sarah doesn't really want to talk about Susan though and changes the subject. Kim asks Sarah if she wants to get something to eat - they could go out. Sarah agrees.
Amy and Hannah have taken over the living room. Phil is not impressed and tells Hannah to clean up her mess. Phil has found a permission form for dancing classes in Hannah's bag, but she says she doesn't want to sign up - she doesn't think she's going to the formal: noone has asked her. Phil says it wouldn't hurt to try - Julie was a fantastic ballroom dancer. He grabs Hannah for a quick demo!
Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy meet up. Lance wants to try to get Phil and Ruth back together. Amy says it's not really any of their business, but allows that it would make it easier for them to see each other. He says they have to be subtle about it though.
AMY: Hey! Subtle is my middle name(!)
Kim and Sarah are having a drink. She tells Kim that she's been a bit down lately - her life has been a bit complicated. Now, she's just trying not to think about it. But she's glad to be out with Kim.
SARAH: I didn't feel like toasted cheese in front of the TV again tonight.
KIM: Well, I'm glad I was able to fix that! And I'd be happy to have a go at fixing anything else...if you want.
Amy pops around to see Ruth. She apologises for the way things turned out when she came to stay. Ruth apologises too - she did come down quite hard on Amy and Lance. Amy says that she wants to make things better between Ruth and Phil.
AMY: I don't know how you're feeling. But I know how he's feeling - he's pretty miserable without you.
RUTH: Is he(!)
AMY: Yeah, mopes round the house a bit.
Ruth tries not to laugh.
Lance is working on Phil.
LANCE: It's like all the spark's gone out of her, you know? I hate seeing her like this, especially since it's all my fault.
PHIL: Oh, come on, you can't blame yourself.
LANCE: Oh, yes I can! I mean, Amy helped too, but...I just wish there was some way I could make it up to you both.
PHIL:(offering him a plate) Biscuit?
LANCE: Yeah, thanks.
PHIL: The difference of opinion is between your mother and me. It doesn't matter who or what caused it. It's our argument.
LANCE: I know, but but she's just *so* miserable. Anne's noticed it too.
PHIL: Is she? Thanks for letting me know. I might give her a call or something. Miserable?
Lance nods vigorously.
Sarah is quite cheerful this morning. Toadie wants to know who she was out with and she says it was Kim. She's going to see him again this morning. Toadie tells her that Lou is trying to get out of fixing his car.
SARAH: Oh no, the two most devious minds in Erinsborough at loggerheads! You know, if you guys put your heads together, I hate to think of the damage you could do.
TOADIE: Well actually, I'm starting to consider doing something desperate.
SARAH: Oh no, how desperate?!
But just then, there's a knock at the door.
Toadie hurries to the door so he can meet Kim.
TOADIE: Has anyone ever told you you've got a girl's name, mate?
KIM: Never(!)
TOADIE: Come in, sit down. Now, as Sarah's flatmate and guardian, I'd like to ask you what your intentions are...
SARAH: Toadie!
Kim assures Toadie that his intentions are honourable(!) - they are going to his cousin's exhibition. When Kim has gone out to the car, Sarah puts her hands around Toadie's throat(!)
Ramsay Street
Lance and Amy are lurking in the bushes and see Phil go up to Ruth.
PHIL: Ruth? I'm sorry, I've been a big- headed fool.
RUTH: No, I'm the one who should be apologising, I've been absolutely impossible.
PHIL: That's not true!
RUTH: I don't know how you put up with me?
PHIL: Are we going to argue about who's to blame here, or...
They both laugh and then hug. Lance and Amy grin.
Ruth and Phil are finishing their making up phase. Ruth says she shouldn't have tried to keep Lance and Amy apart, it's just that Amy is so manipulative, she got Ruth's back up. Phil says that Amy has a good heart. Ruth which Lance would stand up to her more.
Hannah comes in and is surprised to see that Phil and Ruth are speaking again. She decides to go to the Coffee Shop for breakfast to be tactful.
PHIL: Why don't you have some cereal here and save yourself some money?
HANNAH: No, why don't I go to the Coffee Shop and *spend* some money?
PHIL: Whatever you like.
HANNAH: Do you have any money I could have?(!)
Ruth laughs.
PHIL: It'll be coming out of your allowance!
Drew is working on his day off - on Toadie's car. Lou tells Drew there's no need - the job can wait. Never let Toadie get the upper hand - it will do him good to wait for a while! Lou suggests that Drew could spend the day with him and Lolly instead - they could show him the sights. Drew agrees. Lou shuts the bonnet of Toadie's car and chuckles.
Lance has popped around and assures Ruth that he hasn't come around just to see Amy(!) Ruth says it's OK, as long as Hannah is there too - she and Phil are going out.
As soon as Ruth and Phil have gone, Amy and Lance beg Hannah to give them an hour on their own.
LANCE: Hannah, mate, buddy, neighbour...who's side are you on?
HANNAH: Oh, yours of course, Lance...but you don't really expect me to lie to my own father do you?
AMY: You could for a price though, couldn't you(!)
HANNAH: I guess I could think about it. What did you have in mind?
Coffee Shop
Sarah and Kim come in for coffee after their exhibition. They are getting on very well, but Sarah tells Kim that she wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea.
KIM: There's usually some insurmountable obstacle whenever I get interested in someone. The last woman I was involved with turned out to be married. Unfortunately I didn't find out about it until after I'd fallen for her.
Sarah looks guilty.
KIM: It's the hardest thing to find someone you love, who feels the same way about you.
Outside, Drew, Lou and Lolly are eating ice lollies. Toadie comes along and moans at Lou about his car again. Drew says he'd be happy to work for free on Toadie's car in his spare time and Lou tries to shush him. But Toadie thinks this sounds like a great deal - he'll pay for the parts. Lou scowls.
Lance and Amy are kissing on the sofa, having paid Hannah off! Lance worries that Hannah won't be back before Ruth and Phil. He's worried that Ruth and Phil will find Amy all over him like a rash. Amy is offended, gets up and sits on the table, telling Lance to leave her alone. Just then, Ruth and Phil arrive back and are pleased to see Lance and Amy behaving responsibly(!)
Phil asks where Hannah is. Amy says she's gone to the library for a book, and tells Ruth that the movie is all about a rash that covers some suburban kids(!)
RUTH: At least you've proved that you can act responsibily.
PHIL: Maybe we can relax the rules a little. What do you think?
RUTH: Oh yes, the parole board's satisfied, for now, at least!
LANCE: Free at last!
He and Amy head out.
RUTH: And don't leave the neighbourhood.
LANCE: Leave a neighbourhood like this, are you kidding?
When they've gone, Ruth realises that she's seen the movie before, and it's not about a rash(!)
RUTH: That girl! You can't trust a word she says!
Coffee Shop
Lou is telling Drew off for working for free - he wants him to tell Toadie he can't do it, and hints that he doesn't want Drew using his facilities to fix it(!) Drew stands up to him, saying Lou sold Toadie a car in a shonky condition, and he won't go back on his promise to fix it.
Sarah and Kim come in, and Lou introduces Drew to them. They invite Drew to the pub with them for a drink.
Drew, Sarah and Kim are chatting. Sarah and Drew are getting on very well and Kim looks a bit put- out. Drew says that he wants to have lots of kids of his own one day, and the conversation turns to Kim's nieces and nephews. Now it's Drew's turn to look left out.
Coffee Shop
Hannah tells Toadie that it's all his own fault for buying a car off Lou in the first place(!) Toadie says he was *this close* to paying for the repairs on his credit card. Hannah is surprised that Toadie has a credit card and he explains that he paid off the loan for the juke box and the bank gave him one. He did it with this month's earnings.
HANNAH: Let me get one thing straight here. You used this month's earnings from the jukebox to pay off the jukebox loan?
TOADIE: You're right so far.
HANNAH: *My* money?!
She does not look happy at all!
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