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Neighbours Episode 3072 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3072 (Anne meets Lily Madigan)
Australian airdate: 05/05/98
UK airdate: 03/09/98
UK Gold: 16/07/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Jacquie Boyd: Amy Lapin
Lily Madigan: Alethea McGrath
Teenage Customer: Ben Whimpey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Nick makes Caitlin a study timetable.
- Ben advises Caitlin to study, but she doesn't want Nick to think he's won(!)
- Toadie wants to do a quiz show on his Uni radio program.
- Harold is worried about going on the quiz programme.
- Toadie puts the headphones on Harold.
Jackie has turned up for a tute session with Caitlin, but she isn't around. But then Caitlin comes in and apologises for the way she's been behaving - she's ready to do the tute.
Uni FM
Harold is doing quite well on the quiz.
Karl is listening in on his radio in the surgery. Harold seems to know everything(!) Sarah is trying to send patients in(!)
Coffee Shop
Madge is also listening in on the show. A rude customer comes over and asks her to turn the radio down as it's boring. Madge tells him to get lost and use the juke box.
Jackie is tutoring Caitlin on English. She wants to finish ten minutes early to go and see Karl and Nick agrees.
Nick asks Jackie to stay for something to eat. She says it will give them a chance to talk about Caitlin, but Nick clearly has other things on his mind(!)
Susan drops off Sarah's essay and tells her it was a really good effort, although she doesn't know much about the nursing content. Karl gives Caitlin the all- clear to resume swimming training, but warns her to take it easy.
Susan invites Sarah to lunch with her and Karl, but Sarah tells her she's too busy at the moment.
Coffee Shop
Madge tells Harold that she's very proud of him. Harold is babbling about the show - apparently he's been asked to do his own segment next Thursday as he's pulling in the listeners! They decide to test out Harold's general knowledge further while they do the orders.
Sarah is just heading out to the stationery shop when Ben comes along and invites her to lunch. He suggests the pub, but Sarah quickly says she'd prefer the Coffee Shop.
Coffee Shop
Caitlin tells Anne that she can start training again. Anne tells her she feels a little bit bored on her own.
Ben comes in and gives Sarah a hard time about not wanting to go to the pub. She explains that Karl and Susan are there.
BEN: Look, I thought you were over this? I thought that you could...
SARAH: Well, I'm not, OK! And I'm not sure I ever will be! I just have to keep away from him out of work hours, that's all.
BEN: Sarah...
SARAH: Just leave it, Ben, please!
Nick invites Jackie out to dinner with him - as a date. Much to his surprise, she accepts.
Coffee Shop
BEN: Sarah, this is serious.
SARAH: So tell me something I don't know.
BEN: Well, apart from being your boss, and old enough to be your father - he's also married!
SARAH: I know, you don't need to go over all this. I tried to convince myself that he doesn't love Susan. That I'm not interfering in a happy marriage, I mean how dumb is that?! Anyone with half a brain cell can see he worships the ground she walks on. You know what really stinks?
BEN: What?
SARAH: I really like her too. And I know it's hopeless...look, if I could change the way I feel, I would.
BEN: You know how I've been thinking about leaving Erinsborough?
SARAH: Don't remind me. Who's going to listen to my problems then?
BEN: Well...come with me. That probably doesn't sound right. I mean, move away. You can get work in Sydney, and you can stay with Jeff and I until you're settled.
SARAH: I don't know, Ben.
BEN: Well, if you put some distance between you and Karl, you might be able to get over this.
SARAH: I don't think I could.
BEN: Why not?
SARAH: I don't think I want to!
BEN:(frustrated) It's just going to get more and more dangerous.
SARAH: It won't! I can handle it!
BEN: Well, at least see other guys.
SARAH: I've tried, it never works out!
BEN: Well, that's because you never gave them a chance! You're always comparing them to Karl, and if you weren't you were just using them as a temporary diversion until the good doctor would just come to his senses and sweep you off your feet!
SARAH: Yeah, well, I know that's not going to happen now, don't I.
BEN: There are plenty of nice guys out there, Sarah. That *aren't married*
SUsan wants to have a party for Bill's 18th birthday. Karl doesn't think it's a good idea - they should ask Bill what he wants. Susan moans that *she* wants to have a party, but Karl says it really should be Bill's decision.
Coffee Shop
Caitlin invites Anne over to watch a video later. When she's gone, Anne pays the bill and tells Madge she has too much time on her hands - she can't study all the time.
Harold has had a call from Lily Madigan - he was supposed to take her around some groceries but forgot in the excitement of the radio show, and now he's busy at the Coffee Shop. Anne offers to go round to Lily's for him. Harold writes down the address for her and gives her a list of groceries to buy.
Lily's house
Anne has got the groceries and knocks on Lily's door, but the door is already open.
VOICE: Come in, dear. I've been expecting you.
Susan is trying to persuade Bill to have a party. He is horrified and doesn't want a party. Karl takes Bill's side and tells Susan to back off. Bill says there's nothing to celebrate - he's lost his girlfriend, he's repeating Year 12, and nothing has really changed - it's just another day. He doesn't want a present either.
KARL: It's a cheap birthday(!)
Bill suddenly says that Karl could give him some money to put towards a car!
Lily's house
Anne has given Lily her groceries and is about to head off, but Lily asks her to stay for a while. She doesn't often have visitors. Anne is a bit wary and clearly thinks Lily is a bit weird(!) But she agrees to stay for tea and cake.
Ramsay Street
Bill and Caitlin are playing basketball in the street. Caitlin is moaning about Nick making her study. Caitlin thinks Bill *should* have a party, but Bill doesn't want a fuss.
Lily's house
Lily and Anne are looking through some old photos of Lily. They are getting on quite well. Lily says she was in Paris in 1938 when war was declared, but she's also clued up on life these days as well - she likes to keep in touch.
Anne heads off, telling Lily genuinely that she's had a great time. She agrees to try to come back another time.
Nick invites Sarah to join him and Jackie on their date (huh?!) She says she'd rather stay in and paint her toenails(!)
Anne has come to tell Harold that she sorted out Lily's groceries. She asks if she can pop in and chat to Lily every now and again, and Harold is chuffed - Lily really does like the company of young people. Anne says she's not trying to do a good deed - Lily really is a lot of fun.
Sarah is painting her toenails when Kim pops around to see her - he's been dropping some things off at Susan's house.
KIM: Do you feel like doing something?
SARAH: What do you have in mind?
KIM: Look, you made it perfectly clear the last time I saw you that you weren't interested in anything romantic, and that's cool - honestly. I'm just after a bit of company and a chat, maybe a cup of coffee?
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