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Neighbours Episode 3071 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3071
Australian airdate: 04/05/98
UK airdate: 02/09/98
UK Gold: 16/07/04
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jacquie Boyd Amy Lapin
Fred Hall Ron Kamoen
Summary/Images by: Colin
Caitlin moaning about Nick dating the teacher.
Caitlin's marks dropping.
Toadie being pulled over by the police.
The car not being able to reverse and the police watching Toadie.
Number 30
Caitlin enters in a bad mood; she drops everything on the floor and sits down. She explains to Nick about Miss Boyd and Susan giving her a study timetable. Caitlin says she will have no time for swimming but Nick thinks she is over reacting and hands her another timetable where she has no spare time at all, Nick says until her grades improve she will have no spare time.
Lou's Garage
Lou has set up a mini coffee shop so the customers can watch Drew work! Drew seems confused at the idea; Toadie and Karen arrive in the car and explain about the Police.
LOU: Ah, the reverse gear still a bit dodgy?
TOADIE: A bit dodgy? It's non existent!
Toadie explains the gear box is now completely gone, Lou finds it hilarious and laughs even more when he realises Harold was in it!
Number 24
Harold says he was mortified about being pulled over but he's very happy about the radio station. He is very excited and when Madge mentions the word genius Harold goes off into a world of his own
Lou's Garage
Lou tells Toadie that the car was fine when he sold it.
TOADIE: You sold me a lemon.
LOU: I sold you a lemon car.
(The car is yellow)
Toadie asks who did the MOT, it wasn't Drew or Ben but Lou can't remember!
Lou's Place
Toadie moans about the car and says he should have listened to Karl! Lou has given Toadie a list of people that may have done the MOT but they don't have full names, one is called Digger and one Trigger!
Toadie thinks Lou may have made them up.
Number 30
Miss Boyd drops some notes round for Caitlin who is distinctly unimpressed; she accuses Miss Boyd of using her to get closer to Nick and storms off!
Number 32
Toadie tells Ben he has found the guy who did the MOT but Ben says there is no guarantee on the MOT so it's either Lou's or his problem.
TOADIE: Lou's about to become unstitched in a big way.
Number 30
Miss Boyd apologises to Nick about Caitlin, she says she will tutor Caitlin and Nick says he will talk to her. The both linger in the door way but Miss Boyd leaves.
Number 24
Madge is testing Harold on celebrity gossip; he is unimpressed with Madonna's clothes! He says he is fed up because he can't get a decent job as he is getting older; this quiz has boosted his confidence
Number 30
Toadie leaves to snarl Lou as Nick tells Caitlin that their parents want her to give swimming until her grades improve; Caitlin says she will try harder!
Lou's Garage
Fred arrives; he did the MOT on Toadie's car. Toadie went to see him and now he is unhappy with Lou, he signed the MOT certificate without seeing the car but Lou said it was perfect! Drew overhears this and says it is illegal; Lou looks a bit worried as Fred tells him he knows the car was not road worthy.
Number 32
Caitlin wants Ben to talk to Nick but he says it's just a scare tactic to get her to do work. Ben thinks a bit of hard work and everyone will leave her alone!
Lou's Garage
Fred leaves and tells Lou he is no longer a mate!
DREW: You're unbelievable!
LOU: You've a lot to learn about this business.
Lou thinks he will sort it out but Drew says he will leave if Lou doesn't sort it out but Lou doesn't seem too concerned.
Uni FM
Harold is nervous ahead of his quiz feature, Toadie arrives.
HAROLD: You have to take this seriously; people will be listening to every word I say!
TOADIE:......Sure they will.
Toadie then leaves to speak to Lou; Harold has to do the feature on his own. As Toadie leaves Harold goes to find some help!
Lou's Garage
Lou tries to blackmail Drew with pastries but it isn't working! Toadie arrives and wants the car fixed and Lou has to pay.
TOADIE: You may find that your point of view may be different to the one that I talk about on my radio show.
Toadie says he will kill Lou's business live on the air if he doesn't fix the car.
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