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Neighbours Episode 3070 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3070
Australian airdate: 01/05/98
UK airdate: 01/09/98
UK Gold: 15/07/04
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Zoe Tan Jeuliette Hanafie
Claudia Amanda Pettman
Karen Oldman Pia Miranda
Police Officer Costas Kilias
Summary/Images by: Colin
The school formal being announced.
Hannah thinking Paul will invite her.
Hannah discovering Paul has asked someone else.
Harold entering Lou's quiz.
Harold winning the quiz.
The Coffee Shop
Lou has come to pay Madge her winnings as Harold won the quiz but she isn't there, Toadie is surprised that Harold went into the pub at all.
LOU: You know what they say about fools and money...talking of which how's the car?
Toadie has a problem with the gears when he reverses.
LOU: That's not too bad, who wants to drive backwards anyway? It will give you terrible neck problems
Lou says the parts will be full price but he will knock off 10% for labour! Toadie is unimpressed so Lou says the parts can be second hand and he will stretch to 15%. Toadie is still unimpressed.
Erinsborough High
Zoe thinks Paul still likes Hannah, he was just too nervous to ask him out but Hannah isn't so sure. Hannah still needs a date for the formal; Zoe thinks they should get rid of Claudia so Paul will ask her.
Number 24
Lou gives Madge the money as Harold enters; Lou compliments him on his performance in the quiz and mentions the bet.
HAROLD: You gambled on me!
Harold is appalled and hands the money back to Lou, Madge is annoyed as Lou leaves very happy.
MADGE: You can be such a twit sometimes!
HAROLD: A twit?
Harold says that Madge can gamble just not on him, he storms off.
Lou's Place
Harold tells Lou he can gamble as long as he doesn't involve him but to pay off his winnings he wants Lou to work in their garden for the afternoon. Lou is not keen at all.
HAROLD: Clearly, you're not a man of honour.
Lou changes his mind and Harold is delighted.
Erinsborough High
Hannah and Zoe talk to Claudia; they tell her Paul likes Hannah so she agrees to cancel their formal date.
Number 24
Lou has finished cleaning the pool, he thinks he's done but Madge wants him to clean the gutters so Lou goes to gets changed. Toadie and Karen arrive to ask Harold to be a trivia expert on his radio show; Harold is delighted to be asked!
Erinsborough High
Claudia tells Hannah that she has cancelled their date and Paul wants to see her at The Coffee Shop so she excitedly heads off.
Number 24
Harold shouts at Lou through the window to stop making a mess, Madge tells him to ease up on Lou but Harold says he is having some fun.
LOU: That's it, I've had enough!
Lou tells Harold he isn't doing any more work, Harold says he hasn't paid off his debt yet and orders Lou back to work, Lou gives him the evil stare!
Ramsay Street
Toadie is pushing the car out of his drive because it won't reverse, Harold is far from impressed
TOADIE: It's fine, Lou sold it to me.
HAROLD: Somehow, that doesn't fill me with confidence.
Number 24
Lou tries to leave as Harold drives off with Toadie, Madge won't let him and hands him a shovel!
The Coffee Shop
Paul is furious with Hannah for telling Claudia to cancel their date and tells Hannah to mind her own business.
Uni FM
Harold is worried the students will know more than him but Toadie thinks it will be fine and tries to think of names and they settle on 'Quiz Biz'.
Number 24
Lou wants to stop work and Madge decides he's done enough and hands him a beer. Hannah and Paul storm in arguing, Hannah denies she likes Paul
HANNAH: I wouldn't go with you if you paid me!
PAUL: Fine by me!
HANNAH: I never want to see you again
Hannah does a very good stomp and door slam.
LOU: What was that about?
MADGE: I have no idea.
LOU: Neither do I.
Toadie is driving along with Harold and Karen, the Police pull Toadie over and he is worried about the state of the car.
Number 26
Phil wants to know what is wrong with Hannah, she explains what has happened
PHIL: So are you going to the dance with him?
HANNAH: Have you not been listening!?
PHIL: If you have a crush on Paul, there's no shame in...
HANNAH: I do not have a crush on Paul McClain.
PHIL: So you're not going to the dance with him.
Hannah storms off again.
The Police have pulled Toadie to give him a 'Good Driver' badge! Toadie is delighted but they have to reverse from where they stopped as the Police watch, Toadie has no idea what to do!
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