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Neighbours Episode 3069 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3069
Australian airdate: 30/04/98
UK airdate: 28/08/98
UK Gold: 15/07/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Zoe Tan Jeuliette Hanafie
Claudia Amanda Pettman
Cara Siho Elslmore
Denise Hicks Jules Hutchinson
Quiz Patron No.1 Isabelle Haigh
Quiz Patron No.2 James Cahill
Summary/Images by: Colin
Phil telling Lance to take control.
Lance breaking up with Amy.
Shyla telling Lance he is a wimp for breaking up with Amy.
Erinsborough High
A teacher tells the class that there is going to be a school formal for middle school, no one is very impressed, there will be dance classes and the boys have to ask girls to the formal
HANNAH: That's sexist!
Number 24
Madge is stuck on a crossword, Harold solves the problems and Madge is impressed.
Lou's Place
Phil tells Ruth about Lance and Amy, Madge approaches Lou and tells him that she and Harold will be entering the quiz. Lou is surprised that Harold will come into a pub but Madge says she will make him. They end up betting $50 on who will win!
Erinsborough High
Hannah thinks Paul might ask her to the formal. In the classroom Lance tells Billy about his split with Amy, he says he still likes her but doesn't want to be bossed around.
BILLY: Tell her then!
Hannah and Zoe talk to Paul about the formal, he isn't keen on the idea but Hannah thinks he will ask her later. Back in the classroom, Lance tries to talk to Amy but they just end up kissing instead!
Number 24
Madge is testing Harold with general knowledge questions, she asks him about a Groucho Marx quote
HAROLD: I think one of The Spice Girls said that the other day too.
MADGE: How do you know about The Spice Girls?
Madge is confused as to how Harold knows these things considering he had amnesia! When Madge mentions the Pub Quiz Harold says he won't go.
Erinsborough High
Lance and Amy agree to get back together but Amy makes Lance wait before she gives her decision. She mentions that her parents are back from holiday later.
Number 32
Ruth comes off the phone to Amy's mum, they have been delayed and Amy must stay with them for a bit longer, she didn't tell her that Amy was staying at Phil's and they are glad that Amy and Lance broke up, it makes things easier.
RUTH: At least you won't have Amy climbing through windows.
PHIL: Where did they learn that disgusting behaviour from?
RUTH: I don't know.
PHIL: Disgraceful behaviour.
Phil and Ruth kiss.
Number 24
Madge is telling Harold that The Salvation Army wouldn't mind him being in a pub
MADGE: Oh Harold, wear your uniform; take your collection tin, no one will think you have fallen off the wagon!
Paul comes home from school and tells them about the school formal, Harold and Madge are excited but Paul is not.
Number 26
Zoe thinks Paul isn't interested but Hannah insists that he is, Zoe decides to set a trap so Paul will ask her. Amy returns home and Phil tells her about her parent's being delayed. Amy says her and Lance are back together, Phil is confused!
Number 32
Ruth is confused about the situation too as Phil and Amy arrive.
RUTH: I want to lay down a few ground rules.
Ruth says they can't be alone together or be in each other's rooms at night.
PHIL: Hang on Ruth, if there are going to be ground rules I will make them.
RUTH: Sorry Phil, the Greenwoods still think Amy is staying with me.
PHIL: I realise that.
RUTH: So I'm responsible for her behaviour, so I feel I should set down some...
PHIL: Hang on a minute, I helped you out of a spot by agreeing to put Amy up at my place, you can't have it both ways
RUTH: I'm responsible to the Greenwoods for Amy.
PHIL: While Amy stays at my house, she lives by my rules.
RUTH: You don't have any rules!
PHIL: What are you talking about? Of course I have rules.
RUTH: Go on name one.
Ramsay Street
Harold is still moaning about the quiz, they get into the car as Zoe sees Paul, he says he will ask someone to the formal tomorrow. Hannah is eavesdropping in the bushes and is very happy.
Number 32
Phil and Ruth are still arguing.
PHIL: You can't treat 16 year old kids like that!
RUTH: Sometimes you have to.
PHIL: You are being completely unreasonable, let's go, Amy.
RUTH: Who is being unreasonable?
PHIL: Lance, as far as I'm concerned you can come over to my place anytime you like.
RUTH: Don't even think about it.
PHIL (mumbling): No one will tell me how to run my life in my home.
Phil slams door, Ruth opens it again.
RUTH (shouting): If anyone is going to slam the door in this house, it will be me!
Ruth slams door but it bounces back open.
RUTH: And fix this door!
Lou's Place
Madge and Harold are running away with the quiz, Lou tells Harold to give the other team a chance! Lou calls for a break and asks Madge for a weak topic of Harold's, Madge says there aren't any, Lou decides sport will be a weak spot and Madge looks worried.
Number 26
As Lance arrives, Zoe leaves, Lance apologises to Phil for causing an argument between Phil and Ruth. Phil says everything will be fine but Lance is going to stay away for a while.
Lou's Place
It's the final round and it's all about sport, Harold gets the first answer right but the other team get the next question. However, Harold points out that the question had incorrect facts in it so it's then null and void. Lou gives up and declares Madge and Harold the winners. The prize is a tray of steak and a bag full of red wine, Harold is not impressed but Lou finds it hilarious!
Number 26
Phil is pleased that Paul will ask her to the formal, Harold arrives to give Phil some meat and wine, Phil is very pleased!
Erinsborough High
Hannah sees Paul but it turns out he'd already asked someone else to the formal, Hannah is devastated.
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