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Neighbours Episode 3068 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3068
Australian airdate: 29/04/98
UK airdate: 27/08/98
UK Gold: 14/07/04
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Lee Bannock Geoff Parry
Shyla Julie Barkla
Summary/Images by: Colin
Amy moving into Phil.
Lance and Amy kissing on Phil's sofa as he walks in.
Phil telling them to cool it down.
Women flirting with Drew at the garage.
Sarah sitting on a fence, it breaking and Sarah rolling down the cliff.
Sarah hanging onto the edge of the cliff.
Lee comes across to Karl who is worried as Sarah has been gone for a while. Lee thinks she has found a guy which doesn't please Karl.
Number 26
Lance arrives to see Amy, the house is empty, and he is worried Phil might catch them alone, Amy asks him to sit next to her but he chooses the sofa opposite instead but Amy's nagging cause him to move over.
AMY: Do you not trust me?
LANCE: I don't trust myself.
AMY: So?
The Cliff
Sarah is screaming for help, Karl is walking along calling out for Sarah; he hears her screams and rushes over.
The Coffee Shop
It's all a bit awkward as Billy bumps into Ruth and Phil. He sits with Ben; he says he should have handled the break up better. He regrets the break up and is worried about seeing Anne back at school everyday. Ben says it's great he is single; he can have some care free fun.
The Cliff
Karl rushes down; he slips on the way but manages to scramble down to Sarah.
KARL: Give me your hand.
SARAH: I can't!
Karl grabs her and pulls her up, Sarah sobs into Karl as he tells hers she is safe now. They get up and walk to the top of the cliff.
Number 26
Lance is describing The Terminator film but Amy is bored, she wants to kiss but Lance isn't sure, Amy pulls him in just as Phil walks in with a frown.
The Beach
Susan arrives looking for Karl.
LEE (to his partner): This is Karl's wife.
SUSAN: Unlike Lee's wife who we never meet!
They tell Susan that Karl went off for a walk earlier so she goes to find him.
The Cliff
Sarah is being checked over by Karl, Sarah apologises but Karl tells her not to, she starts to cry again so Karl pulls her in closely just as Susan approaches.
Lou's Place
Ben is telling Lou that the female clients at the garage all want to deal with Drew.
LOU: They probably yank a wire out round the corner.
Drew enters.
DREW: This woman just wanted to talk and talk; it was only some wire that had come out!
Lou says the garage's figures are the best ever and it's all because of the customers wanting to see Drew.
DREW: I'm not that good a mechanic!
The Cliff
Karl tells Susan what happened; he goes to the car to get Sarah a blanket.
SARAH: Karl was so brave; I thought we were both going to die!
Susan looks a bit concerned.
Number 32
Phil arrives to see Ruth; they are going out for dinner. Phil gives Lance a video from Amy, it's an Arnie film, and he says he will drop it back round later but Ruth is annoyed that he will then see Amy. She is also annoyed that Phil would allow this!
RUTH: We'll discuss this over dinner!
Lou's Place
Lou tells a joke to some customers but no one laughs, Ben and Drew are having a drink, Drew is enjoying working for Lou. Ben says it's because Drew is pulling in the punters, Drew is confused as to why all these women keep coming in and says that women often like to talk to him!
Number 32
Phil tells Lance that he understands his situation and how he wants to be with Amy
PHIL: Let's just say...er...Put it this way.....Amy..for her age..is er quite...
LANCE: Mature?
PHIL: Yes...mature.
Phil says Amy goes for what she wants but she doesn't always choose the right direction to go in. Phil tells Lance to take control and to know when to stop.
LANCE: It's just Amy is so er...
PHIL: Forthright?
Ruth enters and they head off for dinner.
Number 30
Karl comes to see how Sarah is, she is feeling better now, she is grateful for Karl's help, she leans in to kiss Karl but he pulls away. Sarah says it was just going to be on the cheek, Karl leaves.
Phil is telling Ruth to relax with Lance and Amy for a bit but Ruth thinks they will "run wild". Phil tells them to trust them and as they turn into Ramsay Street they both see Amy going into Number 32.
Number 32
Amy and Lance are talking as they hear the door open, Amy tries to hide but Ruth comes in, they both blame themselves. Ruth says they can't be trusted and they can only see each other in school hours.
LANCE: That's not fair!
Ruth says it's time for her to be tough.
Number 26
Amy apologises to Phil for last night, she just wanted to see Lance, Phil says he understands but won't talk to Ruth; Amy has to prove she can be trusted.
PHIL: What you guys forget is that you're no good at lying and cheating!
Phil tells to give Ruth time to calm down and not to do anything stupid.
Lou's Garage
Lou tells Ben that he wants to install a waiting room so women can watch Drew as he works, Ben isn't keen but Lou thinks it will bring in a fortune.

Number 26
Lance comes to see Amy but Phil warns him to stay away, he allows them a few minutes though. Lance tells her that she keeps getting him into trouble; she thinks he wants to be boring but he says he wants no hassle, he wants to break up. Amy thinks Ruth is forcing this but Lance says it is his decision and leaves. Phil comes back in and Amy tells him what Lance said, she thinks he will come running back soon though.

Erinsborough High
Amy is talking to a friend of hers called Shyla. Amy thinks it's all Ruth's fault and heads into class. Shyla finds Lance and tells him to that he will never find anyone as nice as Amy.
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