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Neighbours Episode 3067 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3067
Australian airdate: 28/04/98
UK airdate: 26/08/98
UK Gold: 14/07/04
Writer: Elizabeth Huntley
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Karen Oldman Pis Miranda
Jacquie Boyd Amy Lapin
Declen Hewitt Chris Milne
Genie Florence Maureen Andrew
Lee Bannock Geoff Parry
Summary/Images by: Colin
Libby saying she doesn't like Declan anymore.
Susan giving Libby an idea for revenge.
Libby and Declan toasting the speech.
Toadie negotiating with Lou for a car.
Toadie asking the bank for a credit card.
Caitlin criticising Miss Boyd.
Nick getting on well with Miss Boyd.
Miss Boyd with Nick at number 30.
Number 28
Billy's report was very good, Karl and Susan are very pleased, Libby is out with Declan which Karl doesn't like but Susan says it's up to Libby. One of Karl's friends from the golf club rang earlier, apparently he is a bitof a sleaze and tries it on with his staff at a pharmacy where he works. Karl becomes a bit defensive
SUSAN: I don't know how his wife puts up with him.
BILLY: Maybe she's the only one that doesn't know?
SUSAN: That'd be right.
Karl goes off to ring his friend now, Susan is annoyed that he is living dinner.
Number 30
Ben, Nick, Miss Boyd and Caitlin are having dinner, Caitlin is unimpressed as Nick tells a story, Ben is unsure why anyone would want to be teacher, Miss Boyd says it can be very rewarding. Caitlin offers to help with the dishes and drags Ben off to the sink. Nick and Miss Boyd (who is called Jacquie) head off to the living room, she thinks Caitlin hates her being there. In the kitchen, Caitlin moans about Jacquie and Nick, she doesn't want to see her at school and at work.
Number 28
Susan doesn't like Lee (Karl's sleazy friend) and she doesn't want to go to the Golf Presentation Picnic, she tells him to take Sarah. Libby returns home, she is already for her speech on Declan, Susan agrees to go and watch.
Ramsay Street
Outside number 30 Toadie is beeping his horn on his new car, Nick and Caitlin are unimpressed. Billy comes out and is disappointed that Toadie has bought the car before him.
KARL: Well, the early bird catches the worm or in this case the lemon.
Toadie didn't know Billy wanted the car, he put the car on his new credit card.
Number 28
It turns out the speech is at Lou's Place, Billy returns and is still annoyed about the car, he says he might get a credit card like Toadie, Karl and Susan do not like this idea, Billy says when he's 18 next week he will apply.
LIBBY: He'll just have to learn the hard way.
Lou's Garage
Ben and Drew are chatting, profits have increased and Ben is pleased. An attractive woman pulls up, she wants Drew to look at her car, she flirts a little, Ben asks Drew if most customers are female, apparently they are.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Sarah are going to the Golf Picnic later, they place some orders with Toadie for some food. Sarah thinks Karl would do better in the Golf competitions with a different partner but Karl doesn't think so.
Erinsborough High
Susan tells Caitlin she is falling behind with school work, she asks if everything is OK.
CAITLIN: Maybe I'm just dumb.
Miss Boyd thinks her swimming is interfering and that they should put together a study timetable, Caitlin is far from impressed.
Lou's Place
Declan introduces Libby to some of his friends at the speech, the women fawn over Declan as he walks away, one tells Libby how wonderful Declan is. It turns out that this woman gives artists money to support their work including Declan. Declan returns to more compliments from the women.
Erinsborough High
Caitlin moans about Miss Boyd to Anne and how she will be round the house because she likes Nick. Anne thinks she is over reacting, Caitlin then changes the subject to Drew, Anne tells her that they are just friends.
Lou's Place
Libby is introduced and starts the speech, first complimenting Declan, she then moves on to tell everyone the butterfly story that Declan told her. Susan mimes along with the story, a woman is very upset with Declan and storms out. Libby finishes the speech, Declan is very embarrassed as Susan applauds alone.
LIBBY: ..you can gain some insight into Declan's uniquely passionate personality.
The Beach
Karl's friend Lee is making some suggestive remarks to Karl and Sarah.
LEE: I would have thought that you would have had enough practice by now.
Karl is distinctly unimpressed.
Lou's Place
Declan's friends are not happy, he told them all the same story, they won't fund anymore of his work. Declan tries to tell another story but the ladies don't want to listen.
A customer has dropped off a lot of plants for Drew free of charge, another attractive female arrives to speak to Drew. Lou and Ben smile at each other as they realise why business is booming.
The Beach
Lee's girlfriend (Charlotte) tells Sarah she should ask Karl out, Sarah points out he is married and it's none of her business. Charlotte tells Sarah that it's obvious that Sarah likes Karl, she gets up to leave as she doesn't want to talk about it. Karl chases after her but Sarah says she wants to be alone.
Number 28
Libby and Susan are delighted about Declan's comeuppance, Billy returns and Susan wants to add him to the electoral roll.
BILLY: To be honest I don't give a toss about politics, it's boring.
Susan tells him that's it's important, Billy agrees to fill out the forms.
On a cliff Sarah is walking along admiring the view, she puts her bag down and sits on a wooden fence but it breaks and she tumbles down the cliff, she manages to grab the edge though and she screams for help.
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