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Neighbours Episode 3066 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3066
Australian airdate: 27/04/98
UK airdate: 25/08/98
UK Gold: 13/07/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Karen Oldman Pis Miranda
Jacquie Boyd Amy Lapin
Declen Hewitt Chris Milne
Dorothy Stevens Jenny Seedsman
Summary/Images by: Colin
Toadie looking for a car with Karen.
Declan chatting up Libby.
Declan telling Libby he used to date Susan.
Susan warning Declan off Libby.
Number 28
Libby arrives home, she is angry about Susan talking to Declan.
SUSAN: I'm not going to apologise for protecting you.
Libby thinks Susan is jealous but Susan thinks he is just after an ego boost, Libby tells her to mind her own business.
Number 30
Its parent-teacher evening soon for Caitlin and Nick wants to go, Ben points out how they haven't seen a report card so Nick makes her get it out. Toadie arrives with Karen after looking at second hand cars. Nick is unimpressed with the report card and decides he needs to talk to her teachers.
Number 28
Billy arrives home and Susan is angry he is late, as Libby comes out to talk to her Billy decides to make himself scarce. She apologises for earlier to Susan but tells her that Declan has changed. Susan tells her that Declan told her the same butterfly story that he told Libby who thinks that it doesn't matter because it's her life.
SUSAN: OK, it's your life.
LIBBY: Finally, something we agree on.
Number 24
Lou arrives to see Madge and Harold, there is a trivia night at the pub for charity but they aren't keen so Lou leaves although he leaves them a flyer. The flyer has some test questions which Harold knows all of them.
Number 28
Lou arrives to hand out some more flyers, Toadie has bought a cheap car, and Ben and Lou think it will be a death trap.
TOADIE: No, it's got a bit of rust and a few dents in the bodywork.
LOU: Oh sunshine, you got to learn the language, that's saying that the car is a banged up lump of cheese!
Lou says he has a car that might be fine, a 1960 FB Holder, it needs some minor work, and Toadie can't afford it though but Billy who is standing in the background looks interested.
Number 28
Libby asks how serious Declan and Susan were, she says they were serious but Declan didn't think so, he was cheating on Susan but she didn't know.
LIBBY: Well, it was the 70's.
Susan thought she had found happiness, she thought Declan was cool.
LIBBY: So in reality our Mr Wonderful isn't so wonderful.
SUSAN: Oh but he is at first, when you scratch the surface there lies a very shallow man.
Libby tells Susan she thinks she might be right.
Lou's Garage
Karl and Billy are checking out the car.
KARL: I'm checking that he won't be ripped off.
As Billy lifts the bonnet Karl decides that it's a heap of junk, Lou suggests a test drive, Billy is keen but Karl won't let him, they argue but he drags Billy off to school.
Number 30
The car Toadie wanted is a banger apparently.
TOADIE: It looks like it fell of a cliff.
Toadie thinks he might have to go and see Lou.
Number 28
KARL: Don't ask me to come if you don't want my opinion.
BILLY: You insisted!
Susan is in a rush and is not happy about the argument.
KARL: It was a pile of junk, Lou virtually admitted that.
BILLY: He said it needed a little bit of work.
KARL: Work? It would be easier to build the car from the ground up.
KARL: Billy, listen, it's your money, you can do what you want with it but if you buy that car you are mad.
Karl wishes Susan luck on her first day and leaves, Susan is stressed.
Erinsborough High
Caitlin is moaning about Nick and parents-teacher evening, Bill points out that his Mum works at the school. Caitlin thinks all the teachers don't like her as a teacher tells her to get to class Caitlin thinks everyone will be after her.
Lou's Garage
Toadie roars off in the car Billy looked at earlier, as he pulls up Lou thinks he was going too fast, Toadie wants it but there is a difference in the price, Toadie can put down a deposit and wants to pay the rest over the next month but Lou is having none of it. He tells Toadie to find more money or he'll lose out.
The Coffee Shop
Susan tells Libby that her first day back is going well, Libby apologises again about last night. She decides it's time for Declan to realise what he does is wrong, she is meant to be introducing him at a speech he has to make.
SUSAN: The opening speech can make or break a speaker.
LIBBY: You are evil. I love you.
Erinsborough High
Caitlin wants to leave before Nick arrives, they bump into him, and he says he will be fair when he talks to the teachers, he is on her side.
Lou's Place
Libby is with Declan discussing the speech, he thinks she has gone a bit distant but Libby says she just wanted to make sure she didn't take too much of his time up, the make a toast to the success of the speech.
Erinsborough High
Nick meets Miss Boyd; a teacher that Caitlin thinks doesn't like her. They start to chat about Caitlin, the teacher says Caitlin needs an authorative approach to discipline but she is doing well. Nick is impressed with her.
Toadie is trying to get a loan or a credit card, he has presented the manager with the Juke box books, and the manager thinks it might be fine but it's not definite yet.
Number 30
Caitlin arrives home, Ben tells her Nick is in a good mood but he has his mind on other things on his mind. Nick comes in.
CAITLIN: You know what Miss Boyd is like now...
MISS BOYD: Hi, Caitlin.
CAITLIN: Hi, Miss Boyd, nice to see you.
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