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Neighbours Episode 3065 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3065
Australian airdate: 24/04/98
UK airdate: 24/08/98
UK Gold: 13/07/04
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Simon Butterworth David Le Page
Declan Hewitt Chris Milne
Summary/Images by: Colin
Caitlin telling Billy a swimming scout is coming.
The coach telling Caitlin that she has to be better before training can resume.
Libby meeting Declan Hewitt.
Declan chatting up Libby.
Libby wanting to impress Declan.
Declan kissing Libby before leaving.
Number 28
Libby comes back in, she is very impressed with Declan, Karl thinks his stories are boring but Libby is says he is amazing!
KARL: I think mentioning the Dali Lama over roasts is a bit much!
Karl leaves.
LIBBY: Do you think we hurt his feelings?
SUSAN: Oh no, he's a bit tired, so many stories to compete with.
Lou's Place
Karen joins Toadie; he stops playing table football with Ben and sits down with her at a table.
Number 28
Libby is still talking about Declan; she asks Susan what he was like at University. Susan thinks Declan has giving up the chance of a family for his career and that he always had a girlfriend and was unreliable, this gives Libby some food for thought.
Lou's Place
Karen is leaving so soon but they arrange to meet tomorrow, Nick and Ben think Toadie is ditching his mates for Karen, he denies this. Sarah thinks they are jealous but they all wonder off when Toadies was to play table football.
Swimming Pool
Caitlin is still swimming despite Karl saying she isn't fit, Simon (the coach) hasn't arrived yet and Caitlin thinks when he does turn up he will that she is fine but Billy thinks he is in trouble.
Number 30
Karen wakes everyone up to see Toadie, she offers to cook breakfast for him and he is very impressed.
Number 28
KARL: Do you think....?
SUSAN: What?
KARL: Oh it's nothing, I'm just being silly.
SUSAN: You can't do that.
KARL: Do what?
SUSAN: Say something, get me interested and then stop.
KARL: I didn't say anything.
SUSAN: Yes you did!
KARL: I was just speaking out loud, never mind.
Karl thinks that Declan might be after Libby, she is young and impressionable, and Susan thinks nothing will be going on. There's a knock on the door, Libby rushes as its Declan, and they head out for breakfast.
KARL: Breakfast!
SUSAN: Let's be calm, we don't know anything for sure.
KARL: Our daughter is falling for him, come on Susan, if anyone you should recognise the signs!
Swimming Pool
Simon is angry that Caitlin is training but she has no Dr's certificate, he bans her from training for two weeks.
The Coffee Shop
Libby is telling Declan what Susan said about him last night; she wants to know what Susan was like at University.
DECLAN: If I wasn't such a free spirit I would have married your mother.
Libby is surprised by this; Declan says it just didn't work out. Billy and Caitlin are walking a long; she is upset by the training ban and thinks she will never be spotted by the scout now, all the hard work has been wasted in her mind.
Number 32
Susan tells Ruth about Declan, she says they had a fling before she met Karl and she is now worried Libby is interested in him. She doesn't think he has changed, Ruth says Libby might not fall for him but Susan thinks Declan is very charming, Ruth tells her to interfere but carefully!
Swimming Pool
Billy tries to talk to Simon about Caitlin, he defends her for training too hard, he explains she is desperate to see the scout, he promises to tell the scout about Caitlin.
Uni FM
Toadie is showing Karen what all the buttons do; Toadie bets Karen that she couldn't be a DJ. He stops the record and asks the listeners to ring up for advice; Karen is the one giving the advice!
Lou's Place
Declan arrives to see Susan, he tries to charm her but it doesn't work, she tells him that she is trying to protect Libby.
SUSAN: You treat my 19 year old daughter like a man your age should and I'll reevaluate my opinion. If you don't...watch out!
Swimming Pool
Caitlin arrives to train but Simon won't let her, she knows the scout has arrived, Simon tells her what Billy said earlier and that the scout will come to see her again.
Number 30
Karen wins the bet so Toadie has to cook; he tells Karen he doesn't have a car as Sarah arrives to tell him he owns nothing. It turns out Toadie has to cook naked with an apron covering his lower half, Sarah decides she isn't hungry.
Number 28
Caitlin arrives to see Billy, she is going to rest, she tells Billy she knows about what he said to Simon, they hug and agree they are friends.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Karen are looking for a car but it's not easy on his price range. Karl and Susan enter, she has told him about her lunch with Declan and that Karl now has nothing to worry about.
Declan cancels dinner with Libby, she is a bit upset so he tells her about Susan's chat with him before, Libby is angry with Susan.
<<3064 - 3066>>
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