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Neighbours Episode 3064 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3064
Australian airdate: 23/04/98
UK airdate: 21/08/98
UK Gold: 12/07/04
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Simon Butterworth David Le Page
Declan Hewitt Chris Milne
Summary/Images by: Colin
Caitlin rejecting Billy.
Ben moving back into number 30.
Number 28
Libby is looking forward to a guest lecturer, his name is Declan Hewett, it turns out Susan went to University with him. Libby says she will introduce herself after the lecture.
LIBBY: Are you sure he'll remember you?
SUSAN: Oh, he'll remember me.
Number 30
Ben is annoyed that his room is a mess with Nick's stuff, they argue over who gets the camp bed, Ben wins. Nick says it will be fine as they are brothers, as he puts his hand on the camp bed, it collapses.
Number 28
KARL: Don't forget we have the Golf Presentation Picnic next week.
BILLY: Golf? Fun? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?
Karl defends golf as Libby returns, she met Declan and Libby has invited him over for dinner tomorrow night! Karl is less than impressed as he didn't like him at University.
SUSAN: It was a thousand years ago!
Susan tells Karl he must behave himself when Declan comes for dinner.
Number 30
It's the middle of the night, Nick is snoring loudly and keeping Ben awake, he throws things at him, tries to turn over but nothing work so Ben leaves the room, as he does Nick opens his eyes and smiles to himself.
Swimming Pool
Caitlin tells Billy not to ignore her and they can be friends, Caitlin wants to impress the scout next week, Billy thinks he can impress him as well.
Number 30
Ben is snoring on the couch, Sarah, Toadie and Nick wake him up, and Nick thinks Ben can now sleep out here every night!
Libby is having lunch with Declan, she is praising his lectures
LIBBY: I couldn't imagine bombs going off in Erinsborough!
Declan thinks Libby has an understanding of journalism, he tells her about a butterfly he saw in Borneo.
DECLAN: It was huge, indescribably delicate and as I watched it, I realised it was dying. I reached out and I held it in my hands and I could feel its wings making their last pulse as its life ebbed away. That's what we don't know about life, we don't know how long we have left.
Declan tells her to seize the day, Libby is impressed.
Swimming Pool
The coach asks Caitlin why she is at training, she is off the pace but Caitlin thinks she just needs more training. The coach tells her she must go to her GP to get a letter saying she is OK to train.
Number 30
Nick loves Ben's new bedroom in the living room but Ben is not happy and says their parents could give Nick some money and he won't sleep in the living room again!
Number 28
Libby is ironing and talking about Declan, she tells Susan the butterfly story from earlier, and Susan smiles to herself but doesn't say much to Libby.
LIBBY: Declan is inspiring.
SUSAN: Yeah...he always had a knack for being inspiring, he hasn't changed a bit.
Swimming Pool
Outside the training centre Caitlin sits on a bench, she tells Billy what the coach said. He suggests that Karl might help and Caitlin will be better in time for the scout next week.
Number 30
Libby is deciding what to cook; she is worried that Declan will think they are boring. Susan tells her that it will be fine, when Libby mentions about how much Susan must have to tell Declan she smiles!
Karl's Surgery
Caitlin asks Karl to pass her fit for training, he says he won't lie and sends Billy outside so he can examine Caitlin.
KARL: I hope you're not suggesting I lie William?
Number 30
Ben asks Nick about flats; Ben announces that he's going to go back to Ruth's for a while before going to see Geoff. Ben says that Nick doesn't want him around so he should be happy.
Number 28
Declan is entertaining the Kennedys with stories about crocodiles as Karl interrupts with some sarcasm.
SUSAN: Seems like Declan has nine lives.
DECLAN: Yes, I have many stories to tell.
KARL: And we're going to hear everyone of them.
DECLAN: Pardon?
Karl changes the topic and goes off to get some drinks, as Declan compliments Libby and Susan on their looks Karl becomes more irritated.
DECLAN: In Egypt a beautiful woman is a gift from the Gods!
KARL: Oh, those Egyptians, what wags.
DECLAN: Have you been to Egypt Karl?
KARL: Not recently, no.
DECLAN: A while ago then?
KARL: As Susan knows I've never been to Egypt but I've read about it.
DECLAN: Aren't armchairs a great place to see the world.
BILLY: Dad thinks the armchair is a great way to watch TV!
Karl says his work takes up too much time for travelling.
DECLAN: What ever I die of, it won't be boredom.
Declan doesn't remember Karl from University and Karl argues over whether Kennedy is Irish or Scottish.
Lou's Place
Nick says he feels guilty about Ben, Sarah and Toadie say he will miss him. Ben joins them, him and Nick head to the bar; Nick apologises and says he will find a flat. Ben says he still wants to visit Geoff though.
Number 28
Susan tells Declan how much fun it has been to catch up.
KARL: Catching up with those you don't remember?
Declan leaves and Karl thinks he is interested in Libby but Susan doesn't think he was. Outside Libby and Declan say good night, he kisses Libby on the cheek as he leaves.
<<3063 - 3065>>
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