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Neighbours Episode 3063 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3063
Australian airdate: 22/04/98
UK airdate: 20/08/98
UK Gold: 10/07/04
Writer: Simon MacDonald
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Colin
Drew and Anne on a date.
Lance entering the competition at the pub.
Lou finding them at the pub.
Number 30
Ben complains to Toadie, Nick and Caitlin that living next door isn't very good because Anne, Lance and Amy are always around and normally arguing. Ben says he wants to go back to work and then move back in to number 30, Nick isn't happy though as he wants to stay put, Ben points out that he was only meant to be there temporarily.
Number 26
Ruth and Phil are clearing up after the party, Lou arrives with Amy and Lance, Ruth is not happy that they were in the pub and they head home although Amy tries to claim the prize money before leaving! Phil and Lou find it quite funny who is worried what will happen when Hannah is older.
LOU: There is one good thing to come out of this
PHIL: What's that?
LOU: I don't have to pay anyone $100!
Number 32
Drew decides to head home but Anne wants him to stay and gets him to show her his tattoo on his back, he takes his shirt off as Ruth walks in! Drew makes his excuses and leaves as Anne claims they just bumped into each other but Ruth is not happy.
Number 30
Ben leaves and says he will tell Ruth he is moving out soon, Nick is moaning that he has to find somewhere else; Sarah and Toadie tell him he has to. Nick tells Caitlin she will be moving out as well, she has no choice as he has to look after her.
Number 32/Number 28
Ruth is on the phone to Phil, she wants Amy to stay with him as a punishment. Lance protests but Amy goes off to pack.
Number 26
Amy moans about pretty much everything including the shower and food; she's not allowed to see Lance. Phil heads off to work; Hannah tells her that it will all blow over.
Number 32/Number 28
Ruth is asking Lance and Anne why they lied to her, she says they have to work together to be a family. The phone rings and Lance answers, she wants him to come over and he says he will go over later. As he goes back to the living room Ruth says she can't trust them but Lance compliments her and she allows him to go and see Amy.
Number 30
Nick is trying to persuade Toadie to live on his own but he doesn't want to. Nick doesn't want to leave and says he won't without a fight.
Number 32
In the back garden, Anne says her and Drew are just friends, Ruth is worried about the age difference and she is still getting over Billy, she tells Anne to think about being single for a while.
Number 26
Lance arrives; Hannah decides she can hang out with them.
AMY: You'd get bored pretty quickly.
Amy thinks Hannah should see Paul as he likes her apparently, Hannah says its fine and leaves, Amy and Lance start to kiss.
Ruth drives up; her new car needs a new radiator hose. Drew says he and Anne are just friends but Ruth says that Anne still sees the possibility of romance; Drew didn't realise and offers to stay away for a while.
Number 32
Ruth is now home and Ben says he is moving out, Ruth says she will miss him but it's OK and they hug. Nick is at the door, he says Ben can't move out as he has to look after Caitlin, Ben says he is squatting in his room and he wants it back.
NICK: Look, I'm broke....
Nick says he can't afford to go anywhere.
Number 28
Phil tells Lou he wants to consider other venues for the reception, Lou says it's fine but drags Phil off to see his plans for the pub if the reception was there.
PHIL (to Lance and Amy): Behave yourselves!
Number 32
Ben is moaning to Ruth about Nick always bossing him around and decides that he can't be a pushover anymore.
Number 28
Phil returns and Lance jumps over to the other side of the sofa.
LANCE: We were just chatting....you're not going to tell Mum are you?
PHIL: I'm not the Gestapo! I do have some vague memories of being a teenager.
He tells them to prove that people can trust them, they start to kiss again but Hannah arrives home and Hannah plonks herself in between the two of them.
Number 30
Ben arrives with his stuff and announces he is moving back in, Nick is unhappy.
Number 32
Anne says she is going out and Ruth guesses that's it's the garage, Ruth says Drew feels the age gap is too big.
ANNE: This is so embarrassing!
Anne tells her that Drew was an ego boost; they both agree that Drew is good looking though, Anne hugs Ruth.
ANNE: You're pretty cool for a Mum!
Number 30
Ben is unpacking as Nick argues that he should stay living with Ruth, he then says they can share the room, Nick says he hasn't got anywhere else and has no money, Nick thinks it will work.
NICK: Come on, when did your big brother ever let you down?
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