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Neighbours Episode 3062 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3062
Australian airdate: 21/04/98
UK airdate: 19/08/98
UK Gold: 09/07/04
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ted Wallace Cam Van Steel
Kev Duve Brad Wade
Ned Belcher Jim Alexander
Summary/Images by: Colin
Madge finding a fire and it spreading.
The fire brigade arriving.
Madge being carried out the house.
Amy encouraging Anne to ask Drew out.
Drew agreeing to be friends with Anne.
Ramsay Street
Madge is sat on the grass in the front garden of Number 24 with an Oxygen mask on. The firemen tell Harold that there is some smoke and water damage, he thanks them for his help. Karl asks Madge if she is OK, she says she feels like an idiot, Karl says it's time for the patches to come off so they head to the surgery.
Karl's Surgery
The enter Karl's room, he switches the light off, Karl tells Madge she might not be able to see straight away and it's OK I she can't, he removes the eye patches.
KARL: Now, can you tell me what you can see?
MADGE: Nothing...I can't see anything at all
Number 32
Lance is upset he can't enter the soccer competition at the pub, Anne comes in.
AMY: Madge and Harold's house nearly burnt down.
LANCE: No it did not, there was a tiny fire!
Lance says Ruth will be angry if she starts seeing Drew but Anne says they will just be friends.
LANCE: Are you going out with Drew because you like him or is it to make Billy jealous?
Karl's Surgery
Karl is on the phone to the specialist, Madge not regaining her sight isn't cause for alarm apparently! Karl shines a light in her eyes, he says there is hope!
Lou's Place
Phil and Ruth arrive to order some drinks.
LOU: Have you decided yet?
PHIL: What to have for dinner?
LOU: No, your best man?
PHIL: Well they're pretty thin on the ground in Erinsborough so you get it on default.
LOU: Oh, the thought never crossed my mind!
Lou wants to come round later to help with arrangements, Phil isn't so keen but Lou insists.
Number 32
Amy and Lance think Anne should leave before Ruth arrives home, Lance is thinking about sneaking into the pub to enter the competition. Ruth arrives home with pizzas and Anne leaves, she tells them Lou is going round to Phil's for a drink, she heads over to join them as Amy decides Lance can now enter the competition.
Number 24
Harold tells Paul that Madge will regain his sight, Madge comes out and they decide they need a new kitchen as everything is burnt. Madge starts to cry so Harold leads her to the sofas, she thinks they shouldn't get their hopes up too much, Harold tells her to think positively but Madge is far from convinced, she's terrified as she sobs into Harold.
Number 32
Lance and Amy are trying to dress up as 18 year old; Lance is dressed in a Bob Marley wig and 70's style clothes! Amy wonders whether they need to walk differently!
Number 26
Lou is asking Phil and Ruth loads of questions about the wedding; Phil isn't keen on a bucks party.
LOU: Chuck in a couple of strippers!
PHIL: I'm not sure we need that.
LOU: I'm only joking.As best man I'll be MC at the reception.
PHIL: We haven't really thought about that yet.
LOU: You two are hopeless.
PHIL: Me and Ruth were hoping for a low key event.
LOU: No worries, low key is my middle name!
Hannah comes out and wants some wine but Phil says no.
LOU: I know, as a wedding present you can have the reception at my pub, free of charge.
RUTH: We couldn't possibly...
PHIL: Think of all the business you will lose.
LOU: No, I have made up my mind, you are good friends, I want to do this for you!
Ruth and Phil both look at each other; they're clearly not sure about Lou's offer
The Coffee Shop
Drew arrives to meet Anne, they chit chat about why he moved to Erinsborough, he wants to live in a city and back home he can't earn much money. Drew says Anne is one of the nicest people he has met.
Number 24
Madge is asleep on the sofa, she wakes up and can see Paul drinking milk, she calls them over and everyone is delighted and they all hug even though she is a bit hazy. Harold goes to fetch Karl.
Lou's Place
Amy and Lance enter wearing much leather! The competition starts and Lance goes to register despite being nervous.
Number 26
Lou decides a party is in order so Lou and Hannah go to invite everyone.
PHIL: It's like being rolled over by a steam roller.
Ruth says the reception at Lou's Place could be OK.
RUTH: It could be worse!
Phil says he will tell Lou tomorrow that they don't want the reception in the pub.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Anne are having a good time, he is telling her about her family, she asks if he has a girlfriend but he doesn't. He offers to walk her home and she accepts.
Lou's Place
Lance is playing football, he wins and is through to the next round, and Amy is very excited.
Number 26
Lou and Hannah return with Karl, Madge, Harold and Paul. Lou tells everyone that Madge can see again, everyone is pleased and Lou announces that Madge is going to do the catering for the wedding! Ruth and Phil wonder how much Lou can take over; they don't want to hurt his feelings.
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