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Neighbours Episode 3061 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3061
Australian airdate: 20/04/98
UK airdate: 18/08/98
UK Gold: 09/07/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ted Wallace Cam Van Steel
Fireman Dean Caulfield
Summary/Images by: Colin
Billy trying to kiss Caitlin and her rejecting him.
Amy and Lance finding a dead guinea pig.
Paul finding a new live guinea pig and thinking it is Axel.
Madge returning home.
Lance not knowing whether to tell Paul or not.
Number 28
Susan wants to know what is wrong with Billy.
BILLY: Girls are a waste of time.
Billy says he has messed everything up.
Paul asks Libby if she is still doing stories for the newspaper, he says he has a great one. He explains about his Guinea Pig being "dead", being buried and then it coming back to "life" (a resurrection so to speak).
LIBBY: Was it covered in dirt?
LIBBY: A different guinea pig then.
Libby thinks he is lying so Paul walks off but Libby chases after him and decides to go and have a look.
Number 28
Billy tells Susan that he likes Caitlin but she wants to just be friends.
SUSAN: I thought you'd resolved all this, I thought you were happy to be friends.
BILLY: I was but not now.
SUSAN: Now you think it was a mistake to split up?
BILLY: Split up?
SUSAN: Hang on, haven't I got this right? Haven't you and Anne split up?
BILLY: Mum, I'm talking about Caitlin.
BILLY: Yeah.
SUSAN: You've only just split up with Anne.
BILLY: I know but know I've split up with Anne.
SUSAN: You've been going out with Anne for ages.
BILLY: Yeah.
SUSAN: You think you can hope from one girl to the next, just like that?
BILLY: I don't think that, I don't think anything, it just happened.
SUSAN: Is it so important that you have a girlfriend?
BILLY: What's that supposed to mean?
SUSAN: Well, what's wrong with being single and trying to work out what went wrong with Anne?
BILLY: I know what's wrong with Anne, it didn't work out!
SUSAN: And why was that?
BILLY: I don't know, it just happens.
SUSAN: I'm sorry, you've obviously put hours of thought into this.
Susan says he can't hop from one girl to the next, apparently it's not sensible. Billy thinks sensible is boring, Susan points out that Anne and Caitlin are friends and Billy would be jeopardising that, Billy denies that he wants that and Susan tells him to think about his behaviour!
Number 24
Paul and Libby arrive to do the story on the Guinea Pig, Libby is still unsure; Paul goes outside to get Axel as Harold claims that it's true. Madge thinks there is some logical explanation and believes that people will think that they are "nuts". As Paul arrives with Axel, Harold's allergy returns.
Caitlin asks Anne for a chat outside the Coffee Shop as Lou advertises a Table Soccer competition; Lance and Amy are interested with the $100. Lance is annoyed he isn't 18 but Amy thinks it will be OK and wants the prize money. Meanwhile, Caitlin tells Anne that Billy wants them to go out; Anne doesn't seem too concerned and says she doesn't want to know what Billy does. Caitlin says she doesn't know what to do.
ANNE: Be a friend, don't get me involved.
Anne storms off.
Number 24
In the front garden, Libby is taking pictures, Paul doesn't want to be in them but Libby insists. Lance and Amy arrive and Libby explains about Paul's resurrection theory. Amy pretends to be confused as Libby takes more photos, Lance is surprised (and secretly worried) that the paper is doing the story.
Number 22
Amy finds the situation funny but Lance is more concerned and decides to tell the truth.
AMY: It will be funny.
LANCE: Has anyone ever told you that you're heartless?
Anne returns but doesn't want to know about the Guinea Pig, she won't tell them what is wrong.
Number 28
Susan is telling Karl about Billy and Caitlin.
BILLY: If you're going to talk about me at least wait until I've left the house.
Susan makes Billy sit down to talk to Karl, she leaves the two alone. Billy is confused as to what Caitlin wants and regrets telling Susan because of her interfering. Karl thinks Billy should wait a while before dating again. Billy says it was just a kiss.
KARL: Don't worry William, nobody's perfect!
BILLY: You aren't.
KARL: Everyone knows that though.
Number 24
Madge is bored (she is wearing eye patches); she insists on putting the shopping away, Harold fusses but she sends him away. Lance arrives to talk to Harold and Paul, Lance explains how he found Axel with Bonnie and thought the dog had killed it, he replaced it with one that looked like Axel. Harold is annoyed he didn't tell anyone before, Paul and Libby arrive from the garden. Lance hesitates so Madge tells the truth.
Number 22
Anne comes out from her room, Amy tries to talk to her and guesses that it's about Billy but Anne walks off. Amy pulls her back though, Anne can't stop thinking about Billy, and Amy tells her to find someone else.
ANNE: It's too soon for anything serious.
AMY: Who said about serious?
Amy mentions Drew but Anne says Ruth thinks he's too old and she doesn't have a chance, Amy tells her to go and see him. Anne is resistant though but Amy thinks she should go and see him.
Ramsay Street
Paul gives Lance the replacement Guinea Pig fight; they argue over it until Paul leaves, the Guinea Pig has also urinated over Lance. Amy arrives and loves his new pet so Lance says Amy can keep it but she's not impressed.
Number 24
Madge is pouring a cup of tea (very sensible). The phone rings and she puts the kettle down but the tea towel is on the kettle and now it's on top of a gas ring! Harold is on the phone checking she is OK as the tea towels begins to catch fire, Harold is also worried about Paul but Madge says he's fine. Madge can now smell smoke as the fire alarm goes off. Harold tells her to get out of the house; Karl overhears and tells him to ring the fire brigade. As Madge drops the phone, she tried to put the fire out but knocks the kettle over and the fire starts to spread. She stumbles into the living room trying to find the door!
Number 22
Amy is fawning over the Guinea Pig; Amy decides Lance should enter the Soccer Competition to raise money to buy food for the Guinea Pig. Anne comes in, she is going out, Amy wishes her luck and Lance becomes suspicious but Amy won't give anything away.
The Garage
Anne arrives to see Drew, they discuss how Anne is and then Anne asks Drew out later. It turns out that Ruth warned Drew off and he doesn't want to upset her, Anne points out that they are just friends and Drew agrees.
Number 22
Lance wants to sell the Guinea Pig; Amy tells Lance about Drew who decides Ruth will go mad. Amy thinks Anne needs a new boyfriend and to let her have some fun. Amy hears sirens and they rush outside.
Ramsay Street/Number 24
The fire brigade arrive as do Karl and Harold; they have to hold Harold back as he tries to go into the house. The fire brigade enter the house, it's filled with smoke but they find Madge and carry her outside onto the grass. Harold rushes over as does Karl, Madge is awake and coughing, and Karl wants oxygen as Harold looks terrified.
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