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Neighbours Episode 3075 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3075
Australian airdate: 08/05/98
UK airdate: 08/09/98
UK Gold: 20/07/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Mary Boynton: Bronwyn Di Cecco
Alan Catlin: Matt Robertson
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Toadie nags Lou to get on with his car repairs.
- Drew offers to do the repairs for free in his own time.
- Paul and Hannah bicker about dancing.
- Bill is frustrated with his life.
Lou finds Drew working on Toadie's car and says he hopes he's only working on it in his own time.
Susan is having a party for Bill anyway(!) Karl and Libby warns her not to make too much fuss. Libby says that Bill's birthday is always a disaster(!) Susan insists that this year will be different.
KARL: He's an adult now.
KARL: We shall treat him like one.
SUSAN: Yes, of course we will. Absolutely... (Seeing Billy come out of his bedroom) THERE'S MY BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!
She rushes over, blowing a part kazoo thingy and Karl and Libby follow her letting off party poppers!
Susan tries him sit down, but Bill says he's late for school and walks off, saying he doesn't even like birthdays.
LIBBY: That went well(!)
Hannah is moaning that Paul hasn't turned up for his dance lessons. Phil tells her that learning can be fun too, it doesn't have to be too serious. Hannah goes off to find Paul.
At the front door, Ruth is just knocking.
RUTH: Hi, Hannah, is Phil home?
HANNAH: Um, yeah, in the kitchen, being immature(!)
RUTH: Oh(!)
Ruth asks Phil for a coffee, but he's off to work, so they decide to meet for lunch - she has something to talk to him about.
Coffee Shop
Paul is at one table and Lance and Amy are at another. Amy tells Lance that she wants them to have a sleepover at her house - she can talk her parents around(!) She wants Lance to talk Ruth around, but he doesn't want to.
Hannah comes in and berates Paul for not turning up for dance practice. She drags him off. Amy says she and Lance could show them some steps. Lance groans.
Ben is moaning about someone using leaded petrol in a catalytic converter.
Toadie comes to check on his car, and Drew says he just has a couple of things to finish off at lunchtime. Toadie is pleased - he wants to take Bill out for a birthday spin.
Libby tells Bill off for storming off this morning - their parents were just trying to be nice. She suggests that he improves his attitude.
LIBBY: There are so many people who care about you and want to celebrate with you. Just enjoy yourself.
BILL: Yeah, you're right.
She suggests they open Mal's present. Bill grabs a knife and wonders if there's a Spice Girl inside. But inside is just a pack of cards and a note.
BILL:(reading) Billy, congratulations on your 19th. Play your cards right and you'll be amaed how much good fortune comes your way. Love ya. MAL :)
LIBBY: What's that supposed to mean?
BILL: Cool!
LIBBY: Men in this family are definitely weird.
Amy and Lance are showing their dance skills and they're very good! Paul and Hannah join in. Unfortunately Lance bumps into the stereo and knock Paul's glass of water off it. There is a blue electric flash and they all look rather worried(!)
Bill has come to apologise to Karl for his behaviour last night and this morning. Karl says that he knows he does come on a bit strong sometimes(!) but whatever Bill chooses to do, he has his total support.
KARL: There are times, Bill, when I feel like I've let you down.
BILL: Dad. You haven't.
KARL: Thank you.
They hug.
Karl asks Bill if he can take him down the pub after work and buy him a beer. Bill enthusiastically agrees.
BILL: Oh, and one more thing...pick a card.
He offers Karl the deck of cards, and he picks out the Ace of Spades.
Lance is attempting to fix the stereo. Hannah asks Lance worriedly if he knows what he's doing(!) Paul is worried that Harold is going to go mental, but Amy says he should just pretend he knows nothing about it(!). But Hannah doesn't think it's a good idea. Lance recommends giving a repair guy a call.
Phil meets Ruth for lunch. They chat about Bill's 18th.
LIBBY: You'd better not call him Billy, though. He thinks it's far too childish.
PHIL: William?
LIBBY: Bill.
PHIL: Thanks for the tip.
They repair to a table and Ruth tells Phil that she wants to talk about wedding. She says they were thinking 8- 12 months, but Phil was actually thinking more 4- 6 months(!)
PHIL: Is that a problem? Are you having second thoughts?
RUTH: No, no, of course not! I guess I just thought, why rush?
PHIL: Funny...I thought, why wait?! Should we set a date?
RUTH: I think we should.
PHIL: Six months?
RUTH: Six?
PHIL: Too soon?
RUTH: No, six months is perfect.
They drink a toast.
Drew is working on Toadie's car at lunchtime. Just then, a woman brings a wreck of a car in saying she's looking for the "wonder- mechanic"! Lou says he'll get Drew on to it straightaway.
When she's gone, Drew says he'll work on the woman's car after his lunch hour.
The repair man has fixed the stereo, and given Paul a bill for $75. Paul begs Hannah to lend him the money.
Coffee Shop
Toadie wishes Bill a happy birthday. He tells him there's a whole new world about to open up to him(!). Bill invites Toadie along for his beer with Karl later. Toadie invites Bill for a spin in his car this afternoon.
Susan is moaning that Bill doesn't want a family party. Karl tells her Bill feels too grown up now, and they reminisce a bit about Bill's childhood.
Karl, Ruth, Phil and Lou congratulate Bill and serve him a beer on the house. Lou asks to see Bill's ID(!)
Bill wonders where Toadie is as everyone starts singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow".
Susan sadly looks at Bill's birthday cake.
Toadie has arrived. Bill is having a great time and is now offering Lou a card from his pack - to double his free beers from 8 to 16. He wins.
The card is the Queen of Hearts. Bill looks at it rather carefully, and goes off to the payphone.
Susan answers the phone and Bill asks her to come down to the pub - she's the most important person.
SUSAN: Well...we know that you didn't want us to make a fuss...
BILL: I guess I'm old enough to admit I was wrong, hey? Any chance of coming down.
Susan smiles.
SUSAN: Uh, yeah, I guess I can.
BILL: Dad said you were making a cake.
SUSAN: Yes, it's...it's all made.
BILL: Well, do you want to bring it too? I can't have a birthday party without my mum!
SUSAN: I'm on my way.
BILL: OK, bye.
She puts down the phone, and cries a little with happiness.
Ben is working on a car when Toadie and Karen come in. Drew has gone off somewhere for parts. Toadie and Karen come in and get into Toadie's car. Karen says that Toadie should get Drew a thank you gift. Toadie drives off.
TOADIE: The king of the road is back!
Just as he's leaving, Drew comes back.
DREW: Did you finish it off for him?
BEN: No.
DREW: What do you mean, no? It wasn't finished.
BEN: Well, I didn't know it wasn't finished!
DREW: I had to go down and get parts for the ute. I'd just bled the brakes!
A road
Toadie and Karen are driving along, very happy in the car.
Drew frantically calls Toadie on the phone, berating Ben for letting Toadie go.
DREW: He's not there.
BEN: That doesn't necessarily mean he's splatted all over the road(!)
Drew rings the Uni Radio instead, but Toadie isn't there either. He says that Toadie might have just enough stopping power to keep him out of trouble, but he's not sure.
DREW: If anything happens to them...
BEN: Well, it's not just my fault! You stuffed up too.
DREW: Alright, alright. I just hope they're OK!
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