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Neighbours Episode 3058 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3058
Australian airdate: 15/04/1998
UK airdate: 13/08/1998
UK Gold: 07/07/2004
Writer: Don Battye
Director: David Myles
Guests: Karen Oldman - Pia Miranda
Summary/Images by: Shona
Paul and Hannah think Axel and Holly have fallen foul of Harold's garden products
Harold vows to use animal safe products
Toadie is going to have an afternoon by the pool with Karen
Number 24 - Garden
Harold is planting flowers round Axel's grave to brighten it up a bit. Paul asks what happens to dead things and Harold believes they go onto a better life. Paul wonders more about how long it'll take for Axel to rot. Harold, surprised at the unsavoury question, thinks he should ask his science teacher.
Number 30 - By the Pool
On a cloudy day Karen jumps into the pool and Nick wonders if Toadie and Karen are about to become official, given the way Toad's acting. Toadie thinks so and jumps into the pool after her.
Number 32
Lance and Amy wonder what to do and Lance suggests they bake something. Amy likes Lance's domestic side; very practical. She looks for cookery books.
Number 24
Harold finds that Paul is bored and offers to get his tuba so they can jam together but then the phone rings. It's Madge, telling him she realises she should have stayed home with him as she misses him terribly (even though Scott and Charlene have been great). She's coming home as soon as she can!
Harold tells Paul that they'll have to clean up. Harold spots the Bonnie digging in his garden and gets Paul to help him chase her away.
Number 32
Lance is being cautious about making chocolate cake although Amy seems more interested in eating squirty whipped cream. She thinks they should've bought a cake and that they should put the cream on now. She squirts some up his back so he has to take his shirt off then squirts more on him, only for Harold and Paul to appear through the back door and catch them carrying on.
Number 30
Karen is sorry to have to go and she and Toadie arrange to meet later at Lou's Place before kissing goodbye.
Toadie tells Nick how rapt he is and he's sorry he stole her from him. Nick thinks fair is fair and not to spare a thought for him - home and all alone. He really doesn't want to hear anymore of Toadie raving about how wonderful Karen is when he's got a night in with only Bob for company.
Number 32
Amy and Lance are trying to explain that they were just having fun. Harold says he only came over to tell them about Bonnie digging up his roses. Lance apologises and will mention the incident to Ruth. He follows Paul and Harold outside to shut the gate. When they've gone Amy sprays some more cream into Lance's shirt.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Ruth that her son is a genius - the soccer table has been a real money-spinner and he'll be over tomorrow with the proceeds.
Phil arrives with some quotes for their wedding. Ruth thinks some of the places look great but the prices are unbelievable. Phil thinks they'll have to scale down their ideas a bit. Ruth doesn't mind. The only important thing is they get married. Phil knows they'll find the perfect venue.
Number 32
Lance has found a dead guinea pig in the garden and thinks Bonnie has killed Paul's guinea pig. He doesn't know how to tell him but he can't not tell him. He's not impressed to find all the cream in his shirt. Amy tells him not to tell Paul that Bonnie had anything to do with it but Lance thinks it's better to come clean. Amy sits on some eggs and Lance finds it hilarious.
Number 24
Harold does his shopping list and Paul helps out. Lance arrives to apologise about Bonnie again. He also wants to talk to Paul about his guinea pig. Harold tells him not to as Paul's having a bit of trouble accepting that Axel has gone. Lance asks if he knows where he's gone to. Harold says it's difficult to know, where animals are concerned. Lance decides to leave it at that.
Number 30
Toadie shows off his outfit to Nick, who thinks it's ok. He has a jacket he could borrow and Toadie suddenly thinks he should have one...but then he decides against it. He can't make up his mind. A text message is delivered to Toadie's mobile but he and Nick have already left.
Number 32 - Lance's Bedroom
Lance feels so guilty - Paul thinks his guinea pig has run away and it's all Bonnie's fault. Amy is annoyed that she can't find anything of Lance's to wear. Lance is uptight that she's wearing his clothes and they're in the bedroom together - he doesn't want Ruth getting the wrong idea. Ruth, who's heard this, tells them she agrees with him.
Number 32
Lance explains but Ruth finds his explanation a little hard to believe. Then she tells Lance to calm down - she trusts them to be sensible. She's sorry for jumping to conclusions. They promise to clear up and Ruth leaves them to do just that.
Lou's Place
Toadie thinks he's been stood up; Karen must've realised what a loser he is. Lou thinks he's pathetic and he should call her, to find out the real reason why. He tells him to use the bar phone.
Number 24
Phil comes in to find Paul and Harold cooking. Phil has Harold's tax stuff for him and Paul and Phil have a look at Harold's sea monkeys.
Lou's Place
Toadie hangs up and tells Lou that everything's cool: Karen didn't want him to see her as she's had an allergic reaction to something and has come out in loads of spots. Toadie wants to play Lou at table soccer to celebrate not being stood up.
Number 24
Harold tells Phil that Madge is coming home soon. Her eyes are still in bandages which might be an advantage when she returns - she won't see the mess!
Paul comes in and tells Harold that Axel is alive! He holds a cage with a very much alive guinea pig inside. Harold sneezes.
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