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Neighbours Episode 3059 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3059
Australian airdate: 16/04/98
UK airdate: 14/08/98 (Not shown on UKGold)
Writer: John Upton
Director: David Myles
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul finds the "dead" guinea pig (Axel)
- Lance and Amy mess about - Amy sits in some eggs.
Harold is sneezing his head off while trying to examine Axel the guinea pig. Finally, Phil tells Paul to take the cage outside. Phil thinks Harold has bought a replacement for Axel to console Paul(!)
Susan and Karl are about to watch Casablanca, but Susan is worried about not doing her schoolwork. Karl decides to distract her by kissing her neck instead.
Just then, Libby comes in and interrupts them, so they put Casablanca on. Libby goes off to bed, and Karl and Susan encourage her very much in this(!) Before she goes, Libby tells them that she bumped into Darren, which gave them a chance to say goodbye properly.
Phil is grilling Paul about the guinea pig, saying it can't possibly be Axel. Paul says he doesn't care, he wants to keep the guinea pig anyway.
When Paul has gone, Harold tells Phil that Axel's body has disappeared from its grave(!)
HAROLD: As the great Shakespeare said, there are more things in heaven and earth than we dream about.
PHIL: I don't think the Great Bard was referring to guinea pigs from beyond the grave(!)
No.32 - Lance's bedroom
Amy sneaks into Lance's bedroom.
LANCE: Are you crazy?! Mum's in the next room!
AMY: It makes it all the more exciting!
LANCE: No, it makes it all the more fatal!
Amy says that Ruth will never discover them, but Lance says he doesn't want them to be caught and banned from see each other.
No.26, the following morning
Ruth is looking at wedding brochures. Paul brings Axel the guinea pig round to see Hannah - he has all the same markings. Hannah is derisive, saying Axel is dead! Paul wants to keep this guinea pig - but he doesn't know what to do about Harold's allergies. Hannah suggests that Paul could cry(!) or at least pull on Harold's heartstrings.
Coffee Shop
Karl is buying cake when Sarah comes in. She invites him to join her for a coffee before work. He sits down with her and asks her to organise him extra some time at lunch so he can go shopping - he wants to buy Susan a present. He asks Sarah for her advice on jewellery and she suggests a shop she knows. Karl asks her to come along and help him pick something out. She agrees.
Hannah pops round to see Paul. Paul asks Harold if he can keep Axel, in the back yard. He says he's never really had a pet before and really lays it on thick. Harold agrees the guinea pig can stay in the garden. Paul offers to do some chores while Harold is out, and Harold agrees he can make dinner tonight.
When Harold has gone, Paul says he can't clean the house up to Harold's standards. Hannah suggests employing a cleaner for the day.
Ruth is telling Lance about the born- again guinea pig. Lance is cross about the snail bait.
Amy pops round with a large bag full of her stuff. Ruth has made her up a bed in Anne's room.
Susan is doing schoolwork that she describes to Libby as "mind- numbing". She looks a bit fed up and confesses to Libby that Karl has been doing lots of things with Sarah recently and she's been feeling a bit left out. She thinks it's ridiculous, but Libby thinks it's healthy - it's only natural to feel jealous when your husband is spending time with someone else. Libby says Karl had to find other things to do with his time while Susan was away, but everything will soon be back to normal.
SUSAN: I'm getting advice from my daughter.
LIBBY: Scary.
SUSAN: What would I do without you?!
LIBBY: Glad to help.
SUSAN: I've missed our talks this last couple of months.
LIBBY: Me too.
Lance tells Amy about the guinea pig - he doesn't know whether to tell Paul the truth about the guinea pig replacement.
Paul has got a cleaner in and explains to her that Harold likes the place really perfect. She gets to work straightaway.
Paul and Hannah decide to pop to the shop and when they've gone, the cleaner steals some money from the jar in the living room!
Back garden of No.32
Lance tells Amy to stop torturing him(!) He says she has to slow down a bit, but his gentlemanliness seems to be an aphrodisiac to Amy(!) Lance says maybe they could talk to Paul about the guinea pig instead.
Paul and Hannah are watching TV when Harold gets home. He is about to start the housework, but Paul tells him that he and Hannah have done everything. Harold is pleased and tells them they must have been working like a couple of Trojans!
Shopping Centre
Karl and Sarah are shopping for jewellery. They go into the shop. Coincidentally, Susan and Libby are also shopping! They don't see Karl and Sarah though.
Ruth tells Lance that she hopes Amy isn't getting overly- affectionate with him. She has a responsibility to Amy's parents, and she can't have Amy sleeping with Lance under her roof!
Jewellers Shop
Karl and Sarah are looking at jewellery. Karl finally picks out a ring and Sarah approves. Sarah also tries on a ring but can't get it off. They laugh and Karl takes her hand to help her. Libby sees this through the window! Susan calls out to her at that moment though, and Libby doesn't tell her what she saw.
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