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Neighbours Episode 3057 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3057
Australian airdate: 14/04/98
UK airdate: 12/08/98
UK Gold: 07/07/04
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karen tells Toadie and Nick off.
- Caitlin tells Billy that she needs less pressure.
- Anne tells Amy that she's asked Drew out.
- Drew invites Ben along on his date(!)
- Ben is shocked that Anne and Drew are on a date. Anne tells Ben it's none of his business. Billy overhears and is shocked.
Coffee Shop
Ben protests that Anne is his sister and he's concerned about her - she's far too young for Drew. Drew looks confused.
Billy ushers Caitlin out of the shop, saying he's not fine with the situation between him and Anne after all, while Ben tells Drew that the age difference is at least 7 or 8 years. Drew is stunned to hear that Anne is 16 and says he doesn't want to cause any trouble. Anne gets up and tells Drew they'll go somewhere else.
Billy is talking incessantly about Anne's motivations for going out with Drew - is she trying to make him jealous? Caitlin rolls her eyes and reminds Billy that *he* was the one who broke up with Anne. Billy says that if Anne is going out with someone else, he and Caitlin can get together! Caitlin is not impressed and says that not everything is about Billy and Anne - Billy must go out with her because he likes her, not as a substitute for Anne.
Karen comes to see Toadie. She's calmed down now and tells Toadie that she liked the interview on the radio. She wants to make up with him. Inside, Nick tells Caitlin that Toadie doesn't deserve Karen after what he put her through!
Phil and Ruth are chopping vegetable amorously(!) when Lou and Lance comes in and ask Phil to help them move the pool table into the pub.
When they've gone, Ben comes in looking rather distracted. Ruth asks him if he's seen Anne and Ben tells her cagily that she's gone out with some friends.
Coffee Shop
Drew and Anne pop in for a coffee on the way home from their date, and are getting on well. Drew tells Anne that he doesn't want to get Ben off- side. He asks her about Billy and Anne says she's totally over him.
Toadie is showing Karen out (she stayed for dinner). She expects a kiss but Toadie is nervous and can't bring himself to make a move. He sits down at the kitchen table in despair.
Swimming Pool, the following day
The teacher tells Caitlin and Billy off for chatting. Billy tells the coach that Caitlin is not feeling well. He feels her glands and then sends her off to the doctor in case she has glandular fever and spreads it to the rest of the team.
Billy feels his own glands(!) while the coach gives them all a pep talk.
Lance is reading a school book so he can be free when Amy comes round later. Anne and Ben are sniping at each other. Lance is amazed to hear that Anne has been out with Drew, but he doesn't say anything.
Nick says Toadie should just call Karen, but he says that takes guts(!)
NICK: It only takes one phone call. 'Hey, Kazza, I'm hot for ya, baby!'
Toadie says asking out girls doesn't come naturally to him. Nick says that Karen already likes him and even laughs at his jokes(!) And she did come round to see him last night - what's the worst that could happen.
Drew has come round and is introducing himself to Ruth. Anne comes out and Drew invites her to a concert and meal on the way back. Ruth looks stunned, but just closes the door behind Anne.
Ruth is talking to Ben and Lou. Lou says Drew is perfectly respectable, but Ruth isn't sure about the age difference.
Toadie has called Karen and she has come over. Karen suggests that they go for a swim in the pool in the back. She produces a skimpy bathing costume and hopes Toadie likes it(!)
Anne tells Ruth that going out with Drew is not a big deal. Ruth is not impressed.
Caitlin comes round to see Billy. They go to kiss, but then decide not to because of the glandular fever possibility. The doctor has taken a blood test. They talk about their relationship again and Caitlin says that Billy is too wrapped up in himself to have a proper relationship. She says Billy had better do something about his attitude before he loses all his friends.
Anne insists that Drew isn't too old for her, but Ruth says that Drew is an adult, albeit a very nice one.
RUTH: You could find yourself in some very difficult situations.
ANNE: You mean, sex.
RUTH: Amongst other things, yes! I'd hate to have you do something you'll regret later just to prove that you're over Billy Kennedy.
Anne is silent.
RUTH: Come on, be honest, Anne. There has to be an element of revenge in dating an older guy.
ANNE: I feel...like...what's wrong with me? Am I ugly, am I boring, am I stupid?
RUTH: Sweetheart...you can't define yourself by a man's attention or lack of it.
ANNE: Easy to say.
RUTH: Yeah, and to do, I know. But self- esteem is just that. It's based on your belief in yourself. And you have so many qualities to be proud of.
ANNE: You're just saying that because you're my mum.
RUTH: Yeah, I know, it's in the contract! But it's also true. You're intelligent, you're loyal, you're even responsible when you try to be.
ANNE: I guess.
RUTH: You're extremely talented as an artist. But these are the qualities that make you a valuable person, not whether you've got a date or not on a Satuday night!
This seems to get through to Anne.
Garden of No.30
Toadie is cleaning the pool while Karen and Nick chat. Toadie gets fed up so jumps in and splashes them!
Lou's Place
Ruth tells Phil that she's worried about Anne - she's been so down since she split up with Billy. She's worried about Anne going out with Drew.
Just then, Drew comes in and Ruth asks him for a word.
DREW: Is there some sort of problem?
RUTH: Oh, maybe you could tell me!
DREW: Is that a trick question?
RUTH: No...it's my subtle way of saying that I think you're too old to be seeing my daughter, and I'd like you to stop.
DREW: Mrs Wilkinson...um...I like Anne, but it was just a coffee and a...
RUTH: I think it's be better if you kept right away from her.
She goes back and sits down with Phil, leaving Drew to digest this.
Toadie is in a mood about Karen hanging out with Nick. She comes in and asks what's going on.
KAREN: Here I am, throwing myself at you. Aren't you going to catch me?
TOADIE: Well, you know...I'd love to.
KAREN: I enjoy being with you, Toadie. You're funny, you're smart...I really like you.
TOADIE: Even when I'm being a total jerk?
KAREN: Especially then.
They kiss.
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