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Neighbours Episode 3031 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3031
Australian airdate: 09/03/98
UK airdate: 07/07/98
UK Gold: 02/06/04
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harry realising that Lou set him up at bowls.
Harold breaking off his friendship with Lou
Darren seeing the picture of him kissing another girl in the paper.
Darren confessing to Libby that he kissed another girl.
The Coffee Shop
Harold wants Madge to stop working, go home and rest, but she refuses - she needs something to do. He's worried about her health, and tells her he's wearing his stern face so she has to pay attention! He insists on staying at The Coffee Shop if she's going to stay, just to keep an eye on her.
Lou comes in and Harold walks off, refusing to talk to his ex-mate. Harry comments to Madge that they should put a notice out the front to say that no cheats are allowed inside, and Lou retorts that they should put up a notice that says "sense of humour wanted: apply within."
Number 28
Libby is furious with Darren - this is like the Catherine situation all over again, and she can't believe that he cheated yet again just because they had an argument. Darren denies he cheated - this other girl came onto him...which infuriates Libby even more; she can't believe that he's playing the victim in this situation.
Darren is determined and says that the fact that he's being honest with her proves that he's changed. Libby yells at him to get out.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Lance are looking in the paper and notice that Darren's picture is in there - kissing Shannon, the girl that Toadie likes. They wonder if they should help Toadie find a nice girl.
In the kitchen Madge is trying to clear up but Harry won't have it; he wants her to rest. Madge changes subject and tells her husband that he has to make up with Lou - he played a practical joke and Harry should get off his high horse! Harold is not impressed.
Number 28
Libby is crying on the sofa when Susan comes home - she got half an hour down the road to Wangaratta and realised she had forgotten something. She sees her daughter crying on the sofa and goes to comfort her; Libby tells her mum about Darren. Libby can't believe that Darren has done this yet again - she can't do it anymore. Susan is sympathetic and tells Libby that she won't be deprived of the opportunity to be a friend and a mum to her daughter - Kim can drive back to Wangaratta without her.
Number 22
Darren skulks in the kitchen when Toadie appears with the paper and picture he's just seen. Toadie can't believe that Darren has done that yet again, to both Libby and Shannon..he's a lowlife scumbag. Darren storms towards the front door with Toadie accusing him of always being a troublemaker since he arrived in the street. Darren turns back on his 'friend' and attacks him before walking out.
Lou is trying to make up with Harold, but Harry's having none of it and has no intention of being mates with Lou. Lou tries to convince him that the bowls cheating was a practical joke, but Harry ignores him. Lou realises that Harold has never really played a practical joke, and Harold tells him to stay away from his and his family.
Erinsborough High
Hannah and Lance are talking about how to 'sell' Toadie to girls, and use the fact that he saved Erinsborough High. Lance suggests that Hannah goes to talk to their friend Kara to show her the paper, see if it makes her attracted to Toadie!
Hannah wanders into the classroom and shows the paper to Kara who's less than impressed, especially after Toadie virtually poisoned everyone in the school not that long ago. Kara thinks that it's a bit desperate of him to get in the paper to flaunt his success. Hannah goes to tell Lance it was a pointless exercise.
Number 22
Lou tells Darren that Toadie has packed up and left, and he wants an explanation. Darren tells his step-dad that Toadie left of his own free will after they had words, and leaves Lou alone.
Number 28
Susan has brought Libby cinnamon toast and hot chocolate which makes her feel better, and asks her daughter what she's going to do. Susan wonders if the fact that Darren confessed actually makes him a better person, proves he's learnt something from it. She also thinks that forgiveness in a relationship is a really important thing. Libby agrees, but says she doesn't know if she can trust her boyfriend anymore. Susan says she'll make some more toast and goes to the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Susan sees the newspaper and Toadie's picture on the front. She opens it up and flicks through - seeing the picture of Darren kissing Shannon. Glancing over at Lib, she knows her daughter hasn't seen the picture and her face becomes thunderous.
Erinsborough High
Hannah is still trying to impress the girls on Toadie's behalf, and Lance also has a go, but none of them are interested. Lance can't believe that Toadie saves the whole school, but everyone only ever remembers the bad things he did. He wonders if they need to expand their market and leave the school girls behind.
Hannah leaves him to it - she has school work to do.
Number 22
Lou is telling Darren that he only has himself to blame, when Susan knocks on the door wanting to see Darren. She is furious that she's just been defending him to Libby when it turns out that the reason he confessed was because there's a picture of him kissing Shannon in the paper. Darren admits that he probably wouldn't have told Libby had the photo not been taken, and Susan yells at him for being so casual about one kiss which has devastated her daughter. (Uh oh, you just know what's going to happen when she finds out about her husband and Sarah...)
Susan walks out, telling Darren to stay away from Libby.
Radio Station
Lance is chatting to Toadie about where he's going to live now he's moved out of Lou's, but he doesn't know. Lance insists on sitting in on the radio show whilst Toadie DJs.
Whilst Toadie does his intro, Lance takes a CD from the table and slips it onto the floor, quietly.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are sitting down at a table still talking about Lou and their lack of friendship. The Red Cross man comes in to collect the charity tin, and hears them talking about Lou. He comments that Lou always makes very sizeable donations, sets up the toy drive, and dresses up as Santa for the kids every year which makes Harold go quiet! And Madge suggests that Harry owes Lou an apology...
Radio Station
Toadie puts on another song, and hunts for the CD that Lance hid under the table. He thinks he left the CD outside, so leaves the studio to get it. Lance quickly locks the door so Toadie can't get back in; Toadie is furious, but Lance promises his friend he'll thank him for this. Lance gets ready to talk on the radio...
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in to the shop to announce that he'll stay away from Harold from now on and buy his coffee elsewhere, but Harry apologises for judging his mate - he was very impressed with Lou's charitable streak with the Red Cross. The friends make up and shake hands. Lou tells Harry he's signed up as a permanent member at the bowls club!
Number 22
Darren answers the door to Shannon and invites her in; she's seen the paper and Darren tells her that Libby knows. Shannon wonders what Libby thinks, and apologises for the mess, thinking maybe it's all for the best. She tries to convince Darren that maybe he and Libby weren't meant to be together given that this is the second time it's happened.
Darren disagrees and tells Shannon that he loves Libby - she will always be the one for him. Shannon quietly leaves and Darren puts his head in his hands.
Ramsay Street
Libby walks past just as Shannon is leaving number 22, and Shannon tries to tell her that the kiss was a mistake. Shannon takes the blame for what happened and says she won't apologise for being attracted to Darren, but she won't be the other woman either.
Shannon announces that Libby wouldn't even have known about the kiss had it not been in the paper but, of course, Libby had no idea. Shannon suggests that Libby speak to Darren but Libby declares she wouldn't even spit on him.
Libby walks off, upset, and tells Shannon she's welcome to Darren if she wants him.
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