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Neighbours Episode 3032 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3032
Australian airdate: 10/03/98
UK airdate: 08/07/98
UK Gold: 03/06/04
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Lance deciding to help Toadie find a new girlfriend.
Lance locking himself into the radio studio.
Susan wondering if Darren would ever have told Libby about the kiss had the photo not been in the paper.
Libby finding out about the photo.
Number 28
Libby storms in, demanding to see the paper, and Susan confesses she knew about the photo but didn't want to upset her daughter even more. Libby can't believe she thought Darren was being honest when he just didn't want to be busted. She wants to go round to yell at him, but Susan tells her that she's already done it...! Susan tells her daughter she's so angry and upset for her, and she wants Libby to calm down before she goes round.
Libby bursts into tears on her mum's shoulder wondering why Darren has done this again; she really thought he loved her.
Radio Station
Lance has taken over the airwaves! He decides to continue the Win-A-Date competition - and the winner will get a date with Toadie. Toadie is outside the studio, furious with Lance, and threatens him , yelling through the soundproof glass...!
Number 24
Hannah and Paul are trying to decide what to make their class project about, and Paul suggests a video about the community. Madge comes home from The Coffee Shop, and wonders what the kids have been up to. Paul asks Madge to sign the consent form for the school to borrow the video camera which she does without reading the smallprint that she has to pay for it if anything happens...
Madge says she's off for a nice long hot bath, and the kids run off to get Phil to sign the consent form, too.
Radio Station
Lance has agreed to let Toadie back in on the condition that he won't kill him, but Toadie doesn't seem to want to play ball, yet - he's still furious at what Lance has done, despite Lance explaining why he wanted to help.
Lance lets Toadie in to continue the radio show, declaring this is the worst day ever - Shannon kissed someone else and now he looks desperate and dateless. On air, he apologises for Lance intervening.
Ramsay Street
Paul and Hannah are doing their assignment. Paul is filming Hannah talking about the street, but she doesn't know what to say. They film Lance as he walks home, and Lance tells them what happened with the Win-A-Date competition, and how mad Toadie is with him. Paul films the whole thing, and Lance isn't keen on being captured on camera. He then swings the camera around to Karl arriving home with Sarah, commenting that he wishes Sarah was his assistant as she's a babe...
Number 28
Susan puts the phone down just as Karl arrives home - she was trying to ring him on his mobile. Karl is surprised and pleased to see Susan there, and says he's come home as he saw the picture in the paper and wants to support Libby. Susan tells him to be gentle with his daughter...just as she comes out of her room.
Lib goes to her dad and says she knows he's always hated Darren and he was right. But Karl's reaction surprises the girls - Darren's actions were foolish and hurtful, but all he did was kiss this girl, not have a full blown affair...
KARL: I'm not condoning the boy's behaviour, I'm just saying that you should talk things through with him before you do anything radical, like ending a relationship.
Karl makes a marked glance at Susan who cannot believe what her husband just said. Karl says he's trying to be fair minded but Libby's more confused and goes back to her room. Susan's in shock.
SUSAN: You never cease to amaze me.
KARL: What's that, dear?
SUSAN: For two years you have done nothing but gripe about Darren Stark. Now he's done something genuinely awful and unforgiveable and you're defending him.
KARL: I'm not defending him. But whilst we're on it, I don't think that a kiss is necessarily unforgiveable.
SUSAN: In a committed relationship?! Come on! Since when?!
KARL: I'm not applauding his behaviour. But, you know, he is human.
Susan looks at Karl suspiciously.
SUSAN: Karl Kennedy, do you want to confess something to me?
Karl looks over, startled and scared.
KARL: What??
SUSAN: You've secretly been taking compassion pills, haven't you?
Karl is hugely relieved and Susan rewards him with a passionate kiss which he looks very guilty about.
Number 22
Lance arrives to see Toadie, and Darren tells him that he's moved out. Lance knows that, but doesn't know where he is, now. Lou comes to the door and Darren skulks upstairs. Lance tells Lou he thinks he's made things worse by trying to help him, and Lou wonders if he might be at the Kennedys'.
Number 28
Karl is cooking away whilst Susan gazes at him adoringly, and Libby reads on teh sofa. Susan says she's pleased to be at home on a school night for a change, and Libby thanks her parents for being there for her. There's a knock at the door and it's Lance to see Billy, but Susan tells him her son is out with Anne. Lance asks if Toadie went with them but the Ks haven't seen Toadie.
Susan and Karl sit on the sofa either side of Libby who tells them she's reached a decision about Darren.
The Coffee Shop
Paul films Madge eating pizza and she tells him to go away - as does Lance when he comes in looking for Toadie. Toad is, in fact, sitting at a table eating when Lance apologises for trying to help - he's really sorry. Toadie accepts, and Lance offers him a place to stay if he needs one. Toadie declines, and makes it sound as if he's thoroughly miserable with nowhere to live and no-one to love him.
Just then, Simone Pritchard turns up; she won a date with him on the radio. She's very pretty with long blonde hair, and Toadie's thrilled to see her. Lance cannot believe that Toadie went ahead with the competition after making out he was unhappy. Paul wanders round with his video camera, capturing the whole thing...!
Number 22
Darren's lounging on the sofa, and leaves Lou to answer the door when there's a knock. Lou gets it, and it's Libby to see Darren; she asks Lou if he'd mind making himself scarce, and Lou thoughtfully finds something else to do.
Darren apologises once again to Libby for making her feel like she's not the most important person in the world to him because she is. Lib says she's not here to break up with him, and even though he did what he did, she still loves him and wants him in her life. And if he ever does it again, she'll kill him. She doesn't want him to see Shannon ever again, and he says he won't.
Darren is thrilled - he thought it was over. Libby says she thought about her life without him and it seemed so empty. Darren thanks her.
The Coffee Shop
Simone is eating nachos with Toadie and Paul stands at their table filming them. Madge tells Paul to leave. Simone and Toadie chat about the radio station, and she wonders if he can help her with getting a career in radio by introducing her to someone. Toadie says it's not his station, but he can take her to the movies if she'd like to go.
Simone declines - she's late to meet her boyfriend. And she takes the nachos with her.
Paul reappears to film Toadie's reaction, very annoyingly.
TOADIE: Turn the camera off. Or it will be the largest proctoscope ever.
Paul turns it off immediately in fear.
Ramsay Street
Paul and Hannah are up early to film people as they are in the morning, all natural. They see Karl at his post box, and he grumpily tells them to go away, as does Libby. Hannah apologises.
The kids see Toadie as he leaves the house and they film him...but Toadie comes after them angrily and they scarper quickly!
Number 32
Toadie comes to Lance's house, and Lance wants to know how the date went with Simone. He thinks it must have gone really, really well - if it wasn't for Lance then Toadie wouldn't have become the stud of Erinsborough. Toadie doesn't deny it or tell him what really happened!
Ramsay Street
Hannah and Paul are leaving number 24 and they wonder how they can get good footage without people getting annoyed with them, and Paul considers hiding the camera so people can't see.
Number 22
Darren and Libby are planning a romantic evening where he tells her he will spoil her rotten. Libby leaves just as Lou comes downstairs, and Lou can't believe that Darren has been so jammy in having Libby forgive him yet again. Darren tells his step-dad that he has no intention of ever losing her ever again.
Paul is secretly filming, and catches Darren on camera, who just happens to walk past Shannon outside The Coffee Shop. Darren tells Shannon he can't talk with her, and Shannon says she hopes things work out for him before giving him a kiss goodbye - on the lips.
PAUL: Excellent! Just what I need!
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