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Neighbours Episode 3026 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3026
Australian airdate: 02/03/98
UK airdate: 26/06/98
UK Gold: 26/05/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Mrs McDermott: Susanne Drying
Mrs Bailey: Marijke Mann
Mr Lessen: Ian White
Mrs Peters: Margaret Atkinson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Josh dislocating his shoulder, being unable to swim.
- Libby being angry with Darren because he didn't hire a suit and wouldn't dance with her at the uni ball.
- Libby coming home from the uni ball.
- Darren kissing Shannon in Libby's absence.
Number 22
Toadie asks Darren where he got to at the uni ball the night before, and comments that he saw Libby storming out early - she was cross that they hadn't got nice suits! Shannon and Brian arrive to cook breakfast for Toadie and Darren after the night before.
Toad takes the food to the kitchen. In the lounge, Shannon hopes Darren doesn't mind her coming over, and he says he doesn't want breakfast anyway. He makes a quick exit and Shannon is left looking rather peeved.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are saying their goodbyes again; Karl wishes Susan didn't have to leave, and asks her not to go - he wants her to stay all week. Arms around each other, they hug tightly - and Karl wants more before she goes...but Susan reminds him that he has to go to work.
As Karl leaves, Darren arrives to see Libby, and Karl thinks that he's a braver man than him! Susan goes to get Lib, and tells Darren that Libby was upset when she came home.
DARREN: (to Dahl) What am I going to do, eh? And why am I talking to a bird?
Libby comes out from her room and Darren apologises for last night, apologises for lying about the suit... Libby says the suit wasn't the issue - he was a wet blanket all night and didn't even try to have fun, he made no effort at all. He tries to hug her but she's not interested, and Darren leaves.
Number 22
Toadie and Shannon are eating a fry up, and she tells him how much she enjoyed last night. He asks where she got to later in the evening - did she get lucky?! She says no, she went home because she had to get back to Brian's babysitter, and couldn't find Toadie to say goodbye to. Suddenly, Toadie remembers that he has a lecture to get to, so has to run. He also has a radio show to prep for.
As he leaves, Darren comes home. Shannon tells him she had a great night with him - it was really special. Darren tells her they need to talk about what happened.
Number 28
Susan has collected the mail and is going through it. There's a note from Karl in with it, and her face drops as she reads it. Lib, meanwhile, is animatedly on the phone to someone, and when she puts it down, she declares that Erinsborough High is no longer closing. Susan is surprised, and Libby explains there's been a surge of enrolments. Susan thinks it's great news, but is rather distracted by what she's reading. Lib asks her what's wrong, but Susan makes something up.
Libby leaves, and Susan is left staring at the note.
Number 22
Darren is explaining to Shannon that the kiss should never have happened. Trouble is, she wanted it to happen, and she's been hoping to get together with him since they met. Darren says he's in love with Libby; he was upset, feeling sorry for himself, and had had a few to drink. He's not interested, but Shannon says she can't forget it and the kiss really meant something to her.
SHANNON: I'm confused; I thought you liked me.
She calls Brian to get his things.
Doctor's Surgery
Josh is just coming out from his appointment with Ruth, keen to get back to swimming. Susan arrives and sees Ruth and Sarah in reception. Karl comes out of his office, and Susan tells him she wants a word with him now. In private. Karl and Sarah exchange looks. In Karl's office:
KARL: This is a pleasant surprise; does it mean I'm not losing you for the week?
SUSAN: It's just something that we have to talk about.
SUSAN: That letter that you started but didn't finish.
KARL: A letter?
SUSAN: You've been keeping something from me.
KARL: No I haven't.
Karl looks really worried, and Susan looks furious.
SUSAN: Denial. A typical male response. Did you really think that I wouldn't find out?
Karl denies all knowledge of anything, ever, and Susan tells him that she cannot believe that he has managed to save Erinsborough High! Karl had a plan to speak to local professionals with kids, and she found the draft letter he wrote...
Karl interrupts her: he never sent the letter to anyone, he only wrote the draft. With Susan going away, there didn't seem any point, so he didn't take it any further. So now Susan's wondering who has saved the school...
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin introduces Josh to Toadie and Shannon, and explains that he's trying for the Olympic team for Sydney. Toadie is thrilled - he has a slot free on the Uni FM show this afternoon for an interview! Josh half agrees to it and Toadie is dead pleased.
Toadie tells Shannon he can pull this interview off really well.
Darren comes in to see Shannon and asks if they can talk in private.
Doctor's Surgery
Sarah asks Karl how Susan is, and Libby arrives to see Ruth, wondering if she or the PTA knows who saved Erinsborough High in the enrolment search. She doesn't, and suggests that she speaks to the parents who enrolled their kids instead.
The Coffee Shop
Josh agrees to the interview with Toadie, who promises to sell him really well on air. Caitlin says it will be fun.
TOADIE: Yes! Yes! You the man, you the man!
Lassiters Park
Darren says he doesn't blame Shannon for being upset, and he's really sorry it ended up this way...Shannon says she wanted a bit of respect. Darren knows he was a jerk.
Toadie tells Josh to hurry up for the interview, and Caitlin kisses him goodbye. Toadie spots Darren and Shannon chatting in the park, but is distracted by Josh who wants to get on with the interview.
Uni FM Studio
Toadie is doing his interview on air with Josh Hughes, from the Institute of Sport! His first question is about waxing off his body hair so that he's faster in the water. Toadie then starts appealing the female viewers, by offering a date with Josh as a prize...and Josh had no idea about that...!
Random Houses
Libby is interviewing parents and grandparents about enrolling their kids in Erinsborough High. She's getting nowhere, other than to know that the guy who canvassed them about enrolling has a broad Aussie accent, was charming, smartly dressed, in his early twenties, then not well dressed (he's a surfie), then young... She's getting nowhere.
Uni FM Studio
Toadie has had no calls about Josh's date. But then suddenly gets a call through and takes it. The female caller gives the answer to the question he was offering about swimming styles, and then wins the prize of a date.
Lou's Place
Libby is serving at the bar when Darren comes in. He wants to know if he's forgiven, even though he knows he doesn't deserve it; but he loves her. Libby smiles and gives in to a kiss. Toadie approaches the bar, and wonders if they caught his show earlier. He also asks Darren about his D&M with Shannon in the park, and Darren says that Shannon wants some shelves put up in her house.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin is having coffee with Josh, and although he's meant to be waiting for his date, she refuses to leave. She's not letting him date another woman!
Lou's Place
Sarah and Darren can't believe that Toadie set up Josh like that, and Karl arrives to have a drink. Sarah makes a quick exit. Karl asks his daughter if she's found the saviour of Erinsborough High, and Libby tells him no - no-one remembers this guy's name, but they all remember he talks passionately about the school.
Toadie suggests that this guy is just choosing his audience carefully - that's what he'd do. Karl thinks that if Toadie had ever had any passion for school, perhaps he should have used it when he was there...!
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin and Josh are still waiting but no-one has arrived. Josh thinks she won't turn up, but after a while, clicks that it was Caitlin who called the station. Caitlin goes to get up from the table to leave with him, but her chair tips back and she almost hits the floor - but Josh manages to catch her, for which she's grateful. Then:
CAITLIN: Hang on a minute; that's your bad shoulder...
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