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Neighbours Episode 3025 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3025
Australian airdate: 26/02/98
UK airdate: 25/06/98
UK Gold: 25/05/04
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Kenny Hyland: Jonathon Dutton
Johnny Winters: Shane Nicolson
Summary/Images by: Emily & Miriam
- Libby surprised that Lance is letting Amy go to the ball with Johnny.
- Lance deciding to go to the ball himself.
- Kenny (aka Tad) falling down a ravine on the scouting trip.
The Bush
Kenny lies still at the bottom of the ravine, not responding or moving. Harold decides to go down to help him, and orders Paul to get the rope from his bag. Paul is worried that Harold will fall, but knows he has to do it.
Number 22
Libby and Darren are bantering in the kitchen about what they will each wear to the uni ball tonight. They refuse to show each other their outfits, and Lou thinks Darren is playing with fire, not showing Lib his suit. Toadie and Darren both admit that they haven't got around to hiring suits, yet, and agree to get onto it immediately! They realise that all the students will be doing the same thing - what if they can't get a suit?!
The Bush
Harold is abseiling down the ravine to get to Kenny, and he orders Paul away from the edge of the ravine. He manages to get down successfully, and gets to Kenny who is conscious and in pain. Harry checks him out, and tells him to relax - Kenny is a very lucky boy for not being killed.
Number 22
Darren can't find anywhere that has a suit on the weekend of the uni ball! Lou offers to lend the boys a couple of his, and Darren accepts the offer because he has nothing better! Toadie doesn't think that one of Lou's suits will fit them, but they both recognise they have no choice.
Number 24
Paul is admiring Harry's amazing orienteering and rescue skills, telling Madge all about it, raving about it! Harold says that the Scouts have asked him to help out as assistant leader, and even Paul's happy with that idea. Harold thinks things have turned out really well - he's had a nice boost for his self-esteem, and as a result he *will* take the part-time job at Karl's surgery. Madge is pleased for her husband.
Number 28
Karl is concerned because Dahl flew into a lit candle during his romantic dinner with Susan.
KARL: Poor thing's terrified.
SUSAN: Well, I would be too if you had been stalking me for an hour.
KARL: You're not likely to be walking along the top of the pelmet, are you?
SUSAN: Leave her be and come back to the table.
KARL: She flew into a lit candle. I think it is beholden upon me to make sure she's okay.
SUSAN: And all this time you've been pretending to be a grumpy old man who doesn't care about anyone or anything.
KARL: Oh, don't start.
Karl orders Susan not to tell anyone he has a passing affection for the stupid bird. But she knows he loves the bird and the lamb - he's a big softie, and the dinner he's made for her proves it.
There's a knock at the door and Susan tells Karl to make them go away.
KARL: What if it's a child?
SUSAN: Do your grumpy old man and scare them away.
KARL: What if it's one of our children?
SUSAN: Ah, no - if it's one of ours you're going to have to let them in.
It's Harold, who barges in anyway, wondering if the part time job is still open. Karl hesitates and Susan jumps in to say that it's absolutely open. Karl makes faces at his wife, and Harold tells Karl he can take over where Marlene left off.
Harry starts to talk about the Scouts, and wonders if they could do something around teaching them First Aid. Karl readily agrees, and ushers Harry out the door.
SUSAN: Very good, darling. I've never seen you ruder.
KARL: You told me to get rid of him.
Karl tells Susan he has better things to do tonight - like strangle her for recruiting Harold into that job...! He pushes his face to hers with his hands on her neck, and giggling together, she grabs his face. Aw, cuteness.
Number 32
Lance opens the door to Amy who has decided to be extra nice to Lance for letting her go to the dance. He's cross - she woke him up! She like his pyjamas, though, and raves about the fact that Lance is such a great boyfriend who loves her, and trusts her. Lance is clearly feeling bad about his plan to go to the ball.
Coffee Shop
Toadie teaches Shannon how to use the Coffee machine, but admits there are no jobs available at the moment. Hannah arrives, as she's bored, but Toadie is quick to get her to leave, as he is 'pre-occupied' with Shannon. Toadie returns to behind the counter and asks Shannon if she's OK for that evening. She admits she doesn't have a dress, but Toadie let's slip that he didn't hire a suit, so they'll both look out of fashion together.
Darren arrives to see Libby as Karl and Susan prance around the house, remembering their disastrous days of dancing. Libby is glad to see Darren, but clearly nervous about the evenings plans. Darren comments that he'll be heading down the pub first, and tells her not to worry as Karl and Susan go leaping past!
Uni Ball
Libby is on the entrance desk as Amy arrives with her date. She takes their tickets and stamps their hands before asking if she saw Darren on the way. Amy comments they didn't and Libby looks thoughtful as they head on inside.
Inside, Amy spots Lance and worries that he doesn't trust her. Lance doesn't know how to explain.
Lou's Place
Shannon is all dressed up and waiting for the guys, who eventually show. Darren asks Lou how old the suit is, to which Lou reply's about 15 years. Darren worries what Libby will think as she's expecting a dinner suit. Toadie suggests they get in a round of drinks before the head off but Darren isn't keen. Toadie eventually persuades him on the basis that Libby will be busy organising.
Uni Ball
Lance admits that he was a bit worried, but comments that she looks wonderful in the dress. He tells her that he loves her but he'll stay out of his way for the evening.
On the entrance, Libby is relieved when Darren eventually shows up, but isn't impressed by his lateness or the suit. He admits that he didn't tell her earlier because he didn't want to upset her, but she tells him he has now, and she heads off. Darren is left wondering what to do.
Inside, Lance asks Amy for a dance much to the annoyance of her date. Lance admits that he can't ballroom dance so they agree to remain as they are.
Libby rushes over to Darren to ask him to dance, but he isn't keen. He comments that they can dance later on, but Libby doesn't seem impressed and disappears.
Karl and Susan appear to be playing strip poker and as Susan wins another round, Karl takes a sock off. Libby arrives home and fills her parents in on her disastrous night before heading off to bed. Karl comments that Libby should go away during the week, as that would make Darren more appreciative at the weekends. Susan isn't so sure on the idea, and hesitates dealing the next round of cards, now that Libby is home. Karl suggests they move locations - to the bedroom! They run off.
Uni Ball
Lance glees at Amy's date who is standing to the side looking miserable. Amy isn't so happy at the idea, but cheers up as her date is pulled onto the dance floor by another girl. Toadie comes to find them, having lost Shannon, he joins them in the dance.
Outside, Shannon finds Darren is sitting on the steps. He tells her Libby's gone home as he messed it up. He comments that he shouldn't have come, but Shannon tells him she's glad he did as they get on. They kiss.
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