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Neighbours Episode 3024 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3024
Australian airdate: 26/02/98
UK airdate: 24/06/98
UK Gold: 24/05/04
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Kenny Hyland: Jonathon Dutton
David Neilson: Geoffrey Gaskill
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Lance realises who Amy is going to the uni ball with.
Paul joins the Scouts and is told about an orienteering trip
Geoff reminds Ruth of the close friendship they used to have, but she reminds him that it was years ago.
Anne tries to talk to Ben about the incident, but he refuses to talk, and starts to get up and walk off. Ruth arrives back and offers him some help, but he declines and heads to the kitchen. Anne explains to Ruth how she was trying to help him after he fell over in the bathroom. Ruth suggests Anne gives him some time as he's still very fragile over the whole situation.
Harold 'the walking camping shop' arrives with an overload of stuff for the Scouting trip. Madge starts to look through what he's bought and suggests that maybe he won't need it all tomorrow for the trip. Harold informs her that both the rope and whistle are essential as the Scout motto is 'be prepared'. Paul looks mortified.
As Ruth and Anne enjoy their dinner, Geoff calls. He asks Ruth to give him another chance to apologise, by meeting him tomorrow for a drink. She takes his phone call as the apology and hangs up.
Karl starts explaining to Lib the nutritional fatness of avocado, but she is saved as Susan returns home from her trip. Libby asks how things are looking between Kim and Sarah, and she and Susan start chatting about her matchmaking. Libby comments that it'll stop her thinking about the man she can't have. Susan asks what Karl reckons to it all, but he's too busy laying the table.
Madge encourages Paul to eat up his breakfast as he'll need all the strength he can get for the orienteering. Paul admits he's a bit nervous about it, but he has done it before at school. He worries how enthusiastic Harold is going to be.
MADGE: He's promised he won't go over the top.
Cue Harold walking in, very much 'over the top'. Complete with kit, cheery smile and a bounce in his step. As Paul goes to get his stuff together, Madge is surprised to see Harold has got all the uniform on too.
MADGE: Oh you do jump in at the deep end don't you? What about Paul?
HAROLD: Oh, he can have his uniform when he learns his promise and laws, and passes all his tests.
MADGE: I used to say I loved a man in uniform. Now I'm not so sure.
Lance is all dressed up to try and persuade Amy to go with him to the ball. Ben enters the living room as Lance heads out the door. Anne offers him breakfast, but he declines. Ruth agrees to a coffee, and sits down to chat with Ben, who claims he feels awful. She asks that he be nice to Anne as she's only trying to help.
BEN: It's embarrassing, having people help you all the time. Especially when you are slipping all over the place.
RUTH: You know it must have been awkward for her to. She only did what she did because she cares for you. It's not fair to hold that against her.
BEN: I don't want to be a burden.
RUTH: You are not a burden. We're your family, we care for you.
They hug and he thanks her, admitting that he should've said it a while ago. Ruth advises that he says the same to Anne.
BEN: You're right as usual; I must get that trait from you. Sensible and rational, and never moody or stubborn.
RUTH: Can I get that in writing?
Coffee Shop
Lance helps Amy into her seat and admits he's trying to impress her as Johnny is after her, and wants to ask her out. Amy points out that Johnny only said that because he was in front of his friends, but Lance isn't convinced. Libby arrives and mentions how Amy is going with Johnny to the ball. Everyone knows Johnny as he works at the uni bar. Lance looks even more concerned.
Harold is busy trying to do the right thing as Scout leader Wombat is explaining what is going to happen with the orienteering. Kenny, Harold and Paul are to work as a team. As Harold goes to get the instructions, Kenny doesn't seem overly impressed with Harry's nerdiness!
Lance arrives back, annoyed at Johnny. He wonders if punching him would be the best option, but Ben suggests that it may not be exactly the right move to make.
Paul is leading their group through the bush to try and find the next marker. Harold wonders if perhaps he should be the one with the compass but Kenny tells him Paul is doing fine. Harold stops to take a stone out of his shoe, but Kenny encourages Paul to continue on through the bush.
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan arrive for a meal to give the girls a bit of space back at home to discuss their uni ball outfits.
Ruth and Geoff are sitting over at the other table. Ruth explains that she is there purely for Ben's sake. She admits that hanging up the phone on him was harsh, but things have changed between them since the last time.
GEOFF: If you weren't in a relationship, I'd be tempted to try again.
RUTH: But I am in a relationship, and even if I wasn't...
She admits she can't stop him from seeing Ben, but that she doesn't want anything to do with him.
The boys are starting to leave 'Harry' behind. He yells at them to wait, and reminds Kenny that he's Harold not Harry, but the boys spot a wallaby and run after it. They soon loose track of the wallaby and start to head back to find Harold.
Anne and Ben agree that there are no hard feelings between them and forgive one another for the incident. Lance walks in all dressed in a suit and announces he's decided to go to the ball, mainly to see that Amy and Johnny don't get up to anything. Anne isn't so sure Amy will be impressed, but Lance sees it that she won't mind if she has nothing to hide.
Paul and Kenny are re-tracing their steps to try and find Harold, but it is only through the use of Harold and his whistle that they find him again. He yells at them for running off and asks if they know where they are. Kenny admits that he doesn't so Harold takes over the map reading and compass.
Lance gets stuck trying to get out of his smart shirt, as there is a knock on the door. Ben points out that he'll have to answer it, as it'll take himself two hours to get there. It turns out to be Geoff who has come to tell Ben that although things haven't worked out between him and Ruth as he'd hoped they would, he doesn't want to spoil things between the two of them.
The group come across a drop in the bush. As Paul gets the map out of the bag, Kenny spots a lizard and goes to take a look, but instead falls off the edge and lands down below.
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