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Neighbours Episode 3023 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3023
Australian airdate: 25/02/98
UK airdate: 23/06/98
UK Gold: 21/05/04
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Johnny Winters: Shane Nicolson
Mervyn Bush: David McLean
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Ruth begging Ben to come and stay with her.
- Ruth telling Phil that Ben will be staying with her, and asks him to put some handrails up for her son.
- Geoff telling Ruth he'd like to get to know her again.
The Coffee Shop
Amy, Lance and Anne are having a drink, when Johnny comes in - a friend of Amy's brother. He asks to speak to Amy in private. Anne says that he and Amy seem pretty chummy, and Lance isn't very happy about it.
Number 32
Ruth and Geoff are off to pick up Ben from the hospital, but Geoff wants to talk - he thinks Ruth looks really nice. She tells them their relationship was a long time ago; she's in love with Philip, and engaged to him. Geoff doesn't seem to accept this answer and asks her: does she feel absolutely nothing for him anymore? She doesn't really answer, because Phil arrives to put up some safety bars in the bathroom and on the back step. She asks him if he'd like to go with them, and he agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is staring at Johnny and Amy chatting, and quickly looks away as they get up to leave. Johnny cracks a joke at Lance on the way out, and Amy concedes that he wanted to ask her to the uni ball, and she's accepted. Lance cannot believe she said yes!
LANCE: What are you? Dial a date?!
Amy doesn't get the big deal, because it will be a great night out. She's known Johnny since she was a kid, and it's nothing more than that.
Erinsborough Hospital
Phil and Ruth are chatting to Ben, and Geoff comes in with a wheelchair to take Ben to the car. Ben is furious - he wants to walk by himself, but Karl comes in and demands he use the wheelchair because it's hospital policy. He doesn't want the hospital sued if Ben falls! Ben finally gives in, and gets in the chair.
The Coffee Shop
Lance reminds Amy that they are together, and he doesn't want her to go to the ball with Johnny. Amy thinks that he's being stupid, and tells him that there's nothing going on with Johnny. Lance doesn't trust the man, but Amy retorts that Lance has an overactive imagination. She's done nothing wrong, and she doesn't intend to. It's a free world, after all.
Number 24
Harold is playing charades with Hannah and Paul, and trying to act out a book. His acting is *hilarious* and Madge stares on, cynically. Paul and Hannah look completely vacant.
HARRY: Brrooooommmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Bye bye!
He creeps across the room like a dinosaur.
HARRY: Whooooooshhhhh!!!! SSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Hannah and Paul stare some more.
HARRY: Do you get it? Do you get it?
They really don't. I do - it's Gone With the Wind.
HARRY: Shall I tell them Madge?
MADGE: Depends how much time you want to kill. It's been ten minutes already.
HARRY: Gone With the Wind. You see? Gone... Brrrooooooommmmmmmmmm! With the Whooooooooooossssshhhhhhhhh! You got it, didn't you Madge?
MADGE: Sorry love, I'm afraid your charade skills are slipping.
Madge, Hannah and Paul don't want to play anymore, and Hannah goes home to do her homework. Harold realises he's late for his Coffee Shop shift, but wants to look after Madge; she demands he leave immediately, clearly tired of his being there and driving her crazy.
Paul is bored, and Madge suggests that he take up a hobby and join a group - the Scouts! He could abseil with them, hike, take up rafting. Paul thinks about it and agrees to check it out.
Number 32
Ruth and Geoff force Ben to practise walking with his frame, and is cross to learn that Phil is putting some safety bars up in the bathroom. Karl backs up Ruth and Phil, saying that although Ben feels fine, his body could give up at any moment, and they have to play it safe. Ben goes off to see his room on his own, refusing help.
The Coffee Shop
Paul asks Harry about the Scout troop in Erinsborough, and his foster dad is pleased that he's thinking of joining up with them. Harold tells him that he'll take him to the Scout hut later to introduce him to the group.
As Paul leaves, Anne and Lance arrive, and Lance needs advice from his sister. Is he doing the right thing by letting her go to ball with Johnny? Anne agrees with Lance; Amy is being unfaithful by doing to a uni ball with another guy - it's a date. Anne thinks he should reassess his relationship with their friend.
Number 32
Phil and Ruth do the kissy kissy goodbye thing, and Ruth thanks him for his help. Ruth sits with Geoff, who wants to talk to her, but she's reluctant.
GEOFF: There's no point acting like you just don't want to be near me.
RUTH: I'm not acting!!
Ruth says she hardly knows Geoff. He takes her hand, and she pulls away, telling him that Ben needs her, and they are in the past. Bringing their relationship up again is ridiculous.
Scout Hut
Harold brings Paul in and introduces him to the Scout leader. Paul asks about the activities they do - camping, rafting and rock climbing. The Scout leader goes to get some pamphlets about the organisation. On the wall is a picture of Harold who used to be a Scout leader with the group, and Harry proudly shows it off to Paul.
HARRY: Not bad, eh? Not bad at all. Indiana Bishop.
The Coffee Shop
Anne leaves Lance to chat to Amy alone when she arrives, and makes her way out the shop. Amy tells Lance she feels no guilt about the uni ball at all, and Lance also refuses to back down - she's going on a date with another man. If she doesn't back down, it's over. "See ya," says Amy.
The Scout Hut
Paul seems pleased with the Scout offering, and the leader tells him they're going orienteering tomorrow - and Paul could be involved if he likes. Harold thinks it's a terrific idea! The Scout leader chats with Harold about his previous role in the Scouts, and asks him if he wants to be involved again. Harry says no - but then realises he hadn't actually thought about it. He wanted to introduce Paul. The Scout leader suggests that Harold comes along as an experienced helper.
Paul looks mortified.
The Coffee Shop
Lance chases Amy in to the Coffee Shop, apologising, and begging her to talk to him about it. She thinks he's immature and reasonable, and that there's nothing to talk about - she's just doing a favour for a friend. But she agrees that if Lance can't see it that way, then she'll pull out. She'll tell Johnny that Lance is insecure and can't cope.
Of course, Lance hates this idea - and then backtracks on his previous statement! He's not against her going to the ball, but he wants to be the one to go with her.
AMY: Lance, I love you. Believe me.
She says she can't let Johnny down, now, and because she and Lance have something special because he trusts her. And she won't let him down.
Number 24
Harry practises his tuba, and Madge asks Paul about the Scouting thing. Paul isn't so enthusiastic now, because Harold went with him to sign up. Madge wants to know what happened, and Paul explains that Harry keeps pushing into the things that he's involved in. Madge tells Paul that Harold really does know his stuff, and will do his best on the orienteering tomorrow.
The Coffee Shop
Johnny orders a pizza. Ruth comes in Phil is surprised to see her - she joins him for a coffee. Lance comes in to get some money from the juke box, and his mum reprimands him for leaving Ben alone with Geoff - they all have to take some responsibility in looking after his brother.
As Lance goes to the juke box, Johnny follows him, taunting him over his date with Amy. He tells Lance that he's waited to date Amy for a long time.
Phil is concerned that Ruth isn't okay, but she says she's fine.
Number 32
Ben is in the bath, struggling to get out. His vision goes blurry, and he falls out. Anne hears him and asks if he's okay. Ben asks where Lance is - or anyone other than Anne - but when he learns there's no-one there, he refuses her help; he's not decent. Anne goes in the bathroom regardless and puts a towel over him.
He screams at her to get out, humiliated and embarrassed.
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