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Neighbours Episode 3022 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3022
Australian airdate: 24/02/98
UK airdate: 19/06/98
UK Gold: 20/05/04
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Craig Richards: Cristin Daniel
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Geoff suggests looking for a new house so he can look after Ben when he comes home.
- Caitlin takes the day off school; and in a pillow fight, hurts Josh.
- Toadie has an idea for Uni FM - and Craig steals it on air.
Number 22
Toadie is on the phone to speak to the radio station manager, Bruce. It doesn't sound like the manager cares, too much. Toadie is upset that it's stolen, and Lou tries to help Toadie see another perspective. Phil tells Toadie not to give his promo tapes out in future, and Toadie storms out, cross.
Number 32
Geoff turns up at Ruth's and tells her that he's just spent four hours looking at flats - and he's found a couple. Ruth tells him that Ben's allowed home in the morning, and that their son is excited. She thinks Ben should come and live with her - after all, she's a qualified physio, too. Geoff is in agreement with her. Ruth is surprised at his reasonableness.
There's a knock at the door, and it's Caitlin and Josh. She asks Ruth if she can take Josh to the hospital, and Ruth takes a look at it - it looks dislocated, and Ruth says she'll pop it back into place! Ouch! With no gas and air, either!
Erinsborough Hospital
Sarah has come to see Ben, and has brought him a crossword book to do. Ben tells that he's coming home tomorrow morning, and Sarah's really thrilled for him; Ben's clearly expecting to move back into number 30, and is looking forward to it. Sarah says they've all missed him, including Bob. Ben asks after Sarah's love life and troubles, and she says she's okay.
Number 22
Darren and Libby come home, and see Toadie listening to his personal stereo, really fed up. Lou tells them about his problem with Shannon. Lib tries to cheer her semi-brother up by asking him about uni; she encourages him not to miss it, as that's what she did last year and she failed. He gets cross with her.
Darren tells Toadie to go and have a sleep, and Toad apologises to Libby.
Lassiters Lake
Darren is playing with Louise by the lake, and Brian and Shannon come up to him. Shannon asks after Toadie, and Darren says that he's pretty upset about what happened between them. She thinks that maybe she should go round and see him; Darren thinks that it would be a good idea.
Number 32
Josh, Cait, Geoff and Ruth are in the lounge, and Ruth tells Josh to rest his arm and do some physio. He'll be out of the pool for two weeks, and Simon will be really mad with them. Geoff offers Josh a lift home which he accepts, and Ruth reminds him to come back to the surgery for physio on his arm.
As they all leave, Phil arrives and kisses Ruth. She tells him the good news about Ben coming home tomorrow to stay with her, and asks Phil to help her put up some handrails in the bathroom.
The Coffee Shop
Darren and Louise are having milkshakes, when Shannon and Brian join them. He asks her if she's been to see Toadie, and she says she will - she gave him the wrong impression but she just doesn't know what to say. Darren knows Toadie would love to see her, and Shannon admits she isn't very good at saying sorry.
Number 30
Josh turns up with his arm in a sling; it's still really painful. Sarah asks how he is. Caitlin says that Simon knew about it when she went to training, but he didn't tear strips off her, and Josh tells her that's because he didn't tell Simon she was involved. Josh says his dad is going to be furious with him - a failure is a failure, and that's it. He doesn't know if he'll be better for the next competition.
Number 22
Lou asks a miserable Toadie whether or not Craig will do Toadie's competition again tonight, but he doesn't know. There's a knock at the door, and it's Shannon and Brian to speak to Toadie. Darren subtly suggests taking Lolly and Brian upstairs to look at Lolly's toys - with Lou. Why don't Shannon and Toadie just go up there?!? Silly me - no set.
Anyway. It's all awkward between them, and Toadie says it's good to see her, admitting he was upset about what happened. He apologises for being a total sleaze, and she apologises for what happened. She's not used to being friends with guys and she didn't mean to give out the wrong signals.
They cutely agree to go to the ball together as mates.
Erinsborough Hospital
Geoff and Ruth go in to see Ben, wondering how he'll feel about going to stay with his mum. Ruth asks Ben to come and stay with her - she's a physio, and then Geoff will be on hand when she's not there.
Ben wants to go to his home, but Ruth points out that Sarah and Cait can't be there all the time. Ben retorts back that he's not a cripple, but Ruth insists that he have someone with him. Plus, Anne and Lance are thrilled that he might live with them. Ben thinks it's weird; his real mum and dad on his back. He never thought that would happen!
Uni FM Studio
Toadie comes in as Craig is DJing, and Craig's not happy, at all. Craig mocks the fact that he stole Toadie's idea, and doesn't care about it. Craig says that he's the Head DJ round here, so Toadie should respect him - he's going to speak to Bruce about Toad's behaviour. He then runs Toadie's quiz again, and plugs Lou's Place at the same time. Toadie is simply furious.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben is telling his little sister and Sarah that he's not coming home, and that he will stay at Ruth's for a couple of weeks. Cait is really upset, and Sarah tries to smooth things over by suggesting that Ruth is a professional, and can manage Ben's needs better. He tells Caitlin he's stuck with it, and will come straight home once he's proved to Ruth and Geoff that he can deal with this without them.
Caitlin concedes.
Uni FM studio
Craig starts to play Toadie's CDs - the Peter Andre one! Toadie is really annoyed, now - why is Craig taking everything of his and not working out his own programme? Craig claims that there's no point wasting time preparing and programme for the uni station because it's a stupid, out of date studio, and nothing more than a springboard to something better.
As he rants on, Toadie hits the On-Air button, broadcasting Craig's thoughts far and wide...
CRAIG: It's not a real radio station; it's just a cheap imitation.
TOADIE: And it doesn't particularly bother you that you play the same songs over and over?
CRAIG: It doesn't matter, mate. The audience are brain dead.
TOADIE: Sounds to me like you've got some real contempt for the audience.
CRAIG: No, that's not contempt. Face the facts, man. Nothing here matters, no-one of any significance listens in, only morons across the band.
Toadie quickly grabs the mike and declares that this is what Craig thinks of his listeners, and Craig is mortified to find out he was on-air.
Number 22
Toadie returns home to grab some sleep before he goes on air. Darren and Lou want to know what happened today - and Toadie gives them the low down. He's convinced that Craig will be out by the end of the day and, of course, Toadie will be given his job!!
He's also pleased because he's going to the ball with Shannon.
Number 32
Geoff wants to pick up Ben with Ruth, and she's running a bit late, as she had Phil round last night. Geoff tells her that he's got a flat nearby, and that he plans to stay around for quite a long time, as he and his ex-wife had a messy divorce last year and they need their distance.
And Ben's not the only reason he wants to stick around.
GEOFF: I'd just like to get to know you again...
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