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Neighbours Episode 3027 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3027
Australian airdate: 03/03/98
UK airdate: 29/06/98
UK Gold: 27/05/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Geoff telling Ruth that if she wasn't in a relationship he'd want to try again; Ruth telling him she is in a relationship.
Libby asking Ruth who is responsible for the enrolment surge at Erinsborough High, then asking parents of the new students.
Caitlin realising Josh's shoulder is okay...
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin wants to know what's going on with Josh's arm. He tells her he's in agony most of the time, but she doesn't believe it for one second - he caught her, and yet hasn't even been going to training because of it. He admits that it's not that bad, and that he could have gone back to training. But he needs a break from swimming, from the expectations, from the Institute... Caitlin thinks that's fair enough, but his parents just want him to do well. Josh tells her that his parents want him to be the best.
He says the injury is real, but it's not as bad as he's telling everyone.
Number 32
Anne, Ben and Lance are chatting in the lounge, and Ruth is on the phone to Geoff in the hallway - she's been in a bad mood all night, apparently. Ruth tells Geoff she doesn't want him over tonight, she's seeing Phil. She loses her rag with him, despite his persistence (he really doesn't give up). Anne and Lance take some recycling stuff outside, and Ben comments to Ruth in private that he knows what's going on with her and Geoff. Ruth tells her son that she can handle Geoff, and that Ben needs a relationship with his dad.
Regardless, Ben thinks it would be best if he moved back in with Sarah and Caitlin - he needs his independence, plus he can see Geoff as much as he likes without Ruth getting upset. He doesn't think it's working out, living with her, and until his mum and dad figure out where they stand with each other, he's stuck in the middle.
Number 26
Ruth turns up to see Phil - she needs someone to talk to. She confides the reasons why Ben wants to move back to number 30, but says she doesn't want her son to leave. At the same time, she's not comfortable with Geoff being around there all the time.
She and Phil banter for a while and have a little kiss and cuddle, and all is right again in the world of the Martin-Wilkinsons.
Lou's Place
Libby is telling Toadie about the mystery saviour of Erinsborough High. He's crafty, intelligent, a great salesman, and maybe an ex-student. Toadie is very unhelpful, saying her description narrows him down to about 40,000 people. Libby wonders if Toadie knows this bloke, but the Toad denies all knowledge - they're wasting their time trying to find someone who doesn't want to be discovered.
Libby suddenly clicks - it's Toadie!!!! He refuses to sit here and listen to this and leaves - he thinks Libby's nuts! But Libby knows she's right and is very proud of herself for working it out!
Number 32
Anne and Lance leave for school, saying goodbye to Ben, but Ruth stops them. She has something to say to them all about Geoff: she apologises for being tense recently. She'd like Geoff to be able to come over whenever he wants to see Ben, as long as Geoff keeps the past out of their conversations. Ben is pleased. The family banter together about breakfast.
Number 22
Libby wants a photo for her story, and Toadie threatens to sue for libel. She insists that he's the saviour, and wants to immortalise him in the paper as someone who's a defender of education. She doesn't get why he doesn't want to do a photo, and threatens to call Angie instead, for a baby photo, as that will really embarrass Toadie. He threatens to report her to the Press Council.
LIBBY: Are you going to co-operate, butt boy?
Number 32
Ruth answers the door to Geoff who's here to see Ben. She's late for work, and rushing to get ready, and Geoff chats with his son.
Caitlin and Josh chat about training, and Cait says that Simon was asking after Josh, how he was and when he's going back to the pool. She doesn't know how he's going to keep this pretence up, and thinks that he should keep his fitness levels up, or he will suffer in the long run.
Simon runs into Josh and Cait, telling them that he's here to see Ruth about Josh's physio - there must be something he can do to get better more quickly?? Simon walks off, and Caitlin thinks Josh should come clean to Simon and his parents. But Josh says his parents are really pushy, and he needs the breathing space.
Doctor's Surgery
Simon turns up to speak to Ruth about Josh...isn't there something about patient confidentiality here?! He wonders if there is anything that can be done to exercise Josh's shoulder, yet? Ruth says she advised Josh to exercise as soon as possible, and Simon reveals that Josh gave him a different story...
A Grassy Knoll
Toadie is wandering aimlessly, and Libby runs up to him - she doesn't understand why he's being so shy about all this, and he says he didn't do it for the publicity - he did it to save a really good school. Whatever Libby publishes, he's going to deny it. Libby really doesn't understand why Toadie is avoiding the limelight, and she just wants to know the reason why.
TOADIE: It's for your olds.
LIBBY: I'm sorry?
TOADIE: The muck up day pranks. They put up with a lot whilst I was at your house.
LIBBY: Yeah, well they weren't the only ones.
TOADIE: Yeah, well, whatever. They were really decent to me.
Lib and Toadie banter about his role in their family.
TOADIE: Anyway, it was just my way of saying sorry for the way I messed up on muck up day.
Toadie insists that she publish nothing - it meant a lot to Mrs K, and he doesn't want her to know, he doesn't want her to think he was bigging himself up in front of her.
Number 32
Ben and Geoff are playing cards, but Ben is losing by two million, four hundred thousand dollars. Geoff suggests they go out to the pub and grab a drink, but Ben's not keen - his get up and go got up and went. Geoff thinks his sitting around all day will make him feel worse, but Geoff persists and persists, and won't let it go, not sensing Ben's discomfort. Ben refuses.
Geoff thinks Ben is feeling sorry for himself, and accuses him of wallowing before trying to get him to the pub again. Ben finally concedes, and says half an hour only.
Number 22
Libby knocks at the door, and Toadie answers. She takes a picture of Toadie as soon as he does so. She is going to write the story, end of, and there will be enough time to tell Karl and Susan before she prints the article. She thinks her parents will be really proud of him.
Number 32
Ben and Geoff return home, joking about the walking frame. Ben thanks his dad for getting him out of the house.
Geoff says he has one more challenge for his son - he wants him to watch the car crash on video. Ben really doesn't want to, he's not ready for it, yet. Geoff thinks that seeing what happened to him is a good idea, see how he survived. Ben is looking quite scared, and really doesn't want to.
Geoff presses 'play' on the VCR anyway, and Ben - watching - begs his dad to turn it off, screaming at him to stop it. Ruth comes home, and grabs Ben protectively, shouting at Geoff.
Geoff is sorry, he thought Ben was ready, but Ruth angrily tells him he was wrong.
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