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Neighbours Episode 3017 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3017
Australian airdate: 17/02/98
UK airdate: 12/06/98
UK Gold: 13/05/04
Writer: Kier Shorey
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Ned Turner: Edward Lyons
Carol Maitland: Helen Trenos
Craig Richards: Cristin Daniel
Andy Becker: Russel C Bedford
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Toadie begging Lou to give him the helmet.
Toadie stealing the helmet.
Lib and Darren setting up Sarah on a blind date.
Sarah, Lib and Darren waiting for Andy who is about to come into the pub.
Lou's Place
Andy arrives and seems quite pleased at Sarah being there - he tells her that she's very wow! He asks her if she comes here often, and an embarrassed Darren drags Andy to the bar. Libby tells Sarah to give him a chance.
Number 32
Ruth has changed, ready to go out, and Phil seems unhappy. Ruth asks what's wrong, and Phil tells her that she thinks it should be her and Geoff tonight, to talk about Ben on their own. Ruth says she wants Phil there, but he thinks it's her business, about the past, and it is better if he's not around. He kisses her and leaves.
Number 22
Toadie is telling Lolly and Brian about his adventures of stealing the helmet! He's acting it out at the same time, and Shannon laughs at him. Lou comes into the room, scaring Toadie out of his skin, and demands to know where the helmet is - he wants it back. Toadie says he can't give it back, he's only borrowed it, and he promises to give it back to Lou in one piece.
After all, if Toadie has the helmet, then it will be well looked after; another uni student might not be so careful...! Plus, Toadie could give Lou's Place some free plugs on air. Lou is pleased about that!
Number 28
Karl is cooking, and Susan is pouring the wine that Lou recommended to her. They flirt over the drinks, and Susan says she's glad Kim is driving tomorrow.
SUSAN: I can sleep in the car.
KARL: Oh. Planning a late one, are we?!
SUSAN: Oooh, it's possible. What do you think?
KARL: This is what I think...
Karl goes to the dresser and pulls out a present he's bought, and she's really touched. It's a black lacy negligee, and Susan thinks they will be having a late night after all...! Karl takes the empty box from her.
SUSAN: So who is she?
KARL: Pardon?
SUSAN: The other woman.
KARL: What?
SUSAN: Well, husbands only buy lingerie if they're having an affair, don't they?
Karl can't tell if she's serious or not, and tries to laugh it off. Susan looks almost angry.
SUSAN: You've got *nothing* you want to confess??
KARL: Yeah. Yeah, I took the last chocolate biscuit.
KARL: I can't keep anything from you!
SUSAN: Nothing! Not a thing!
Oh, dear.
Karl wonders if the negligee fits, and Susan suggests she go try it on...
Lou's Place
Darren, Lib, Sarah and Andy are playing pool. Geoff joins Ruth at her table, and asks after Phil. Ruth explains that Phil thinks they should talk, and Geoff thinks Phil is a decent bloke to let them do that.
Back at the pool table, Andy and Sarah are winning by miles, and Darren and Libby are miserable they're losing so go to get drinks. Chatting away, Andy and Sarah realise that Darren and Libby have both spun them stories that the other one has just broken up from serious relationships. They're not happy.
Number 28
Libby is telling her mum the story of Andy and Sarah both realising they've been set up. Susan is packing her clothes to return back to Wangaratta. Karl comes out the bedroom, and passes Susan her toiletry bag.
Kim arrives for Susan, and Karl takes her bag to the car. Just outside the door he runs into Sarah who asks for a lift to work. Inside the house, Libby apologises to Sarah for the night before, but Sarah and Kim are more distracted by each other. Susan stands between them both, amused - and you can see just how short Jackie is in comparison.
Embarrassed at being caught out, Kim leaves with Susan; Lib comments to Sarah that Kim was checking her out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben is having a physio session and finding it very difficult, becoming very frustrated and upset when he can't do it. Geoff watches his son from the door, and Ben apologises to his physio for shouting.
Number 22
Toadie tells Lou to wish him luck as he leaves for uni; he really wants the Uni FM position. He promises to look after Lou's helmet with his life! Lou doesn't want a scratch on it!
There's a knock at the door, and it's Carol, here to see Lou - it's been a long time since they've seen each other. He invites her in, just as Toadie leaves.
Lou asks Carol if she's here to audit him, but she laughs: this is a personal visit.
Erinsborough Hospital
Geoff suggests to his son that he shouldn't give up the physio. Ben tells him that he's fed up, and it's too late for Geoff's fatherly advice. Geoff tells him that he won the Commonwealth medal (that Ben found in his room after his accident) so he knows about working hard to achieve physical goals. Ben tells his dad to take the medal back, but Geoff wants Ben to have it.
Erinsborough Uni
Toadie tells Shannon that he needs her here to listen to him win the scavenger hunt! The Uni FM guy comes out and announces Toadie's win, and says that he'll be taking over the graveyard shift.
Number 26
Ruth is at Phil's house, and trying to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about with regards to her relationship with Geoff. Phil says that in the past she's always rubbished Geoff for what he did to her; but now he's around she thinks he's a top bloke! Phil thinks she's changed her mind too easily, and he's worried he's losing her. Ruth admits she doesn't say it often enough: she loves him. Phil doesn't seem too at ease with this.
Number 22
Carol and Lou are chatting on the sofa. Carol apologises for not returning his calls, and admits that she was scared of starting a relationship with someone when she'd have to bring up his young daughter. She already has grown up kids of her own.
Carol says that she has had a couple of relationships since Lou, but they haven't worked out. She wishes she hadn't backed off when she did, and she's come to realise that the most important thing is to be with someone who makes her happy, and everything else will fall into place. That someone is Lou.
Erinsborough Uni
Toadie is sorting out songs for his DJ shift. Uni FM guy comes in and asks what he's doing; Toadie says he's preparing, but Uni FM guy tells him that no-one will be listening because it's a graveyard shift. Meanly, he orders them out of his studio.
Ramsay Street
Karl has driven Sarah home. He asks her if she's okay; she doesn't look very happy. Karl says she seems distracted, and Sarah admits that the blind date thing embarrassed her. Karl thinks she should go on another date with Andy if she likes him.
Sarah confesses that she's in love with someone else.
KARL: Yeah, well, um - why don't you follow up with this other person?
SARAH: I can't.
KARL: Why's that?
SARAH: Because the person I'm in love with is you.
Dum dum dum!
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