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Neighbours Episode 3016 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3016
Australian airdate: 16/02/98
UK airdate: 11/06/98
UK Gold: 12/05/04
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Ned Turner: Edward Lyons
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Sarah telling Ben she's in love with a married man.
Darren giving Libby a motorbike; Susan being thrilled by it.
Ben learning that Geoff is his father and getting very upset, sitting up and lunging at him
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben tells Ruth that he doesn't want to see Geoff again, and is cross that his nurse and Ruth are talking about him whilst he's there. The nurse and Ruth are amazed that Ben managed to sit up in order to lunge at Geoff; he's taken his first steps towards getting better.
Ruth tries to placate Ben over Geoff, but Ben is adamant he wants nothing to do with his biological father. He already has a real dad who brought him up, played cricket with him and built him a treehouse.
Ruth asks Ben to think about it some more.
Ramsay Street
Darren takes Susan on the bike, and she absolutely LOVES it, throwing her arms in the air. Karl isn't happy about it, and thinks she's advocating dangerous driving. Hell's Angel Kennedy hops off the bike, and Karl refuses a go. Toadie likes the bike, too, but has come over to advertise the scavenger hunt for uni...the prize is a permanent shift at Uni FM!
Lib tells him the prize is the graveyard shift - the uni can't get anyone to fill it.
Susan doesn't care - she wants another ride on the bike!
LIBBY: Hey - whose bike is it?
SUSAN: One go, Libby, just one go! One go.
KARL: Am I the only sane person on this street?
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben lies in bed, Geoff and Ruth outside his door. Geoff thinks he should leave and come back in a couple of days, but Ruth thinks that Ben might not change his mind about this, ever. She agrees to try and talk to Ben about it, but she's never seen him like this before. Geoff says this isn't how he hoped it would be.
Lou's Place
Toadie is telling Lou about the scavenger hunt - he wants the helmet from Lou's pub! It's worth 500 points! Lou looks at the list, and thinks it's very interesting. Lou thinks he owes Toadie one - now he knows that half of the uni will be after the helmet and he'll lock it up!
Erinsborough Hospital
Sarah is visiting Ben and he asks her about her mystery romance. She wishes she hadn't said anything, and finally admits that she met him at work...one of the patients. Her mystery man doesn't want anything to do with her. Ben says if it's over, why can't she tell him? What's his first name.
Sarah admits: it's Karl. Karl Kennedy.
Ben is shocked.
Number 28
Susan thinks she should have a motorbike of her own, they come in very handy. Karl is not amenable to the idea.
SUSAN: Imagine if I had one of my own.
KARL: Oh, please, keep imagining. If I wanted a bikey for a wife, I would have married one.
SUSAN: Oh that's not very nice. What's wrong with bikies?
KARL: I didn't say there was anything wrong with them...
And so the banter continues whilst Lib answers the door. It's Kim, Susan's housemate. Susan introduces him.
KIM: I'm the one living in sin with your wife.
Karl doesn't seem too pleased about it, and Susan asks him to stay for dinner. Susan and Libby chat in the kitchen, and Libby thinks Karl will be jealous. Susan doesn't think it for one second, but Lib reminds her mum that Karl doesn't take jokes like that very well. Susan looks thoughtful.
Erinsborough Hospital
Sarah tells Ben she didn't mean to fall for Karl, but Ben tells her it's hopeless and dangerous. The Kennedys live next door, and Libby is one of Sarah's best mates. Sarah wishes she had said nothing, and Ben reminds her about Billy, and Susan.
SARAH: I'd never hurt Susan!
Oh, yeah, right. Whatever.
Sarah says it's over, and Ben tells her they should never have kissed in the first place. He tells her to be very careful.
Lou's Place
Lou's phone rings and it's a 'customer' saying he's left some gold cufflinks at the pub that the bartender has put aside so he can collect them tomorrow. Lou twigs that this is Toadie playing a prank. He plays along. As he pretends to go locate the cufflinks, Toadie creeps up to the bar to take the helmet, but Lou has wired an alarm up to it, and it goes off!
Lou tells Toadie he won't get the helmet and orders him out!
The Kennedy House o Love
Kim is telling everyone that Susan has charmed everyone at the school - Karl says that's right, she's starting off gently, lulling them into a false sense of security before getting out the big guns! Susan says that Karl would like schools to be Dickensian work houses!
Kim says that Susan has seen her naked. Karl is not happy. Susan explains the bathroom thing where she walked in and saw him by accident. She wants Darren to come up and put a lock on the bathroom. Karl tries to join in the joviality.
Ramsay Street
Toadie has collected 'stuff' for the scavenger hunt.
Number 22
Darren can't believe that Lou has lent Toadie his car for the scavenger hunt. Lou says he feels guilty because he refused to lend him the helmet. But Lou sees him putting Dahl in there, and immediately storms out.
Ramsay Street
Lou tells Toadie that he can't put a bird in the car. And then he sees Cassie. Furious, Lou tells him he wants the car keys back! Toadie begs, but to no avail.
Number 32
Phil is at Ruth's, wondering if they can have dinner tonight at the pub. Ruth agrees. There's someone at the door, and it's Geoff; Ruth invites him in. Geoff tells Phil that he owes him an apology, and says to Ruth that he's leaving. He's heading back home because Ben doesn't want to know him. Geoff thinks Ben should concentrate on his rehab, and says goodbye to Ruth.
Erinsborough Hospital
Darren and Libby are visiting Ben, who suggests that they set Sarah up with someone to cheer her up and help her move on from her mystery man. Darren knows someone, and Ben asks him to get a blind date sorted. Libby agrees, in complete ignorance that the mystery man is her dad.
Number 28
Sarah comes round to see Lib and Darren who ask her a favour; Darren's mate Andy has split up with his girlfriend and is lonely, so will she go on a date with him? Sarah refuses, she won't be good company. Susan agrees with her daughter - Sarah might get on with Andy! Karl looks on, uncomfortable.
Lou's Place
The girls and Darren wait for Andy. Toadie comes in with cutters, severs the alarm, and steals the helmet!
Erinsborough Hospital
Ben's sitting up in a chair, when Geoff arrives. He tells Ben that he's leaving. Ben calls out to him: if he knew Ruth was pregnant, why did he leave her, and why didn't he think about the baby, about him? Geoff asks to come in, and tells him the story from his point of view. He panicked when he heard Ruth was having a baby, and he retreated for a while. Then Ruth told her mother, and she left town, so they never spoke again. He was two months short of seventeen, and he didn't know how to cope.
He told himself it was a mistake, and because he never saw her again he didn't have to think about it.
Then he saw Ben's picture in the paper, and recognised Ruth, and then he read the article and saw how old Ben was. Geoff was scared and told himself that he wouldn't run - he would face it.
Lou's Place
Lou announces he's going to grab the helmet back from Toadie. Darren, Sarah and Libby wait for Andy, but Sarah has cold feet and begs to leave. Darren agrees to take her home. But then Andy turns up and Darren says that Sarah can't leave now. She reluctantly sits back down.
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