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Neighbours Episode 3018 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3018
Australian airdate: 18/02/98
UK airdate: 15/06/98
UK Gold: 14/05/04
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Geoff telling Ben that he wants him to have his Commonwealth medal.
Ruth telling Phil that she has to spend time with Geoff for Ben's sake.
Phil telling Ruth he feels he's losing her.
Sarah telling Karl she loves him.
Ramsay Street
Still in the car, Karl is half shocked by Sarah's admission. He tells her that they need to sort this out: her love for him changes things. Sarah thinks they can be friends and colleagues and that's it. Karl doesn't. Sarah knows they can't have a romantic relationship, but it doesn't change anything about their friendship.
Karl seems rather bewildered, and Sarah promises she won't make things difficult for him in any way.
The Swimming Pool
Swimming coach Simon introduces Josh Hughes from the Institute of Sport. Caitlin is thrilled to see him, and Billy doesn't get why his being there is a big deal. Whilst the team get ready to train, Simon asks to have a word with Caitlin and reprimands her for the substitution she did with Anne earlier in the year. He punishes her by making her do 20 laps with a swimming float.
Number 32
Geoff turns up to see Ruth - he wanted to tell her about Ben. They had a really good talk today. Ruth is upset, and Geoff can see it, asking her what's up. She admits that Phil has been feeling left out of things, and she knows she's been neglecting him; from now on she will have to give him priority.
Geoff says he understands, and isn't offended.
The Swimming Pool
Billy and the team are training whilst Caitlin does her laps with the float. She gets out and sits at the edge of the pool, and she and Billy banter. But she has her eyes firmly on Josh, and when he emerges from the pool she approaches him for a chat. Unfortunately, Simon has other ideas and orders her back in the pool.
Number 28
Karl is at home, lonely. He opens the fridge but can't decide what to eat.
Wangaratta Country House
Susan and Kim are debating what to eat, but there's nothing in the cupboard or fridge. So Susan says they'll have to eat out and they frog march out the house.
Number 28
Bored, Karl is making something to eat, and gives up. He calls Susan, but there's no answer, and he gets her and Kim's answer machine. He doesn't leave a message, and looks thoroughly fed up.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ruth arrives to see her son, and they chat about Geoff, both admitting that maybe he's not such a bad guy. Ben asks what he was like when Ruth knew him twenty years ago. Ruth says he was a top student and athlete, and very popular. He asked her out, and all the other girls were jealous. Ben wants to know how his mum feels about him, now, and Ruth says it was a shock to see him with lots of memories coming back.
She says the trauma will never go away, but since she's talked with Geoff, she doesn't feel as bad, emotionally. She even remembers some of his good points, and kind of likes him - which scares her to death.
Number 32
Caitlin comes to the house to see Anne; she's met the most AMAZING guy in the world, ever! He's a swimmer, and his name is Josh - he's coaching them for the next couple of weeks. Anne smiles at Cait's enthusiasm, and then shows Caitlin the paper with the article about their swimming swap at the competition. Caitlin is mortified that Josh will have seen this.
Ruth comes home and tells Anne and Cait that Ben is doing really well, and is going to be okay, and orders the girls to visit their brother.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin and Anne are talking about Ben's health, and are pleased with him. Simon and Josh turn up, and Simon lays into Caitlin when he sees her eating a slice of pizza. He tells her to pay attention to her training if she wants to stay on his squad. Simon wanders off and Josh quietly tells Cait that he loves pizza too, and wishes he could join them instead of Simon!
Uni FM
Toadie is sitting in the radio studio with Billy, chatting about his new found radio career. He says that Radio Shockwaves was just the start of his career, and this is the beginning of a new listening era in Erinsborough. And as the clock hits midnight, Toadie goes on air, dramatically, and plays a rock song. Billy plays air guitar in the background.
As the song ends, Billy and Toadie find their way off the floor, and Toadie asks for listeners to ring in on air. He puts on another song.
Ramsay Street
Toadie signs off in the early hours of the morning - and sounds like hell. He's barely awake.
Wangaratta Country House
Susan is rushing to get ready for work when the phone rings. Kim answers it - it's Karl. She chats to him, but tells him she's late; he's not too happy to learn that she went for a meal with Kim last night, and asks if Kim has a girlfriend. Susan doesn't know, and says she'll call him later.
Number 32
Geoff turns up again to speak to Ruth, and says he will be relocating to Erinsborough to help Ben recover.
Erinsborough Hospital
In a room of her own, Madge wakes up to find Harold kissing her forehead. He wishes her a happy anniversary, and there are helium balloons all around the bed. She's thrilled, and tells him he's wonderful.
HARRY: I wouldn't be anything without you, love. And I want you to know that I feel the same now as I did all those years ago when we made our original vows to each other.
MADGE: Yeah, but do you remember what we said?
HARRY: No, I don't! But I'll never forget the love I felt for you, as I do now.
MADGE: That's the main thing. That you love me.
Madge thinks they're a lucky couple because they have two anniversaries, and they will go on celebrating them for many years, yet. Aw again. They kiss.
Number 32
Ruth is surprised at Geoff deciding to stay, and Geoff wonders where Ben will stay when he comes out of hospital. He tells Ruth that he will start to look for a place for Ben to stay where he can look after him. Ruth isn't happy about that, and tells him not to plan ahead, yet.
The Swimming Pool
Billy tells Caitlin that she's drooling at Josh again. Cait maintains that he's a great coach, but Billy dismisses him!
The Coffee Shop
Sarah and Karl order food, and Sarah tells Karl she was out of order yesterday, and she shouldn't have laid it on him. Karl tells her to forget it, and is glad that she won't be saying those things again.
The Swimming Pool
Caitlin is training, and Simon reprimands her for sloppy swimming. Caitlin gets out, and Billy hands her a towel. He tells Caitlin that she's acting suspiciously, and Simon will notice that she's taken with Josh. Cait says she just can't forget it - she's going to tell Josh how she feels. Bill thinks this is a really bad idea.
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