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Neighbours Episode 3013 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3013
Australian airdate: 11/02/98
UK airdate: 08/06/98
UK Gold: 07/05/04
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Doctor: Caroline Lloyd
Nurse No 1: Diana Osborn
Nurse No 2: Melanie Sherwood
Nurse No 3: Jason Buckley
Nurse No 4: Liz Oates
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Perry admitting that he pretended to be Amy's dancing partner to make Lance jealous and go dancing with her
Lance furious with Amy for lying
Lance and Amy making up
Hannah reassuring Paul that Madge is going to be okay
Madge going into cardiac arrest; Harold screaming for a nurse
Erinsborough Hospital
The nurses are pumping Madge's chest, yelling for a doctor. Harold stands there yelling at the nurses and generally making a nuisance of himself. Doctor Olenski arrives with a defibrillator and starts shocking Madge. Three attempts later and she has a heartbeat back. Harold is outside the room demanding to know what's going on.
Number 32
Amy turns up and tells Lance that she had a great night dancing - she learnt the rhumba. But she doesn't like her partner, he's too dull. Lance wants to know what the rhumba's like, so Amy tells him it used to be a fertility dance and makes him dance with her. Ruth quickly leaves the room.
I don't know *what* she's teaching him - but it isn't the rhumba. I can dance that one. She makes Lance swing his hips, SO not in any dance I know - not like that, anyway. Lance suddenly gets it - Amy's trying to convince him to dance with her. But she defends herself - he asked how she was going and she told him. Ruth comes back and thinks that Lance looked like he really might have been enjoying himself...!
The Coffee Shop
Phil comes in and sees Geoff, Ben's dad, at the table. Phil asks after Ben who is apparently well, and desperate to get out of hospital. Geoff also lets Phil know that there isn't a great chance at a full recovery, so he's going to try and help his son as much as he can. But Ben doesn't yet know who he is, and he's trying to find the right moment to tell him...
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl tells Harry that Madge is in surgery, because her potassium levels dropped and she had a heart attach. Harold is very stressy and refuses to leave the hospital, yelling at Karl. He does ask Karl to go and tell Paul what's happened, though - but Karl declines, and thinks that Paul deserves to hear it from Harry himself. Harry reluctantly concedes.
Number 32
Amy tells Ruth that she's tired from all that dancing, and Lance doesn't want to hear any more about it. Amy's parents arrive to pick her up, and Lance wonders if she'd like to do something after school, but she can't - she has to try some dance costumes on.
Amy leaves, and Ruth tells her son that she knows he was enjoying himself when Amy was showing him the dance. Lance says that he knows what the kids at school would say if they knew he danced, so he's not doing it!
Number 24
Hannah comes round to see Paul, who's making something to eat. Paul apologises to Hannah for how he treated her at the hospital regarding Madge thinking they might be boyfriend and girlfriend, and he didn't mean to upset her. Hannah has no problem with it. Karl and Harold arrive home and Paul instantly knows that something's wrong. Karl tells Paul that Madge has had to have some extra surgery, and he needs to keep an eye on Harold.
Karl leaves, promising to call if he hears anything. Hannah thinks it's best she leaves, too. Paul puts his arm around Harry.
Number 32
LANCE: Would you stop looking at me like that? That smug, superior, you-think-you-know-better look.
RUTH: Nothing smug or superior about it. I do know better.
She knows Lance was upset when Amy left last night, and she wishes that he'd spend more time with Amy and go dancing with her. The boys at school can't be that bad, surely! Lance knows they will tease him, especially as he can't actually dance.
Number 28
Karl's washing up when the phone rings.
SUSAN: Hello, this is your secret admirer.
KARL: Susan?
SUSAN: Duh! How many secret admirers have you got?
Karl tells Susan about Madge's second operation and Susan's upset - she thought the first operation was a success. She tells Karl her news. Firstly, the hearts and flowers stuff: love you, miss you etc. Secondly, she's found herself a flatmate. Her name's Kim and she needs somewhere to stay, but Susan hasn't met her yet. Susan admits that she's lonely there in the week and it'll be nice to have another female around the place. Karl tells her to call later and tell her if she's getting on with her new housemate.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold arrives and sees Karl, who tells Harry that the operation seemed to have gone very well. Karl tells Harry he can't see her yet, she's in too much of a delicate state. Harold tells Karl that Paul's upset, too, especially as this is so soon after losing his mum.
Erinsborough High School
Paul tells Hannah that Harry wouldn't let him go to the hospital this morning, and he's worried that he's deliberately keeping information from him. He went through this with his mother.
In the classroom, Lance offers to help Amy with trying on her dancing costumes later. He's happy to talk to her about the dancing, but isn't go to do it!
Wangaratta - Susan's house
There's a knock at the door, and Susan calls Kim through. A guy walks through the door, assuming she's Susan, and introduces himself: he's Kim. Susan admits that yes, she was expecting him, but she was expecting a female. He takes it all with good humour and smiles.
KIM: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I definitely am a man. That shouldn't be a problem, should it?
It clearly is.
Erinsborough High School
Amy's going to pick up her costumes - some of them are really wild! Lance gives in, and says he wants to go dancing with her. She's thrilled! But he has a caveat - no-one can find out about this.
Wangaratta - Susan's house / Number 28
Susan has told Kim that he can stay in the room and hands him a key as he decides to go for a rekky into town. She looks a little uncomfortable, and decides to call Karl. Karl grabs his mobile from his briefcase and has time to talk before he goes out on a house call.
Susan tells Karl that Kim is a male, and Karl doesn't look thrilled either, confused about Kim being a guy who's actually a girl...but Susan corrects him - he's always been male! Karl asks what Kim's like, and doesn't know what Susan's problem is with sharing with a guy. She admits there are some things bothering her, but he has to go to his housecall, so they never get to talk about it. He hangs up.
Erinsborough High School
Amy sneaks into the boys' toilets to see Lance getting changed, presumably from a Phys Ed class. Amy tells him she has her costumes and brought one for him, too. He refuses to wear them in case someone walks in. Amy tells him he has to - because she's taking his clothes. She runs with his school bag and forces him to try the costume on!
Erinsborough Hospital
Harry talks to Madge, telling her how pleased he is to have her back; he really thought he'd lost her. He tells her to rest. Paul and Hannah arrive and want to know how she is. Harold ushers them out so that Madge can sleep and rest. Paul is determined - he wants to see Madge right now, but Harry isn't keen. He tells them to go to The Coffee Shop and he'll pick him up to see Madge later.
Erinsborough High School
Amy sees Lance in his costume., He feels like a dork, but Amy thinks he looks fantastic. He wants his clothes back, but when she goes to get them, another school kid has nicked them! She breaks the news to Lance...! He doesn't want to go home in this outfit - but he's going to have to!! They run through the school, hiding at every opportunity from anyone they see! Lance declares that his life is now over.
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