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Neighbours Episode 3014 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3014
Australian airdate: 12/02/98
UK airdate: 09/06/98
UK Gold: 10/05/04
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Kim Howard : Paul Dawber
Geoff Burke : Andrew McKaige
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Ruth tells Phil that Geoff is Ben's father
Geoff tells Phil that he's going to tell Ben who he is
Susan tells Karl that she has a new flatmate - Kim
Kim turns out to be a guy
A kid runs off with Lance's clothes, leaving him wearing a ballroom dancing outfit
Sarah tells Ben she's in love with a married man
Karl tells Sarah it was one kiss, and it can't get out of control
Erinsborough High School
Amy and Lance are trying to steal through the school without being noticed - Lance hates the ballroom dancing outfit and doesn't want anyone seeing him like that. Amy has managed to get some clothes from the gym for Lance to wear home - a pink shirt and a netball skirt. He refuses to wear them, and Amy reminds him he doesn't have much choice in the matter - it's either the skirt, or the ballroom outfit.
Number 32
Ruth doesn't want Geoff to tell Ben who he really is, she's worried for Ben's mental state whilst he's trying to recover from his serious accident. Geoff is insistent - he will tell his son, and he storms off as Phil comes over. Ruth drags Phil off with her, to go after Geoff and stop him.
Wangaratta - Susan's house
Kim returns from the town, realising that it really is a country town. Kim realises that Susan's still feeling a bit odd about having to share with a bloke - and he says he's not hard to live with. Susan is honest with him - it's the first time she's lived apart from her husband and she doesn't want to rock the boat. So she'll let Kim stay for a few nights whilst he finds somewhere else. He has nowhere, and he begs her to let him stay - and even offers to phone Karl and reassure him, tell him he's a priest! Susan laughs and agrees to have a trial period and see how they go. But she's still not sure, and looks uncomfortable with it.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ruth and Phil turn up to see Geoff, asking him to hold off until Ben's better. Phil backs up Ruth but Geoff thinks it's none of his business. Geoff insists that his son should know who he is, but Ruth begs him to think of Ben's health first.
Number 28
Sarah brings back Karl's books - she's finished studying now. He goes to close the door on her, but she asks to talk to him...she needs to follow a doctor on his rounds as part of her course. Karl half-heartedly agrees, and he hopes she knows where she stands, now. Sarah doesn't say anything and leaves.
Erinsborough Hospital
Geoff has agreed not to say anything to Ben. And Ruth says that Ben will appreciate it all the more when he does learn the truth. Geoff still isn't sure it's for the best, but Ruth thanks him anyway. Geoff feels that Ruth and Phil have been blocking him at every corner, and Ruth offers to have Geoff over to sort things out between them - something they need to do if Ben is going to know the truth one day.
Number 22
Toadie is making a home video of Louise at home, but then spies Lance outside, creeping home in his ballroom dancing gear. He legs it outside with the camera.
Ramsay Street
Toadie videos Lance's outfit, mocking it the whole way! Lance is cross and tells Toadie to go away, but Toadie's having none of it - and pretends that there's no tape in it. Lance admits that he's now learning dancing with Amy, and he swears Toadie to secrecy. Toadie concedes - but Lance owes him one!
Number 32
Ruth and Geoff are reminiscing about old times, and Phil is sitting there feeling like a spare part. Lance comes home in his ballroom outfit, accompanied by Amy.
Wangaratta - Susan's house
Kim is unpacking some of his belongings, and apologises to Susan for getting off to a bad start. She looks a bit uncomfortable, but smiles anyway. Kim tells her that he's sure everything will work out when they get to know each other.
SUSAN: I meant what I said earlier, about this being a trial period.
KIM: I know.
He suggests that he cook dinner for her as an ice-breaker, and she's not sure...she has to be back in Erinsborough tonight. He tells her he's a great cook and he can cook quickly so she can still get home. She reluctantly agrees.
Number 32
Lance and Amy are just leaving, and Phil asks Ruth what's going on with Geoff - they seemed to be getting on really well earlier, despite fighting at the hospital. Ruth admits it looks bad, and Phil obviously is a little jealous of the way she's building a relationship with him.
RUTH: Whatever way you look at it Geoff is still the father of my first child. I can't just pretend that never happened.
Number 28 / Wangaratta - Susan's house
Karl is staring out the window looking for Susan, hoping she'll return. He's on the phone to someone talking about golf. He puts the phone down and rescues a pie from the oven which he's burnt to a crust. The phone rings again and this time it's Susan. She tells her husband that she won't be home for dinner tonight, so he wafts the smell of pie her way down the phone!
He wants to make sure she's still coming home tonight, and she says she will - she just wants to spend some time with Kim as he's new to town and will be spending the whole weekend alone. She says she'll be as quick as she can and will pick up dessert on the way home. Karl is miffed.
Kim puts dinner on the table and Susan thinks it smells wonderful.
Erinsborough Hospital
Geoff is fluffing Ben's pillows and fussing a little too much over him. Phil comes in to chat with Ben, and Geoff leaves them alone. Ben asks Phil what the deal is with Geoff - he's always around, and he's been here all day. Phil tries to cover for him, but Ben is worried that he's starting to feel like he owes Geoff something, and he'd prefer he stays away for a while. Phil promises to say something to him.
Number 32
Toadie is hunting for a film to watch with Lance and Amy. He doesn't like the film selection because they're all girly, so he puts on the video that he took of Lance earlier. Ruth comes in and berates Toadie for mocking Lance for trying dancing. Amy is cross with him, too.
Number 28 / Wangaratta - Susan's house
Karl is eating out of a can of baked beans. Susan calls - it's probably too late for her to leave Wangaratta tonight, so she'll come back home tomorrow morning. Karl says he'll wait up for her tonight, but Susan doesn't like driving at night. Karl is really disappointed - he really wanted to see her.
KARL: Well, I hope Kim was worth it.
SUSAN: (confused) Where did that come from?
KARL: I'm sorry. I'm just missing you, that's all.
SUSAN: Well I miss you too, darling.
KARL: (pause) Yeah. Well, okay, you have a safe trip. I'll see you in the morning....I will, won't I?
SUSAN: Yes, of course you will.
Karl and Susan say goodnight and Karl is frustrated.
The Coffee Shop
Geoff is buying a coffee and Phil comes in and sits with him. Phil tells Geoff what Ben said to him earlier. Geoff takes it very badly - why should he take instructions from Phil and Ruth? Geoff thinks that Phil is manipulating things, and reminds Phil that Ben is his son, and he'll have to go back on his promise to Ruth this morning.
Phil tells Geoff that he won't let him go into the hospital all angry like this, and orders him to sit down.
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