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Neighbours Episode 3012 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3012
Australian airdate: 10/02/98
UK airdate: 05/06/98
UK Gold: 06/05/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Shannon Jones : Diana Glenn
Brian Jones : Joshua Wojniusz
Simon Butterworth : David Le Page
Jacinta Myers : Caroline Morgan
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Madge falls down the stairs outside number 24
Madge comes out of the operating theatre
Harold waits by Madge's side
Shannon meets Toadie
Toadie tells Lou that he likes Shannon
Jacinta makes fun of Anne's swimming
Caitlin and Anne swap places in the swimming race
'Anne' wins the swimming race; Bill kisses her, only to realise that it's Caitlin
The Swimming Baths
In the changing rooms, Anne is now dressed in the goggles, cap and costume, and Caitlin has changed back into her clothes. Anne is concerned that Caitlin won by quite so much of a lead! Anne has to go back to the pool for the presentation, and Caitlin told her that Billy knows the truth - he saw her by the pool
By the pool side, Billy approaches Anne who tries to brush him off. Libby takes a picture and tells Anne she has the headline already. Anne is very dismissive of everyone's praise. Paul and Hannah have arrived and can't believe they missed it. The swim coach realises that Anne's not a in a swimming league, and he wants to talk to her - right now! Libby says that if he lets her quote him in the paper, she'll put him in touch with Anne.
Anne is still trying to brush off the praise. Jacinta comes up to her and declares that she must have cheated.
Elsewhere, Caitlin tells Billy that they will explain everything to him later.
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge wakes up to find Harold next to her. He is so thrilled to see her awake and to hear her voice. He tells her that the operation was a success, and that she'll be home in no time. She's tired and groggy, and Harry just sits by her side, so pleased that they're together.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Shannon arrive, and Shannon tells him that the other mothers are getting suss about him - turning up without a child this time! They order coffee and sit down to chat about her job situation, and Toadie says he might be able to help her out with some shifts at the pub. Harold comes in and asks for him to cover at the Coffee Shop whilst Madge recuperates. Toadie says that he can't - but Shannon could! Harry isn't keen on the idea - he doesn't know Shannon's work history, and Toadie is annoyed.
The Swimming Baths
Billy can't believe that Anne and Caitlin pulled this stunt, but they tell him that it's just a geeky school carnival, not a huge swimming competition - they're not going to get caught. Billy reminds them that he knew - but only because he accidentally kissed Caitlin. As Cait leaves, Anne demands to know who's a better kisser. Billy thinks he needs a more recent sample from her, so they do a little bit o' kissing!
Number 22
Toadie introduces Shannon to Lou, and she praises Louise and how she helped Brian settle into crèche. In front of Shannon, Toadie asks about a job at the pub for her. Lou says he has no work right now, and Shannon's fine with that. But Toadie insists that Lou give her an interview tomorrow. Shannon leaves, clearly embarrassed about the situation, without saying goodbye to Toadie. Lou tells Toadie that he put him on the spot, and really embarrassed Shannon.
Ramsay Street
Toadie tries to apologise to Shannon, who tells him that she only got an interview because he railroaded Lou into it. She also tells him she always has bad luck, so won't get the job anyway. Shannon tells him that she can manage her own problems, thank you, and he has a uni course to do. She'd like some space right now.
Erinsborough Hospital
Hannah and Paul are looking for Madge's room, and Paul confides that he's worried that what happened to his mum will also happen to Madge. Hannah tries to reassure him, but he's not having any of it...they told him the same stuff with his mother. Had he known the truth about how ill his mum was, then he would have spent his time with her differently. Hannah tells him there are no lies this time.
They go into Madge's room; she's asleep, but wakes on their arrival, pleased to see them. She tells Paul she's fine and asks after Harold, telling Paul to take care of him. Hannah says she'll go find a vase to put the flowers in.
Number 22
Toadie tells Lou that Shannon's already had a go at him, and tells Lou to give her a job. Lou is angry at Toadie's attitude, but Toadie insists this is about being her friend, even though they've only just met. He insists that Shannon needs compassion and understanding.
Number 28
Billy comes home to hear Karl tell him that Libby has her first front page - the story about the swimming carnival. Uh-oh. Karl is thrilled for his daughter, and but Billy doesn't understand - it was a silly carnival. Karl tells his son that 'Anne' broke several school and District records, and one of the top coaches in the state wants her in his swimming squad. Karl thinks the story will be picked up by one of the major newspapers. Billy can't believe it - he has to talk to Libby now.
Number 32
Anne and Caits are still laughing about earlier, and Bill's at the door. He tells her what's happened with Libby and the newspaper. Anne and Caitlin don't get it - no-one knows the truth, so after a few weeks it will all be forgotten, but Billy admits that he's protecting his sister...and he's already told her the truth. He couldn't let her career be ruined with this.
The Coffee Shop
Shannon and Brian come in and see Toadie, who hands Brian a chocolate frog. I love those, by the way. Shannon apologises for earlier, and Toadie does, too. They talk about their uni timetables, and she says that Toadie doesn't seem the lawyer type!
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul and Hannah have put the TV on and Madge comments that she's enjoying listening to the kids mucking about. Paul immediately declares that there's nothing between him and Hannah! He doth protest too much. Hannah has to leave, and she kisses Madge goodbye.
Harry comes in, and says he'll take Paul home - and then he'll come back later for some quiet time.
Number 28
Anne and Caitlin arrive to see Libby and apologise. They tell the truth about the story, and Libby tells them how upset her editor now is - she has 24 hours to come up with a new story, and the two girls offer their help. Libby tells them that there is something they can do: smile! She takes photos of them, and is going to make her new story about them pulling a stunt. They have 4 days to let people know before it goes to print.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harry has been reading the news from the paper to Madge, and tells her about Toadie's new girl. Madge lies quietly, asleep. Harry is about to leave and kisses her goodbye, when her heart machine starts to continually beep. Harold screams for a nurse.
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