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Neighbours Episode 3003 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3003
Australian airdate: 28/01/98
UK airdate: 25/05/98
UK Gold: 23/04/04
Writer: John Holding
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Karl and Sarah sharing a kiss
- Sarah telling Karl that it's hard to get past what happened
- Ruth telling Lou he should feel guilty for what happened to Ben
- Darren telling Lou he needs to relax more over the car crash
- Lou lashing Toadie out of his pub for underage drinking, Darren telling Lou it's Toadie's 18th birthday
Number 22
Darren gets up early to see Lou already up, and he's been cleaning the spa - he used it as good thinking time. Libby arrives to find Darren looking through the real estate section, and he's found one or two properties which are cheap which he can then spend some time renovating properly. Well, one to live in and one to renovate. He asks Libby to go and look at the properties with him - the more he thought about living together, the better it sounded. They kiss and Toadie comes downstairs from his bedroom, asking them to give it up! Darren and Libby are off, and Lou offers to make breakfast for Toadie, but he's not interested.
Ramsay Street
Lib and Darren are deciding which house to look at first, and Darren said that the thought of waking up next to her every morning just did it for him! She can't wait to tell her mum, but Darren thinks that Karl might not be so thrilled. Just after they leave, Karl pulls out of his drive and offers Sarah a lift to work.
Harold is seeing Paul off to school on his first day, and fussing over his having his lunch and all his school stuff. Harry asks Hannah to look after Paul on his first day, and she's happy to help, but Paul strops off, saying he doesn't need her help.
Karl's Surgery
Karl has covered his shirt in juice by accident, and Sarah offers to help him clean himself up, but he refuses and tells her to go to her desk.
The Coffee Shop
Libby hated the houses she saw today, and would like a nicer one! Darren tells her that he can't afford a bigger or better house - they can't have the nice luxuries that they have with their families. She's disappointed, but has to run to work anyway. She tells Darren that she's not enjoying her job, either - she has to make coffee for all the senior journalists and do all the photocopying - it's not what she imagined.
Karl's Surgery
Karl is struggling to get the stain out from his shirt, and Sarah is too keen to help. He snaps at her and she tells him she's only trying to help before walking out to her desk.
Lou arrives and asks if Karl's available, and Sarah tries to joke with him but he's not wanting any banter right now. Karl comes out and invites Lou into his office. Lou says he's fine, not ill at all, he just can't sleep...but he doesn't need any help, and certainly not sleeping tablets or anything. Pacing in his office, he admits that he's been worried about Ben's accident, and comments on what it's like to live with Toadie. He also admits that he's been picking on him a bit since he hasn't been sleeping, and that he's been at the hospital every day.
He tells Karl he keeps seeing it in his mind, all the time, every day. Ruth blames him, and he thinks that's unfair - after all, Ben knew the dangers. But Lou thinks she's right.
Erinsborough High School
Paul plays basket ball alone, and Hannah sees him on his own and starts up a conversation. Paul tells her that he likes being by himself - he doesn't like people here, they're all nerds. Paul tells Hannah he doesn't need her and he's not interested in being her friend, so Hannah retorts that he's not all that before leaving him alone.
Karl's Surgery
Lou is telling Karl how much he wished he hadn't managed to get the engine fixed in time, how he wished he hadn't been so enthusiastic about getting the car ready for the race. He knows he shouldn't go over the 'if onlys' but he can't. Karl thinks Lou needs to forgive himself, and reminds him that Ben is stable. He also reminds him that he couldn't have prevented that accident.
Lou is surprised to hear that other people feel like this, too. Karl quietly admits that this is how he felt about Cheryl when she died back in 1996. Lou tells him that it helps to hear that - he thought he was going crazy. Karl tells him he might go crazy yet - he is living with Toadie, after all.
Lou is grateful for Karl's help and leaves, after a friendly interchange with Sarah. Sarah wants to know what's wrong with Lou, but Karl tells her that it's none of her business, and that she needs to not be so flippant with his patients.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah arrives for some lunch and Harold asks how Paul is settling in. Hannah tells Harry she's tried to keep an eye on him, but that he's fobbing her off whenever she's trying to be his friend. She also tells Harry that he's not talking to anyone, and Harold is disappointed. Karl arrives as Hannah leaves, and sees Harry filling in for Madge. Karl asks after Madge's health, and Harold tells him the flu has knocked her for six.
Harold tells Karl that he's still working at the children's centre, but he's looking for another part time job at some point - he wonders if maybe Sarah needs someone to jobshare with? Karl says it's possibly on the cards, and he'll think about it.
Number 22
Toadie is talking Darren through the cable TV when Libby arrives, sulking about her job - she's sick of doing all the menial work for now. Darren likens it to buying their first house, and Libby thinks that reality sucks - they shouldn't have to start at the bottom! She thinks that maybe going back to uni isn't such a bad idea, and compared to everything else on offer it's looking like a great idea right now.
She thinks that now isn't the right time for them to be living together - they need to wait til she's completed uni.
Lou returns home and admits to them all that he's been awful since Ben's accident, and he apologises for his behaviour. He's also got Toadie a present - all the cable channels he wants! Toadie is thrilled - he can now get French cinema.
The Coffee Shop
Paul comes in after school declaring that Erinsborough High sucks. Harry says he knows that Paul just pushed Hannah away today, and he thinks Paul is a nice young man, but needs to let other people see it. Harold knows that saying sorry isn't easy, but Paul needs to try!
Karl's Surgery
Karl is saying goodbye to a patient, and Sarah apologises to him for being flippant with Lou earlier. Karl is pleased with her response, but at that moment Harold walks in and wants to talk with Karl about making the receptionist job a jobshare one. Sarah looks gobsmacked, and Karl quickly ushers Harold into his office.
The Treehouse, Number 26
Hannah is in her treehouse with lots of Ramsay Street signs when Paul catches her. He realises that she's been taking them all and she's been busted big time. Hannah begs him not to tell her dad, but Paul says it'll cost her!
Karl's Surgery
Karl is alone in his office when Sarah comes in, demanding to know why Harry thinks there's a part time position available. Karl denies it - Harry took him the wrong way earlier. But now it's been raised, surely Sarah would want more time off for her studies anyway? Sarah is angry - if Karl doesn't want to be around her, he should deal with it, not take the easy way out. Karl denies that's what he's doing, but Sarah thinks he needs to be honest, for once.
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