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Neighbours Episode 2973 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2973
Australian airdate: 29/10/97
UK airdate: 13/04/98
UK Gold: 10/03/04
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Philip East
Guests: Claire Girard Adele Schober
Mandi Rogers- Sabina Loxic
- "So Brand New" by Leonardo's Bride
Summary/Images by: Shona
Toadie tells Hannah that Helen had a good life: Hannah storms off in tears.
Hannah and Claire look at family photos and Hannah asks if she's being a child
Debbie tells Hannah that if she were in her situation she'd be acting the same way
Caitlin and Mandi sneaking out but get caught by Ben sneaking in
Number 26
Hannah's on the Internet chatting to people. Phil comes into the living room and asks what she's doing up so late. She couldn't sleep. Phil asks who these people are and Hannah says she'll tell them he says hi. He suggests she uses his cybername - 'Grumpy Father' - but Hannah says it isn't very original. Phil tells her to turn it off (she has school tomorrow) to Hannah's protestations. He says she should come and watch the TV with him - preferably a bad movie. That will make them want to go to bed.
Number 32
Caitlin and Mandi tried to get into a club but were rejected for looking to young. Instead they sat in a café and drank hot chocolate. Ben doesn't care - they've abused his trust. Caitlin takes the blame, saying Mandi only went along with it. Sarah appears to all the shouting and finds they're wearing her dresses and one is ripped! Sarah is really annoyed. Ben says it's late and they'll deal with it in the morning. Once the girls have gone Sarah says she hopes he won't leave it there. They have to get stricter house rules; otherwise he and Caitlin can find somewhere else to live!
Ramsay Street
Someone puts a new street sign up.
Number 28
Karl and Susan talk about the possible school merger. Karl says they have to get more people to enrol, but Susan highlights all the problems in that. Karl says she sounds like she wants the school to close but Susan argues she's just being realistic. She can't make that much difference being one person - it's happening all over the state. But Karl highlights all the good she's done, including getting Toadie into it, of all people. But what if they do close? Karl says quietly that maybe it will seem like a big waste of time because she thinks she has a better job to go to. Susan says it might be in her head and does he blame her? Can't she think of herself for once?
Number 26
Hannah and Phil stayed up to watch all of the bad film. Phil says at least they'll sleep tonight and Hannah's pessimistic. He asks if anything's wrong - things haven't been easy with Helen's death and Debbie leaving. She says she's fine and Claire arrives. She notices Hannah's tired and Hannah says she'll tell her later. Phil tells her not to fall asleep in class and let on about the movie as they'll think he's a bad parent.
Number 30
Mandy apologises to Sarah about the dress. Caitlin adds that it was stupid they took it at all. Sarah is still angry - she's had to put up with a lot since her arrival and this is her home too. Caitlin promises it won't happen again and Sarah says it better not - she's had just about as much as she can take. Sarah leaves and Caitlin hopes they might be able to leave before Ben wakes up. He appears though - and tells her that, since she has acted like a child, he'll punish her like one: she's grounded. He's also going to take Mandy to the station right away. Caitlin says he can't do that, not even their parents did that. She points out he won't be able to watch her all the time. Ben says he'll suspend her pocket money instead.
Sarah comes into Karl's room and asks if he's ok, he seems a bit down. She says she knows he's upset about Susan and the job. He tells her that if she gets it she'll be in Wangaratta during the week and with them at weekends. Sarah compares them to her and Matt, but it isn't the same. He brings up the merger. He thinks that she's given up on it and it's like she's packed her bags already. She suggests that maybe he should get involved in the fight against the merger - it could get her to stay.
The Coffee Shop
Caitlin comes in and mentions she's strapped for cash. Madge is looking for people to work at the coffee shop and she offers her services. Madge tells her to come back later and they can talk about it.
Erinsborough High
It's Claire's last day and Hannah's going to miss her. She notices Karl walking into the school. Claire suggests they could have a sleepover, as it's her last night.
Susan's Office
Karl walks in and Susan's surprised, but he says he's just popping in. She tells him the meeting earlier they decided to do a drive on year 7 enrolments. Karl wanted to talk about this - he knows a lot of influential people and he could encourage them to send their kids here. But Susan says a lot of them would send their kids to private school - the only reason they didn't was because she wouldn't let him! She doesn't see how it'll work. He goes to leave, but Susan says why he's suddenly so interested. He says it's high time he pitched in. Is that all? Susan asks. She knows what it's about - if they save the school then she's less likely to leave. Why else would he run down there in the middle of the day? She tells him that she's very happy that he's helping out, but he shouldn't think he will make a difference.
The Coffee Shop
Ben picks up the same muesli bar Caitlin chose and this leads Madge to tell him about her getting the job. Ben tells her about the punishment, but nonetheless it might be good for her. However she wouldn't have gone looking for a job without the punishment. He tells her that she should tell Caitlin to come and see him before she gives her it.
Sarah asks Karl how it went - somehow she worked out he went to see Susan. He says she was very responsive to his input and thanks her for putting the idea in his head.
Number 30
Caitlin demands to know why Ben told Madge to ask his permission about the job. He says she wouldn't have looked for it had he not cut off her money. He says he's not out to get her but she had to learn about her mistakes. Caitlin admits she can't handle him telling her what to do and asks for a second chance, saying she's really sorry. She won't cause any more hassles.
The Coffee Shop
Susan's ordering and Hannah and Claire come in, asking about the sleepover. Madge is concerned about it being a school night. But she says yes. Sarah comes in, having finished work. Susan's also had quite a day and Sarah says Karl was saying about the merger. Sarah lets slip that she told him to help Susan out a bit more, as he was worried about her going. Susan forces herself to keep smiling as she digests this. Sarah hopes things work out between them, then Karl might be more fun to work with. Yes, says Susan, looking anything but happy.
Number 28
Susan arrives home just as Karl has finished a call about sending enrolment papers to an influential friend. He's fazed by her lack of enthusiasm and she tells him that she's happy about it, even more so when Sarah hears all about it tomorrow morning. How much of their business does she know? He says he's upset about her moving to Wangaratta and Sarah just happened to pick up on that. Susan doesn't like him discussing their business with his receptionist - she hasn't even been discussing it with other people. She has to work it out with him, and he must work it out with her: not Sarah or anyone else.
Number 26
Hannah and Claire arrive. They ask about the slumber party, but Phil's worried that she's missed so much sleep. He suggests Claire just come for dinner. As Phil continues to stand firm, Hannah tells him that she can't sleep here, especially at night. Claire explains that ever since Helen died Hannah has been 'spooked'. She starts to cry and tells him she misses her, pleading with him to let her go.
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