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Neighbours Episode 2972 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2972
Australian airdate: 28/10/97
UK airdate: 10/04/98
UK Gold: 09/03/04
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Philip East
Guests: Mandi Rodgers: Sabina Lokic
James Bowen: Joel Marrocco
Tracey Cox: Margot Knight
Brendan: Rian BarlowSam: Karim Sarhan
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Toadie seeing Anne and James together in the coffee shop.
Anne telling Billy there is nothing going on between her and James.
Interviewer telling Harold he should aim for a more menial job.
Harold letting Madge believe he got the job.
Anne morphing into Caitlin in Billy's dream and Billy waking up confused.
No. 24 driveway
Harold is wearing a new suit as he walks down the drive towards the car with Madge fussing around him. She says he can't arrive on the first day of a new job with dandruff on his collar, but he says he doesn't have dandruff. Caitlin shouts "Nice suit" across the street to him, and Ruth wolf whistles. She comments that if he had a flower in his buttonhole he could be the best man at someone's wedding. Madge explain it's his first day of a new job and what a high position he has. Ruth is impressed and after she has gone Harold asks Madge if it was really necessary to tell her all that. He drives off looking slightly flustered.
No. 28
Caitlin asks Billy why his missing training for the second day running. He says he isn't in the mood, and she tells him he won't make the squad with that attitude. He says maybe he doesn't want to and that he's thinking of giving it up. Caitlin wants to know why, and he tells her he has too much schoolwork to do and needs to concentrate in that. She thinks he should still be able to manage both.
Lassiters Lake
Harold is walking around passing the time with no job to go to. He sits on a bench and looks at the packed lunch Madge has made for him. There is a note stuck to his sandwiches saying "Don't forget to show 'em who's boss - Madge". Two small children go running past. Harold calls out to them to be careful, and one trips and falls over. He goes over to help him up and points out he wouldn't have fallen over if he had tied his shoelace properly. The other kid teases him and says he doesn't know how to, so Harold starts to teach him. A woman appears and asks Harold if they are bothering him, but he tells her that he's just explaining to her son how to tie his shoelaces. She says neither of them are her son, and that she's a voluntary activities co-ordinator for foster children and looks for thing for them to do while awaiting placement with families. He tells her it's an admirable job to be doing, but she says she's only doing it until she can get a proper job because it seems that for most jobs you are either too old or too inexperienced. Harold empathises and knows the feeling well.
School corridor
Anne is getting something from her locker and Caitlin appears in school uniform. Anne says she didn't know Caitlin was going to school there, but Caitlin says she had to go somewhere. Caitlin asks if Anne knows why Billy is giving up swimming training and thinks it is a waste. Anne offers to have a word with him to see if he will change his mind.
Lassiters Lake
Harold is still talking to the woman who introduces herself as Tracey Cox. She says they need more volunteers to look after children, and Harold tells them he and Madge are already involved in something similar by having a girl from France stay with them. Tracey tells him you don't have to go that far to find kids in need, and suggests he might would suitable to help if he could spare one day a week. He isn't sure he has what it takes at first, but she convinces him he does and he says in that case he would be able to do more than one day a week. Tracey says she will take him to meet her supervisor later and talk more about it.
No. 30
Ben is looking in the mirror trying on his new crash helmet with his name on. Sarah is trying to study to finish her nursing course, and Ben tells her that when she's finished it will give her more time to go and watch him race. There's a knock at the door and they open it to find an upset Mandi. She tells them she missed her train back to Geelong and when she called her parents to tell them, they told her she would have to quit the team and move to a squad nearer home. She was supposed to tell Simon the coach but couldn't because the Erinsborough team are the best and she doesn't want to leave them. She came to see Caitlin, but Ben tells her she is at school. Mandi decides she will stay and wait for her anyway.
Coffee shop
Anne wants to know why Billy wants to quit the swimming training. He just tells her it's for personal reasons, and she wants to know what is so personal that he can't tell his girlfriend. He still won't tell her, and instead says if it will make her happy he'll go and tell Caitlin he is staying on the team.
Lake/park area
Tracey is telling Harold about how impressed her supervisor was with him. She says once they get the reference from the Salvos he will be able to get started. He says he should be able to have something by tonight, so she tells him he'll be able to begin his basic training tomorrow. She says he could get a head start by joining their picnic that is still going on, but he says he has to go and speak to his wife first. Tracey asks if he needs to tell her she is now married to an activities volunteer, but he says he actually needs to tell her she is no longer married to a courier company executive... or never was.
No. 30
Ben is on the phone taking to Mandi's parents. Caitlin gets home from school and asks why Mandi is there. Ben tells Mandi that her parents have agreed to let her go to training and stay the night there, but she has to be on the train back first thing in the morning to sort things out. She asks if they were angry, and Ben says they won't be hanging welcome home banners out for her. There's a knock at the door and Caitlin opens it to find Billy who asks if she's got a minute. She says that's about all she does have because some people have training to get to. Billy tells her he's changed his mind and will continue training. He still won't tell her why, but asks if she will help him train again. She says she will but only if he can trim 5 seconds from his 400meters time. She smiles as he leaves.
Coffee shop kitchen
Harold comes in and Madge asks if he got off work early. She maybe she should get a job like that if the hours are that good. Outside Lou is waiting to be served and makes a joke about the smell of mothballs from Harold's suit. Harold is going to tell Madge the truth, but then she starts telling Lou all about his wonderful new job. Lou is impressed and says they can swap business cards later. Madge tells Harold that she's invited Lou round for a special dinner in honour of his new job.
No. 32
Anne opens the door to James. She starts telling him how it's great news that they will be on the magazine cover. She wonders what he's doing there, and he says he's come to pick her up for the next shoot. She says the message on her answer phone said 5 o'clock tomorrow, but he says it's been brought forward to meet a deadline. Anne is still in her school uniform and covered in paint splashes from her art class, so says she needs 15 minutes to have a shower, get changed and do something with her face. James tells her that her face looks perfect just the way it is.
Coffee shop
Caitlin and Mandi get milkshakes and sit with Billy. They invite him round to their house to discuss training techniques and watch some videos. Billy tells them he really has too much study to do, but Caitlin tells him all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Caitlin suggests he goes home and hits the books for a couple of hours then joins them later. He says he will think about it, and after he has gone Mandi tells Caitlin that it's obvious he is too into his girlfriend to be interested in spending time with her.
No. 32
There's a knock at the door. Anne is still getting ready and there is the sound of a hair dryer, so James opens the door to Billy who wants to know why he is there. Anne calls from the bedroom for James to help her with her zip, and when she comes out she is surprised to see Billy there too. She explains about the front cover and that they have to go and do another photo shoot. Billy starts to tell her about his return to swimming training, but James says they have to go so Anne asks Billy to write a note telling her mum and Lance where they have gone and to let himself out. Billy looks a bit put out.
No. 30 at night
Ben and Sarah are on their way for a night out leaving Caitlin, Mandi and Billy behind. Ben starts telling Caitlin a long list of what they can and can't do, but Sarah drags him away. They are about to start watching videos when Billy tells them he has just remembered he has to go and feed Dahl and rushes out. They ask if he is coming back but get no answer. Mandi thinks its strange how he keeps changing his mind about the swimming team and is making up bizarre excuses to avoid being in the same room as them.
No. 24
At the dinner table Madge asks Harold to tell her and Lou everything about his new job. She wants to know if he gets his own office, and Lou wants to know if there is a pretty girl on reception. Madge asks if his boss is a nice man to work for, and Harold tells her his boss is actually a woman. He says her name is Tracey Cox and he's looking forward to assisting her and seeing what the job entails. Madge says she'll be looking forward to the extra pay packet at the end of the week and asks if his entitlements have been sorted out yet. Lou says if he gets a company car he will be able to get him a good deal.
No. 30
Caitlin and Mandi have got dressed up for a night out, with Mandi borrowing an outfit from Sarah's wardrobe. Mandi is worried her parents might ring while they are out, but Caitlin tells her to hurry before Ben and Sarah get back.
No. 32
Anne opens the front door and thanks James for giving her a lift home. James tells her he couldn't have left her since Tiffany wouldn't forgive him if anything happened to one of their stars. Anne is surprised to be called a star, but he tells her they work well together and looks forward to working with her again. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.
No. 30
Caitlin and Mandi sneak home late from their night out. Caitlin tells Mandi not to make a noise and wake Ben. Ben appears from the bedroom, switches the light on and says they already have and he wants to know exactly they have been all night.
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