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Neighbours Episode 2905 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2905 (Lisa Elliot's departure)
Australian airdate: 25/07/97
UK airdate: 07/01/98
UK Gold: 12/12/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tommy Roles: Tibor Gyapjas
Dorothy Stevens: Jenny Seedsman
Bank Employee: Daniel Tonzing
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Stay" by Leonardo's Bride
Summary/Images by: Emily
Note: Final appearance of Lisa Elliott
- Lisa is offered a place to work at the University of Hobart, but it means she'll be leaving in just a few days. They decide to hold a garage sale to cover the rent.
- Debbie suggests Toadie and Hannah talk to the bank manager for a loan, so Toadie asks Hannah to cut his hair.
- Tommy encourages Harold to play his tuba in the street, whilst marching.
- Ben overhears Lisa talking to her mum about him. Darren reminds him it could be his last chance.
Ramsay Street
As the guys at Number 30 finish setting up the stall, Harold and Tommy continue to play. Harold isn't happy though and stops. Tommy suggests he tries patting his head and rubbing his stomach, but Harold finds it difficult to co-ordinate. Tommy points out that he's trying to get him to relax, but it isn't working so they start marching again.
Lisa and Ben work to get their stall finished. Ben asks if they can talk but Sarah interrupts, reminding Lisa to go and make a phone call.
Toadie is sitting at the kitchen table while Hannah has the scissors. She asks if he's sure that he wants his hair cut, and he claims he is. They banter for a bit, but in the end he snaps, and so she informs it that he can cut it himself.
A smartly dressed Hannah waits for Toadie to appear. He soon appear complete with platted ponytail and she teases him about being to gutless to cut it off. He reckons it could give him the entrepreneurial look, and tells her they need to be serious about the proposal, as they need the money.
Toadie and Hannah meet with the bank manager, who points out that they are under 18, so the bank won't be able to help. She agrees to look over the proposal though, so Toadie explains what their idea and projected profits are. She starts to read his document.
Number 30
As they set up for the party, Sarah suggests they use the esky to store the ice.
BEN: Ah, the esky is kind of occupied at the moment.
SARAH: What with?
BEN: A head
LISA: A head?
BEN: An engine head! What do you think I am?
He explains it's soaking in petrol as he had no where else to put it. They decide to use the laundry trough instead and Sarah is persuaded into being the one to collect the ice. Ben takes it as the opportunity to talk to Lisa, asking how long she plans to stay in Hobart. She explains it will depend if there is a job or person to come back for. Ben is just about to ask her out on a date, when Lou arrives with a business proposition for Ben.
Having read their proposal the bank manager informs them that it would be successful, if they were over 18. She asks if either of them have a parent or guardian who would be willing to go guarantor on the project, as that would be the only way to get the money out of the bank.
Number 30
Ben is impressed with Lou's business proposal but asks if he can have some time to think about it. The girls come back through with the ice, so Lou agrees to have the final discussion later.
LOU: The one thing you need is space to conduct your business and you'll be in charge of a fully functioning garage.
Once Lou has left Ben explains what has just happened to the others, though he is still in a bit of a dream world. Sarah tells him to snap out of it and go grab some ice.
Toadie and Hannah arrive home, but Toadie decides to go home and comfort himself with pizza. Phil asks if they've been to see Dorothy at the bank; she's an old friend of his and rang to talk through the proposal with him. Phil seems interested in the idea.
PHIL: Dorothy wants me to go through the proposal and give it some thought.
HANNAH: You mean, you're going to go guarantor?
He's already had a look at it on the computer, but needs to have another look. Hannah starts getting excited, but Phil asks her not to tell Toadie until he's made a final decision.
Number 30
The party is in full swing, and Graham's singing in the lounge is to be avoided apparently! Ben asks Sarah if Lisa has said anything about fancying him, but it's the first she's heard of it. He explains he overheard her on the phone to her mum, and Sarah is a bit surprised, but reminds him if he's going to ask her out, he's got to do it tonight; Cinderella style.
Debbie arrives all dressed up for the party. Phil takes the opportunity to ask her about the juke-box and how successful it would be in the Coffee Shop. She admits if it was converted to CD's if would be very successful. As she heads off Hannah comes through; she pesters her dad for an answer on the proposal, but he tells her she'll have to wait till the morning.
Number 30
Sarah tries to ask Lisa about Ben, but Debbie arrives and the subject moves on. Debbie and Sarah head through to the lounge, so Ben takes the opportunity to talk to Lisa. She tells him he'll have to come and visit her as she'll miss him otherwise. He tells her he's glad she feels the same way and kisses her.
Ben is mortified and explains that he overheard her talking on the phone. She explains that it was sweet of him but she was talking to her mum about car maintenance. She kisses him to say sorry as Debbie and Sarah watch on.
Ramsay Street
Next morning, Ben does all the work on the stall as Sarah and Lisa recover from the previous night, complete with sunglasses. Lisa wonders if she should ring her mum.
SARAH: If you do, I'll make sure Ben stays out here. Wouldn't want him hearing anything and jumping to the wrong conclusions.
Susan arrives and starts to spot quite a few things Toadie is trying to sell that don't belong to him. She tells him to take the stuff back inside but Toadie isn't impressed. Susan wishes Lisa good luck for the career change, and Lisa admits that teaching wasn't for her. They hug.
Hannah convinces Phil that they are serious about the juke box. Debbie rushes through having just got up but realising the time rushes off to help with the stall, grabbing Phil's toast on the way. Hannah asks her dad if he's going to go guarantor for them. He reminds her that Toadie is involved too and that he wants to see something in writing, but otherwise yes, given that Toadie pays him back.
Ramsay Street
With her car all packed up and ready to go, Lisa says goodbye to Sarah, Ben and Debbie all in turn. Ben agrees to come and visit, while Debbie only just arrives in time, running across the street. They wave her off as she leaves.
Hannah comes running out of the house to find a miserable Toadie collecting his stuff together. She informs him that Phil will go guarantor, they get all excited.
Lou pops over and asks Ben if he'd like to come for a drive to see something about the garage. Ben agrees
Random Garage
Lou explains he'll be leasing the place, while Ben will be running the place. Ben is impressed by the location and cars which come with the place. Lou hopes he will say yes.
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