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Neighbours Episode 2904 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2904
Australian airdate: 24/07/97
UK airdate: 06/01/98
UK Gold: 12/12/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tommy Roles: Tibor Gyapjas
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Susan reminds Toadie that if he managed to get someone to pay him to take the juke box, he can probably find someone to help pay to mend it.
Harold arrives back with an attempt to try and enter the Salvation Army Band
Darren suggests Harold take tuba lessons from a mate of his from prison.
Number 30
Lisa answers the phone and is offered a job in the research department at the University of Hobart. She happily accepts the offer, but it is due to start in three days. Ben and Sarah tell her not to worry about things as they will help her get organised.
Number 24
Harold sits nervously as he waits for Darren's mate to arrive. He questions Darren about his mate, but as Harold doesn't have the guts to talk about prison, Darren isn't giving him any answers and instead just reminds him that he's a great musician. There's a knock at the door, and Harold goes to answer it quite sheepishly. Darren welcomes his friend in with open arms.
Hannah arrives to find Toadie taking even more of the juke box apart. He points out that as they don't have the thousand pounds, the only way they can do it is by themselves, so that's what he's doing.
Number 24
Darren and Tommy catch up on a few old times, as Darren updates him with his latest business plan. Tommy is impressed by what Darren has done, but decides it's time for some music, and starts to play some amazing jazz. Harold sees it as a way out of lessons, apologising that he only plays hymns. Darren jokes that it's more up Tommy's street as Tommy starts to play a rendition of Amazing Grace. Harold watches on looking amazed, confused and still a bit unsure of the whole idea. Tommy stops playing and gets Harold playing instead. Harold's version is a lot less successful, but with Tommy playing over the top, it doesn't sound too bad.
Over at the Kennedy's, Toadie isn't having much luck with the juke box.
Ramsay Street
Karl bumps into Harold as he power walks past the house. Karl is heading down to the porn-shop to try and get back Billy's bike and watch. He asks Harold about the music he heard the previous night. Harold tells him about Tommy, but explains he'd be happier if he knew what crime he'd committed. Karl is sure he'll have paid his debt to society. Harold agrees, but can't help but worry.
Number 30
As Sarah tries to organise a going away party for Lisa, the lady in question is busy writing a list of things to sort out. Ben and Sarah ask her about the rent, and she admits it's on her mind. They decide to run a garage sale as she has some stuff she doesn't need and needs most of her own cash for the move. The others decide they could chip in with some stuff too.
Karl arrives back with a bike for Billy, but Toadie is the only one home. The toad is a bit glum about his juke box as he has no money, but Karl isn't going to lend him any and advises him on saving.
TOADIE: On my rate of saving, I should be able to fix it by the time I'm 85
KARL: Just think, you'll have something to do in retirement.
Number 24
On learning that Tommy was inside for 9 years followed by another 3 year stint, Harold isn't so keen on the idea of lessons. Tommy is keen to teach though and tries to get Harold to play. He eventually lets slip that he wasn't in jail as a con but as the chaplain. Harold is relieved to hear they are in the same line of business - playing music for God, and soon starts playing with a smile on his face.
Coffee Shop
Toadie and Hannah are still trying to work out how to make money for the juke box. They ask Debbie how she would go about getting hold of money.
DEBBIE: That's easy. I'd type up a proposal, justifying expenditure against predicted income, make an appointment with the bank manager, whack on a power suit, slap on some lippy and negotiate.
Toadie isn't sure whether it would work for them.
Number 30
Ben arrives with some tables, and they start to set up the stall in the front garden. Toadie and Hannah arrive and Toadie asks if he'd be able to join in with selling some stuff. They agree he can, so he rushes off to organise.
Inside, Lisa is on the phone to her mum, talking about the trip. She mentions to her mum that she needs her car looking at and talks about Ben for a bit, mentioning how he's a sweetheart and she's going to miss him. Ben meanwhile is carrying out a box of things for the sale and overhears only the second part of the conversation.
Number 24
Harold is trying to play, but not with much success. Tommy suggests he loosens up a little, and to shake himself out. As Harold lives up to his 'jelly belly' nickname, wobbling his shoulders about Tommy answers the door to Darren. Tommy apologises that he probably won't be able to meet for a drink as he has his work cut out with Harold. Harold wonders why Darren didn't mention that Tommy was the chaplain, but Darren didn't believe it was an important detail. Darren heads off leaving Tommy to continue to battle with Harold's tuba playing.
Ramsay Street
With the stall nearly set up and ready to go, Ben compliments Lisa on her looks. Toadie arrives with a box of things to sell, including a present Karl had recently given him. Sarah arrives back on her bike having put posters around the local area. Toadie is all ready to put $100 on his stuff, but is persuaded to sell it for $25.
Number 24
Harold is struggling to relax as he's playing so Tommy decides that he should start marching. He practises marching around the room but bumps into the furniture. Tommy asks what he's like with his neighbours, and encourages him to head out into the street, marching and playing his tuba.
Ramsay Street
Harold and Tommy appear in the street, playing a rendition of 'When the Saints'.
Toadie isn't impressed at how he got knocked down with his prices for the street sale. He considers taking Debbie's option and drawing up a proposal for the bank, but Hannah doesn't see the point. She admits they don't have a better idea. He asks her to cut off his hair for him, as it will impress the bank manager.
Number 30
Darren pops over to see if Ben wants to go for a drink, but he declines as they have to set up the party. He asks Darren if he thinks there's any hint that Lisa might like him, and explains how he overheard the phone call she had with her mum earlier. Darren hasn't heard anything, but reminds Ben that it could be his last chance and that he's got nothing to lose.
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