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Neighbours Episode 2893 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2893
Australian airdate: 09/07/97
UK airdate: 19/12/97
UK Gold: 4/12/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Rohan Kendrick - Paul Zebrowski
Maintenance Man John Evans
Summary/Images by: Chloe
A video being delivered to Marlene for Lou from the dating agency.
Lou thinking it's insane that the police think he set fire to his own bus.
Darren being stuck on top of the lift...
The Lift
Darren shouts to Libby, Debbie and Rohan that the door is stuck and he can't get in. Debbie lifts Libby up and Libby undoes the catch and Darren jumps in. They're all relieved.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Lance are walking around Lassiters somewhere (it's dark, I can't see where they are!). Toadie thinks that Lance needs a date and intends to find him one. Toadie leads Lance into some sort of shed I think. Toadie points the torch at "Wurl Witzer". I don't know what it is, but Lance thinks it's cool.
Winchester Restaurant
Darren, Rohan, Libby and Debbie are walking along a corridor. Darren hopes he doesn't have to see the woman who was on the end of that phone. As you can imagine he's angry. They all doubt that Lisa and Ben will still be at the restaurant but they decide the check anyway. They all just want to go home, but Rohan tells them it's his last night in Ramsay Street and they tell him they'll join him.
Number 22
Marlene is playing with Lolly when Lou comes storming in. He kisses Lolly, saying hello, then gives Marlene the newspaper that implies he burnt down his own bus. Marlene tells him it'll soon be tomorrows news and hands him the dating agency video - he isn't in the mood. He carries on about the paper and then apologises for snapping at Marlene.
Lou's Place
Debbie asks Libby if she'll miss Rohan - which Libby says she will. Debbie then talks to Libby about Darren and how she saw how Libby reacted in the lift. Libby defends herself saying that he could have been crushed.
Darren and Rohan are playing pool. Darren teases him that the blindness is an act as he must be doing well. They laugh together and Darren tells him what to do for his next show.
Number 22
Lou puts in the dating agency video but hears Marlene coming and moves away from the TV. There's a knock at the door and Marlene answers it - it's Toadie and Lance. They want to know who owns the shed at Lassiters. Lou wants to know why this couldn't have waited until morning. Lou doesn't tell them who owns it and says goodnight to them.
Marlene tells Lou that he can't speak to people like that if he wants people to think he's innocent. Lou doesn't calm down and tells Marlene that if they don't think he's "innocent then they can all go...jump".
Ramsay Street
Libby, Debbie, Rohan and Darren all get out of the car - Rohan saying the Darren now owes him 7 drinks! Rohan asks Debbie to walk him home leaving Libby and Darren together. The have a little awkward conversation and Libby turns to go and begins to walk home, but stops and turns round. She asks him if they're still friends to which Darren replies 'absolutely'.
Number 22
Lou, Marlene, Rohan, Darren and Lolly are all around the table. Lou says he took a look at the video and has decided to phone up about the woman on it (Patricia her name was). The phone rings and Marlene answers - it's Diane looking for Lou. She tells Lou that Patricia is no longer interested. Lou gets mad, hanging up on her and telling her he understands perfectly why no-one is interested in him. He sits down at the table. Marlene tells him to ignore them.
LOU: How can I ignore them, Marlene? 'Hello, my name is Lou. My interests include movies, sport, having a good time and burning buses.'
Number 26
Toadie has come to visit Lance, who is still in his pyjamas. Toadie spots a list of girls and assumes they belong to Lance - who is desperate for a date, apparently. Lance says it's probably Anne's but Toadie can see right through it. He wants to know who Lance is most interested in. After a while Lance says it's Amy Greenwood - but he hasn't had the guts to talk to her yet.
Number 22
Rohan leaves to see Libby. Marlene sits down to read the newspaper article and Darren reads over her shoulder. Marlene wishes Lou wouldn't get so angry about it. Darren asks if Marlene actually thinks he did it but she admits that she doesn't know. Darren says this sort of this isn't Lou's style.
Number 28
Rohan has come round to say thank you to Libby for her support since he's been in the street. She makes him promise to phone at least once a week and visit. Toadie rushes through the door shouting that if Billy asks, it wasn't him and then runs out of the front door. Rohan asks Libby what happened between her and Darren last night. Libby says they agreed to be friends. Rohan begins to tell her that he hopes she's being honest with herself but Libby just takes his hand tells him that she will miss him.
Number 26
Toadie is trying to train Lance up. He directs him to the phone and tells him to be cool and he could talk about the horse riding camp as girls love cowboys. Lance dials the number and claims it's busy Toadie says that was too quick so Lance dials again.
LANCE: Oh God...
LANCE: It's ringing.
He begins talking to Amy, first of all clearing up who he is "It's Lance...Wilkinson...from science". Toadie whispers in his ear how to steer the conversation but this annoys Lance and they fight.
LANCE: Hi, yeah, sorry that was my dog. She grabbed it. She's a bit crazy. We might have to put her down. Ah...yeah it is pretty sad...erm, I was wondering...how are your holidays?
Toadie whispers that he's already asked that. Lance finally gets round to asking Amy out...
LANCE: Erm, would you like to go out some time?...No I meant with me...you would?! Excellent, alright then, bye! (he goes to hang up) Oh, um, when and where?
They agree a time and Lance hangs up, shouting 'she said yes' him and Toadie hug and jump around the room. They realise what they're doing and stop, put on deep voices and act manly.
Number 26
Lance isn't sure what to wear and asks Toadie. Toadie tells him not to look dorky and suggests stretch everything. Lance doesn't think that's a good idea as she'll know he's faking - but Toadie says she doesn't really know what he's like.
Number 22
Lou, Darren, Marlene and Libby are all having a drink to say farewell to Rohan. They ask for a speech, but Rohan isn't too sure.
ROHAN: Ahh, well, there aren't any words to do justice to how I feel. Where to start? Libby - you kept me going when all I wanted to do was chuck it in. Thanks, I'll always think of you as a dear friend. Darren - you wanna lose some more money at pool? Give us a call! Marlene and Lou - I feel more of a sense of family living in your home than I have in a long, long time. Thanks for letting me be a part of that.
Lou says anytime, and Rohan finishes saying he'll miss them all. They toast to Rohan.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is trying to coach Lance on what to do. Lance tells him not to follow as he doesn't need an audience. Toadie drops back and pretends to walk off, when Lance turns the corner Toadie follows. Lance has waited for him round the corner and asks what he's doing. Toadie says he though he heard something and then wishes Lance good luck.
The Other End Of Ramsay Street
Rohan says goodbye to everyone (Marlene, Lou, Lolly and Darren).
Number 22
Marlene tries to talk to Lou about the bus thing. She tells him that he's had to put up with a lot lately and sometimes things can get out of hand and things might be lost control of. Lou asks her what she's on about
MARLENE: Well, I know it wasn't a good time for you when the bus business and things were somewhat bleak but I was just wondering maybe you've been bottling something up that you'd like to share with a sympathetic ear, in the strictest confidence.
LOU: Are you suggesting that I torched my own bus and I've been lying all this time?
They argue. Marlene says that if he has anything to say he has her and Darren's complete support, in anything. Lou is outraged and very angry that she, of all people, would stab him in the back. Marlene tells him to forget it and leave it. Lou is still mad that she would think that.
LOU: In fact, if that is your attitude I don't even want you in this house.
LOU: If you can't trust me without question then you are not welcome here. Now you have your own place, I suggest you think about going back to it.
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