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Neighbours Episode 2753 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2753
Australian airdate: 27/11/96
UK airdate: 03/06/97
UK Gold: 27/05/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Summary/Images by: Emily
Debbie joins Harold and Madge playing scrabble.
Cath and Mal head out to the theatre.
Luke advises Mal to talk to Jo.
Phil advises Lance to tell Karl the truth about the car.
Coffee Shop
Mal and Cath are having a coffee following the theatre. Mal really enjoyed his evening, as normally he hates musicals. He reckons it is either due to the fact the tickets were free, or the company. Realising what he means, Cath agrees; she had a nice evening too. They hope Jo will be okay with it, and gazing into one another's eyes, decide to have another coffee, though looking up, soon realise that the place is deserted.
Number 32
Anne and Lance are watching a film, though Lance is miles away. Ruth decides it's time for them to head to bed, and sends a reluctant Anne off. Lance asks if he can talk to his mum first. Once Anne has gone, he admits to Ruth that he was the one who scratched Karl's car, in an accident where he lost control of the trolleys. Ruth is glad he was honest, but shocked to hear he was on roller blades too. They agree to talk to Karl in the morning and sort it out.
Number 26
Helen asks after Madge and Harold's evening, but Madge hasn't heard from Harold since he left. She admits she isn't sure when they'll meet up again. Madge tells Helen how she was still able to predict all the little things he does, but it's the big gestures that she just doesn't know about him anymore. Helen reminds her to give him time.
Number 30
Cath and Mal arrive back, though decide to part at the doorway so as not to disturb Jo. Mal mentions that he'll see her tomorrow, and she smiles as he heads off.
Number 26
Next morning, Madge isn't able to get hold of Harold, and it's making her worry. Helen reminds her that Harold is allowed to do things on his day off, but Madge would like to be spending the day with him.
Number 30
Luke passes on Cath's offer of breakfast. She ends up admitting that she and Mal went out for drinks after the theatre. Jo appears, feeling a lot better and is glad that Cath was able to use her spare ticket. Jo heads back to bed, leaving Cath to ask Luke to ensure that Mal makes the situation clear with Jo that things are over, as she doesn't want to end up in the middle. Luke agrees that it's wise.
Number 28
Lance has admitted the truth to Karl who appears to be understanding, but is disappointed that it took him so long. Ruth asks what the next step will be so Karl will get some quotes and they can take it from there.
Coffee Shop
Coming to the end of their run, Mal raves at how great his evening was though Luke mentions that Jo was disappointed that she couldn't come. He warns his friend not to leave it too long to tell Jo what is really going on. Mal would rather wait a few days, but Luke suggests talking to her that afternoon.
Number 26
Madge heads out for a walk, but not before making Helen promise to call if Harold shows up. Ruth tells Helen that Lance finally owned up to damaging Karl's car, but Helen reveals that she already knew as Phil witnessed it. Ruth heads outside to see Phil.
Coffee Shop
Madge sits down to have a coffee and notices Harold over at the next table reading the paper. He apologises for not making contact as he has a friend coming to stay and is preparing for her visit. Madge is disappointed to learn that Harold is quite close to this lady as she was also at the rehab centre with him in Tasmania. Madge asks about herself, doesn't he want to spend time with her as a friend? Harold admits he does, but feels he has to consider the other friends he has made in their time apart as well.
Harold admits it was wrong of him not to call her back, and Madge is delighted to hear that he enjoyed their evening together and he didn't want it to end. He suggests that they spend another evening together and that he is free that evening. They agree to meet at Madge's place again.
Number 26 Backyard
Phil explains to Ruth that he thought he'd done the right thing in talking to Lance, but Ruth asks that she would like to be informed of what is going on with her children and not be left in the dark.
Number 32
Ruth arrives home and tells Lance about her meeting with Phil. She asks that next time he talks to her about it, as that way they can resolve the issue together rather than hide away from it. He agrees, and wonders how they will cover the costs. Ruth isn't sure yet, but reckons they'll find a way, together.
Number 30
Mal pops over to see Jo who is feeling much more cheerful and suggests they go for a night out. Mal wants to talk though, and admits that he doesn't want a relationship with her. She doesn't mind about taking it slow, but he points out that she is expecting something to happen and he doesn't feel the same way. He asks that they remain as friends.
Number 28
Lance comes over to see Karl. He wants to pay for the car himself, Karl agrees, but warns him that it will leave him out of pocket for a while. Lance understands and heads off as Mal arrives home.
Mal explains to his father how he just gave Jo the 'flick'. He explains how although he'd told her earlier, she didn't realise how he'd felt and still wanted a relationship. Mal admits he feels bad about it even though they didn't have a relationship to start with. Karl points out that it's because he knew she wanted more, but that they will soon be friends again.
Coffee Shop
Jo heads down to the Coffee Shop to talk to Cath. Jo believes that Mal was using her, if he didn't like her he shouldn't have talked about taking it slow. Cath isn't sure what to say.
Number 32
Anne asks her mum when she will be allowed to go to bed on her own decision, as she's 16. Ruth however reckons that midnight is late enough, but Anne points out her friends get to decide for themselves. Ruth jokes she's a terrible mother, as Lance arrives home. He explains he's going to pay for the damage to the car himself. Ruth is impressed and grabs both her children into a hug.
Coffee Shop
A cheerful Mal arrives to see Cath, though Cath warns him that Jo was in earlier and isn't all that happy. Mal asks if she'd like to go out with him again that evening, but Cath would rather wait until things settle down with Jo. Mal suggests the weekend but Cath sticks to her guns, leaving Mal to wonder what will happen if Jo never gets over it.
Number 26
Helen is helping Madge to choose outfits for the evening. Helen reminds her that she has to take things slowly, but Madge thinks that another date may help Harold to remember more, and admits she can't ignore what has happened between them. Madge decides to head out to buy a new outfit, but Helen warns her not to go overboard and rush things. Madge isn't happy and reminds Helen that it was her idea to come and visit to see if she and Harold could get back together. She informs Helen she doesn't appreciate people knocking the tiny bit of self-confidence that she has left in all of this.
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