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Neighbours Episode 2754 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2754
Australian airdate: 28/11/96
UK airdate: 04/06/97
UK Gold: 27/05/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Darren plans to take Libby camping.
- Helen warns Madge not to rush things with Harold.
- Susan informs Toadie that he can only keep two of the mice.
Number 22
Darren and Libby are getting the last of the equipment ready for their camping trip. Lou offers them some camping advice about putting up tents, but Libby jokes he should be more worried about the insurance on the car. Libby reckons they should make a move, but pick up a map on their way. Darren isn't so keen on the idea.
DARREN: Map!? I know my way their backwards.
LIBBY: Yeah, but it's going to take forever driving all the way in reverse.
They head off.
Dress Store
Sarah is helping Madge to choose a dress to wear for her date with Harold.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is telling Hannah of his idea to sell the mice. She jokes about wrapping them up in gift boxes, which he thinks is a great idea, and manages to get her to agree to help. Having sorted out the mice issue, he asks for some advice over a girl he likes. She reckons if he's already messed it up, as he spilt pie on her, then he may as well move on and find someone else.
Dress Store
Sarah is wrapping up the dress for Madge who is now wondering if she should've gone for something a little more conservative. She decides she'll go with it anyway and thanks Sarah.
Petrol Station
Whilst Libby is at a distance, Darren takes the opportunity to a look at a map. Libby returns and realising Darren has a map, tries to get him to admit he lost. Darren however claims he found it in the bin, but when Libby suggests they put it back in the bin, he starts to make a fuss. Libby jokes that he must be lost but Darren isn't lost, they've just moved the lake! Yeah, right! Libby announces that she's taking charge of the navigating so they'll stop going around in circles.
Number 28
The teen gang are making cardboard boxes with selotape and glue to sell the mice in. Watch out Blue Peter your job is on the line! Billy is getting bored, so Toadie decides to go and get the mice. Whilst he's out the room, Hannah starts chatting about Toadie's secret girlfriend. Billy lets slip that Toadie has a crush on Sarah, and Hannah is amused. Toadie is annoyed to find out that Billy let it slip, but he thought she already knew. Whilst Hannah goes to get decorations for the box, Toadie warns Billy not to let anyone else find out.
Number 26
Madge is trying on her new dress in front of the mirror when Debbie arrives. Hannah pops over to pick up a few items, as Madge goes to the bedroom to do her make-up. Hannah wonders what she was wearing, but Debbie warns her not to say anything, reminding her that Madge is allowed to wear what she wants.
Number 28
Hannah and Anne arrived armed with wrapping paper. Hannah makes a joke about Toadie loving both mice and Sarah, so Toadie organises a production line and takes Hannah over to one side. He makes it clear that he doesn't want the whole world knowing, but she admits she's already told Anne.
Libby and Darren have finally found the lake that moved. They decide to set up camp, so Darren decides that Libby can go and find the firewood, whilst he puts the tent up. She warns him that she knows he is joking so she'll let him off. Darren goes to get the kit out of the car, but soon realises that he forgot the tent poles.
Number 28
Billy, Anne and Hannah are discussing whether Sarah would've worked out that it's Toadie who is her admirer yet. Toadie isn't keen to hear them discussing his love life, but Billy reckons the trick would be to play it cool.
Darren has managed to erect the tent using branches and rope. It's upright for now, but would seem the wind is picking up. Libby doesn't look too hopeful. Having constructed her fire, Darren points her to a box for the matchsticks. After some rummaging she finds the matchstick box, though soon realises it's full of paperclips. Darren suggests they use the cigarette lighter from the car, but Libby is getting less impressed by the minute.
Number 28
Billy is talking to Anne, saying how he thinks she's a really lovely girl and ends up by asking her out. It turns out Billy is showing Toadie a way that he could ask Sarah out, but Anne seems impressed by Billy's declaration of 'his feelings' and smiles. Billy explains how being upfront and honest is the best way, Toadie couldn't agree more and leaves them to clear up the mess whilst he goes to have a shower.
Number 26
Madge has gone a little overboard with candles, when Harold arrives. His draw drops to about the level of her dress when he sees it, but he doesn't have a chance to say much as she thanks him for the flowers, and grabs him by the hand, seating him down for some home cooking. Harold is disappointed to hear that Helen won't be joining them for scrabble, but Madge reckons with the house to themselves they'll have much more fun.
Number 28
Toadie appears all scrubbed up for asking Sarah out. Billy tries to persuade him out of it, but Toadie is having none of it, besides Anne was clearly impressed by Billy's speech. Debbie arrives to collect Hannah, and Toadie also heads off leaving a rather awkward moment between Billy and Anne.
Darren and Libby are enjoying toasted marshmallows by their campfire. Libby laughs at them eating beans out of the can, and Darren admits he forgot to pack the plates. Libby doesn't seem to bothered by it though and suggests they live there permanently. They snuggle up by the fire.
Dress Shop
Sarah is about to pack up the shop when Toadie arrives. He bottles out from asking her out, and instead ends up spending all his money on a rather random scarf. He makes a quick exit leaving Sarah amused.
Darren suggests they head to the tent, so Libby goes to set up the sleeping bags, whilst he puts the fire out. Libby shrieks on seeing a spider, so Darren heads in to remove it. Wondering what else can go wrong a bolt of lightning strikes and Darren's tent rigging collapses. Having had enough, Libby decides she's going to sleep in the car instead, leaving Darren sitting in the collapsed tent.
Number 26
Harold compliments Madge on the meal, so she offers him a herbal tea. Heading through to the lounge Madge is keen to snuggle up on the sofa, but it appears Harold would rather they kept things platonic. Madge points out that as husband and wife they are allowed to do what they want, but Harold doesn't see it as appropriate. He explains how they don't know each other as well as they used to and that it's all been a misunderstanding. He leaves with a quick exit.
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