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Neighbours Episode 2752 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2752
Australian airdate: 26/11/96
UK airdate: 02/06/97
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: N/A
- "120 Guava Lamp" by Banana Oil
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Lance loses control of the trolleys, scratching Karl's car.
- The coroner's verdict leaves Karl in the clear.
- Mal explains to Luke that Jo is happy not to have a relationship.
Ramsay Street
Susan spots Helen in her driveway and comes over to talk. Helen admits she is doing much better, and Susan explains how happy she is now that Karl is in the clear; like a whole weight has been lifted from them. Ruth comes to join them, and ends up discussing school holidays with Susan. She points out that her kids will be joining Erinsborough High once term starts again, but Susan reckons it'll be no problem. Ruth heads into Helen's to set up for their appointment, and Susan also heads home.
As Ruth heads in, Phil appears, wondering if Susan was asking after the car. Helen hasn't heard, and Phil explains how he saw Lance smash into it. They decide that it would be best to give Lance the opportunity to explain it himself. They have a laugh at how Karl is likely to react.
Number 30
Luke has received a letter from Danni but doesn't feel very lucky. Cath reminds him of his dream of becoming a teacher, but he still misses her. They delve into the cookie mixture she is busy stirring, and agree that the mixture always tastes better than the final product. Jo however is miles away; she's bought tickets to the theatre as a surprise for Mal, and is going to tell him on the way to work. Cath hides her disappointment.
Ramsay Street
Mal arrives back to discover the scratch on his father's car. Jo appears and informs him that she has a surprise for him that evening; tickets for the theatre. He isn't that excited, but agrees to pick her up at seven. She spots his new ute, and suggests they take it that evening for a test drive. He reluctantly agrees and she heads off to work.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are chatting about Darren and the court case when Mal arrives and informs Karl of the scratch on his car. Karl heads outside to inspect the damage.
Ramsay Street
Karl is furious and determined to find culprit. Susan points out that as they are in a cul-de-sac, no one would've driven past, leading Karl to suspect it as deliberate. Spotting Lance, Karl asks if he's seen anyone, but he hasn't.
Number 26
As Helen practises her exercise, Ruth talks about how having a new pet in the house has about as many issues as a new child; toilet training and wrecking anything within reach. The door goes, so Ruth offers to answer it. Karl wonders if either of them has seen anyone by his car, he mentions how he'll have to contact the insurance so will loose his bonus, and it'll probably cost a lot. Helen states that she hasn't seen anything, so he heads off. Ruth admits she doesn't blame him, as it's not an expense she'd like to cover at this moment. Helen sits there silently.
Number 32
Ruth arrives home to find Lance feeding the dog a shoe, and opens her post to discover yet more bills. She asks him if he's heard about Karl's car. Lance is rather vague, but admits he heard something about it. Ruth mentions she had a look on the way home and it looks pretty bad; she reckons it could cost up to $1000 to be repaired, causing Lance to go very quiet.
Number 28
Karl is still going on about his car, but Susan gets annoyed with him about it, so he heads to the bedroom to call the garage regarding the repairs. Mal asks Susan if she'd iron his shirt for him as he's off to the theatre that night with Jo. Susan teases him about it, but Mal is certain nothing is going to happen. Karl reappears and informs Susan that he'll have to take the car down to the garage to be assessed. He contemplates calling the insurance company again, but Susan has clearly had enough and says whatever answers she needs to say to get him to shut up!
Number 30
Mal arrives to find Cath busy cooking. He grabs one of her cookies straight off the tray to discover they are still hot from the oven. She shows him her date loaf mix, which he digs into, using the traditional finger in the bowl method and admits it takes him back to when he was little and Susan used to let him lick the bowl. He is able to decipher the ingredients pretty quickly and they briefly share some memories. Luke arrives and wonders what is going on, but Mal asks him if he saw anything funny in the street.
LUKE: Funny like a chocolaty, orangey, walnutty, date loaf?
Mal decides to take Luke to see his new ute, so the lads head out the back. Cath yells that they are to come back and help her wash up, but the response isn't all that positive!
Number 28 Garage
Luke checks out the scratch on the car. Mal admits he wanted to talk to him about tonight, as he's supposed to be going to the theatre with Jo, but he isn't that keen on the idea and the theatre isn't really his thing.
LUKE: No, more the sit at home and eat cake mix with Cath type.
MAL: Is it that obvious?
LUKE: It's beyond obvious.
Mal isn't sure what to do, but is certain that Jo isn't his type. Luke isn't sure that Jo sees it that way, so Mal decides he'll go to the show, but explain to her afterwards that nothing is going to happen.
Number 28
Inside, Karl is adding up the cost of the repairs, but Susan has just about had enough of it all, when Karl gets an idea to make some flyers.
SUSAN: Karl, for goodness sake, will you please just drop it. Of all the stupid, idiotic ideas.
KARL: What!?
SUSAN: Have you given any thought at all, of how the last few weeks have been for me? And then finally the inquest into Cheryl's death is over, and you should be happy. But no, first of all it's Toadie's mice, and now it's this stupid scratch, and you're running around like a chook with it's head cut off and you expect me to keep pace. Well I won't. Yes, it's a pity, and yes, it's a nuisance, and I'm sorry that whoever did it, didn't leave their name and address; but it is NOT the end of the world, and I do not want to hear another word about the stupid cost, or the stupid insurance, or the stupid fl.... flyers.
(Karl turns around to say something, but Susan continues) No Karl, no, don't. Do not say one word. I really do not want to hear one more word.
And with that she is gone out the door, leaving Karl rather puzzled.
Number 30
Cath is busy washing up, and declares she doesn't want to cook dinner tonight, so Luke offers to cook instead.
LUKE: What do you feel like?
CATH: Anything but cake mix!
Cath reminds him that Jo won't be eating with them as she's off out with Mal. Cath wonders what is going on between the two of them, but Luke reassures her that Mal isn't interested in Jo, not in the way she's worried about anyway. Cath is curious as to what Luke was referring to. She starts hitting him with a tea-towel to get him to reveal what he knows, but Jo arrives. She's decided she's too ill to go to the theatre tonight and is going to go to bed instead. She asks that they apologise to Mal for her, and offers them the tickets to use instead. Jo heads to bed, leaving Cath puzzled.
LUKE: Well I think one of us had better stay and keep an eye on her, and the other one had better go to the theatre with Mal, like she said. The question is who's it to be, me or you?
Ramsay Street
Phil comes out to find Karl staring down the street. Karl asks if he's seen Susan, but Phil hasn't. Karl reveals they had a fall out and she headed out, but hasn't yet returned. Phil points out they've had a lot going on recently, and Karl admits that the fuss over the car was the last straw. Phil is sure they'll work it out, but a miserable Karl heads back inside.
Number 30
Mal arrives so Cath and Luke explain the situation with Jo. Luke offers the ticket to Cath, so she heads off to get ready. Mal thanks him, but Luke warns him to talk to Jo sooner rather than later, before things get too out of hand.
Number 28
Susan arrives home, to find a lonesome Karl reading the paper. After a slight pause, the two apologise to one another, and Karl admits he made a mistake, and thought he had her support. Susan tells him not to always assume such things, and admits she went to the Coffee Shop. Sitting down together, Karl tells Susan he loves her, but she jokes that he's going to have to do a bit more than just say it. They start to kiss.
Number 32 Drive
Phil comes by with a bone for Bonnie, which he gives to Ruth, however she has dinner on the stove so has to head back in. Lance meanwhile is sorting out his paper delivery, so Phil goes over to talk to him.
PHIL: Saw you collecting trolleys today. And I saw you take the side of the Kennedys' car out.
Lance looks up, but Phil reveals he hasn't said anything yet. He advises Lance to do the right thing and tell Karl the truth.
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