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Neighbours Episode 2751 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2751
Australian airdate: 25/11/96
UK airdate: 30/05/97
UK Gold: 23/05/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Emily
Karl waits anxiously to hear back from the coroners.
Lance and Hannah admit to Phil that they've been making their relationship up.
Karl waits as Toadie returns home.
Number 22
Darren returns home and agrees to help Marlene move the remainder of her belongings. He informs Marlene and Lou that he may not be around the next few days as he's hoping to take Libby camping, following her exams. Lou heads back upstairs with Lolly, leaving Darren to approach the subject of birthday's with Marlene. She points out that given it was also his mother's birthday, she doesn't plan on making any wild celebrations.
Handing the mice back to Toadie, Karl warns him that they are to be gone by tomorrow, or he's on his way back to his mother's. Karl heads off to bed leaving the boys to talk. Billy points out how lucky Toadie has been. If it had been him, Karl would've called a family meeting; humiliated him, and then grounded him. Toadie is intrigued to hear more about the family meetings.
BILLY: (sarcastic) Oh, they are very democratic. We all sit around the table; everyone gets to have their say about what they want, and then we do what Dad wants.
This revelation gives Toadie a sudden brainwave.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is throwing a tennis ball about when Lance rollerblades up the street (fully clad in protective gear) with a supermarket trolley. He explains how he's collecting them to try and earn some extra money, as the supermarket pays you if you return them. He apologises about the boyfriend palaver, but Hannah explains that it's all cool now. He offers to buy her a milkshake by way of an apology.
As Lance skates off on his 12 wheels (trolley plus rollerblades) to put the trolley away, Phil appears. Hannah tells her dad she's heading off to the Coffee Shop with Lance and will be back later.
Left standing in the middle of the street, Phil spots Marlene coming out the driveway, giving careful instructions to Lou and Darren who are helping her to move a 'family heirloom'. Phil tries to help by giving Lou 'advice' only the smirk on his face reaffirms that his advice really isn't helping! He wishes Marlene a Happy Birthday, before heading off.
Bouncing back into the house, Hannah informs her sister that she's going for a drink with Lance. Like the majority, Debbie doesn't see what the big deal is, but Hannah is unable to wipe the grin off her face. Debbie wonders how Phil and Ruth feel about it, but Hannah explains that their dad understands and Lance no longer needs to hide his job. She is convinced the two of them will make a brilliant couple and starts quoting lines from her teen magazine. Debbie watches on bemused, as only an older sister can!
As Karl gets ready for the enquiry, Toadie asks that he calls a family meeting regarding the mice. He explains how Billy told him about family meetings, and he feels that as part of the family he should be allowed one too.
KARL: Did he tell you I like to be uncompromising and dictorial as well?
Toadie calmly agrees, while Billy makes a run for it! Karl isn't so sure about holding a meeting, but Susan highlights that Toadie does have a point. Pleased that he's got his meeting, Toadie announces it to everyone, and asks Libby to be involved. She explains that won't be able to make it.
TOADIE: (pleading) But it's for my mice!
LIBBY: Well in that case, I vote eviction.
KARL: Thank you Elizabeth, you are a good girl. (pauses) At least I hope you're a good girl!?
LIBBY: (cheekily) No, not really.
Libby heads out, leaving Toadie to negotiate his meeting time. Karl still hasn't agreed, but a quick vote of hands from both Billy and Susan seems he has no option.
Number 22
As Marlene gets ready to go to the coroner's court, Libby pops over with a birthday card for her. Marlene heads off leaving Lou with a very chatty Lolly. Libby chats to Lou about the enquiry, but Darren isn't keen to listen so heads off to collect a few more of Marlene's belongings. Lou admits to Libby that he'll be relieved when it's all over. He's worried how Darren will react, if the verdict doesn't go how they hope.
Karl wanders in from the garden to see Billy, Toadie and Susan at the dining table. He asks what is going on and is swiftly reminded of the family meeting. Claiming he has better things to do, Susan points out that the sooner they get on with it, the sooner it'll be over. Karl is put out that Mal has been able to avoid it. Susan announces that Mal's vote will be null and void, though Libby's vote of no still counts. Toadie puts forward a last minute plea for his mice, though Karl can't believe what he is hearing.
The vote goes ahead, with Karl voting no to join Libby's vote, and Billy and Toadie both vote yes; leaving the deciding vote to Susan. Karl is relieved and is sure Susan will join his vote, after all she was the one who wanted to get rid of the smelly mice in the first place. However, seeing the power she has Susan decides not to give them an answer just yet, and informs them all she wants some time as she thinks of an alternative solution.
Debbie is trying to read the paper, when Hannah runs through asking for advice about her outfit. Fretting about, she jumps when Lance knocks on the door. Not wanting to appear desperate she persuades Debbie to answer the door for her. Lance appears standing as we last saw him in his work overalls. Hannah reappears, though quickly disappears, talking at the rate of knots about going to get a jacket. Debbie takes the opportunity to warn Lance that Hannah may be seeing this as more than just a drink between friends. Lance admits he can't see anything happening, and looks rather scared at the idea, though before he has time to think, Hannah has bounded back in and the two head off.
Karl returns inside to find the boys laughing. Not impressed he quizzes Susan about what her decision will be. Susan is still trying to work out the fairest decision, though Karl is keen to persuade her otherwise. Susan is saved by a knock at the door; it turns out to be Darren looking for Libby. While Susan goes to find her, Karl asks after Marlene, though Darren is rather quiet about the subject. Karl attempts to talk light-heartedly about the inquest, though Darren isn't impressed. Karl hopes that once the enquiry is over, the truth will come out. Darren doesn't agree, and points out that everything appears to stand in Karl's favour. He feels as though no one cares about his mum anymore.
Coffee Shop
Hannah suggests they go and watch a film after their milkshakes. Lance isn't so keen, and tells Hannah how Debbie thought they were going on a date, but that's not what he had planned. Hannah tries to joke it off. Lance is glad they've been able to sort it though Hannah's expression tells a different story.
Hannah is furious that her sister ruined her chances with Lance. Debbie points out that it can't have been that embarrassing and at least she now knows that Lance didn't feel the same way. Hannah is annoyed that Debbie has made her look like an idiot. She reckons it's because her sister is jealous that she can't get a boyfriend of her own so has to ruin it for her.
Number 22
Marlene has returned home and tells them how she had to talk to the court about Cheryl's other doctors and drugs. She informs a curious Libby that the court ruled Karl would not have known about the other drugs and that Cheryl would not have pulled through anyway due to her other injuries.
MARLENE: I am so glad it's all over.
DARREN: The only hitch being, that mum's not around anymore.
Angry, Darren gets up and leaves.
Number 28
Karl is talking on the phone as the boys bicker over a computer game of some sorts. Susan arrives home, and has been thinking about her decision; Toadie can keep two of the same sex, but he has to get rid of the rest. Toadie is confused; how can he keep just two!? What is he going to say to the others? Um, minor point, they're not going to understand you anyway. Billy suggests he closes his eyes and uses a brick, though Susan isn't so impressed.
Karl hangs up and informs Susan that he's in the clear. Relieved; they hug.
Libby arrives back looking for Darren, but figuring he hasn't come over to take his anger out on her father, she heads back out to look for him.
Coffee Shop
Libby has found Darren. Angry that his mum wasn't able to defend herself, she is named as the guilty by the court. Libby points out that the coroner's aim was to find out how she died; not to blame anyone. Libby sympathises with him, but reminds him she also has to think about her father in this. She asks what it means for them as a couple. He tells her he loves her, but she points out that it's not enough. Libby reminds him that he has to think about the injuries his mother suffered, as he can't keep taking it out on her and her family.
Ramsay Street
Darren approaches as Karl is busy polishing his car. Darren admits that there were no surprises in the report and asks if they can become civil again. Karl is pleased to hear that Libby talked to him, and offers to shake on it, but Darren's hand stays firmly in his pocket. The two head back to their respective houses.
Phil comes out the house to grab his paper, whilst Lance comes whizzing up the road on his rollerblades with another load of trolleys. Turning the corner, Lance slips and the trolleys continue forward, smashing into Karl's nicely polished car. Quickly inspecting the scratch, he grabs the trolleys and heads home, as Phil watches on.
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