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Neighbours Episode 2750 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2750
Australian airdate: 22/11/96
UK airdate: 29/05/97
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Anne Wilkinson: Brooke Satchwell
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dahl & Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie is still determined to win Sarah.
Karl tells Lou it'll take a few days before they hear a result from the coroner.
Harold and Madge toast to 'new beginnings'.
Number 28
Susan and they boys are waiting for Karl to get home, but it's getting later and later. Susan suggests the boys head out as they had planned too originally as she doesn't know when their father will be back.
Ramsay Street
Anne is out looking for Bonnie, who has gone walkabouts. Billy comes down the drive and bumps into her. She introduces herself as the new neighbour, and explains how the puppy has run off; he offers to help check the street with her.
Number 30
Mal pops by, but Luke is out. Sarah admits she hasn't had anything to eat yet, so suggests they all go and grab something. Mal agrees and pesters Cath into joining them.
Whilst Cath gets sorted, Billy comes by with Anne. He introduces her to Sarah and explains how they are looking for Bonnie. While Sarah shows Anne the way out to the back, Mal ribs his brother about dropping his study session to help out a 'hot chick'.
Number 28
Karl arrives back tired, explaining to Susan that he stopped in at Chez Chez to see Marlene on route home. She asks how the trial went so hel explains how he answered the questions honestly and that it's all up to the coroner now. Susan reassures her husband that he should get a good result and that it'll be proved an accident.
Noticing the quiet house, Karl asks about the kids. Susan explains she had cooked a roast, but the kids went out in the end. He apologises for not returning home sooner, and offers to get a good bottle of wine. Susan asks that he checks for any rats under the house (where the wine is stored) as the smells have been getting worse.
Coffee Shop
Harold and Madge agree it has been a wonderful dinner. Harold is still unsure about modern etiquette so Madge suggests they get some coffee. Harold likes the idea of having them back at Helen's so goes to settle the bill.
Underneath Number 28
Karl heads under the house to his prized wine selection. Turning around he notices the Wilkinson's puppy sat in the dust. His attention though is soon turned to a bank of cages over on the side, each harbouring five or six mice.
KARL (muttering): Oh Toadfish, you are a dead man.
Number 26
Coming to the end of their coffees, Harold informs Madge that he has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her; though all good things must come to an end. He gets up to leave, but Madge soon spots the scrabble board and wonders if he still plays. He certainly does; so they agree to start a game.
Number 28
Karl has returned with the box of mice. Susan is shocked to learn that Toadie hadn't got rid of them like he'd promised, but Karl just wants them gone. Billy reappears back, accompanied by Anne and Bonnie. Billy is surprised to see the mice, but now understands what the smell was all about. Susan reminds him to introduce Anne to them, and proceeds to send him out the back to look for twine (to tie the garden gate so Bonnie doesn't escape again).
With the commotion over, Karl and Susan begin to settle down to dinner, but there is another knock on the door.
KARL (annoyed): Oh, who's that!?
SUSAN: I don't know!
Karl isn't so pleased to see it's Darren. He's come to find Libby, but Susan explains she's gone out to celebrate the end of her exams. Darren gets the hint and leaves. Karl and Susan finally drink their wine.
Coffee Shop
Sarah, Cath and Mal have arrived for their evening. Toadie comes by to take their orders, and helps Sarah to her chair. Mal and Cath tease Sarah about Toadie, who has started juggling some oranges back behind the counter.
CATH (to Sarah): I think you better look now, or he'll start juggling the blenders.
Sarah, however, knows Toadie just wants her attention, so refuses to look.
Number 26
Harold challenges Madge to a rematch at scrabble, just as Debbie arrives back. On seeing the scrabble board, she gets excited and invites herself to join in. Harold and Madge both look more than a little put out.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are relaxing on the sofa after their meal. Karl however, soon starts laughing about Toadie...
SUSAN: I think it shows a very caring side to him, trying to save those mice.
KARL: No, I'm amazed at his love for those animals.
SUSAN: Does that mean you've forgiven him?
KARL: No way (laughing), I'm going to make his life living hell.
The conversation quickly changes...
KARL: You tired?
SUSAN: No, not desperately.
Karl turns the TV off.
KARL: Good, let's go to bed.
SUSAN: You are in a good mood.
KARL: Yeah, make the most of it!
SUSAN: I intend to.....Come on!
Number 26
Debbie has won yet another game of scrabble, but hasn't noticed that Madge and Harold aren't enjoying it. Madge makes comments about being tired, and Harold suggests it may be time to leave, but Debbie persuades them to finish the current game.
Number 32
Billy loiters in the hallway as Anne puts Bonnie out in the laundry. Anne returns and thanks Billy for his help that evening. He invites her to come down to the Coffee Shop with him so he can introduce her to Toadie. Anne is reluctant at first, but agrees.
Coffee Shop
Mal is recalling the time he quit university, with Cath and she wonders if he still remembers when they first met. Mal admits he was hung up on Danni at the time, but he did notice her. Sarah promptly reminds them both that she's still at the table with them.
Toadie comes by with some free deserts, but Mal distracts him, and the desert ends up on Sarah's lap. Toadie freaks out and tries to help, but Mal suggests he heads to the kitchen, where he dies of embarrassment. Sarah wonders what on earth he'll try and do next.
Darren has come by for a coffee. He goes to sit at a table to wait for Libby (who might come by, after her party). Billy and Anne arrive. Billy introduces Toadie to Anne, and Toadie tells Billy of his latest disaster, claiming his evening couldn't get any worse. Billy reveals Karl found the mice; though they didn't stick around long enough for the reaction.
Libby and her party mates arrive. Spotting Darren at a different table, she heads over to join him. He's disappointed that she didn't celebrate the end of exams with him, but she suggests they can always celebrate it again.
Number 26
Harold decides it's time to call it a night, so heads off, but not before thanking Madge for a lovely evening.
HAROLD: Goodnight, my dear, it's been a memorable evening.
MADGE: Sleep well
HAROLD: And you. I'll be in touch soon.
Madge returns to the lounge, and doesn't waste time in informing Debbie that she and Harold wanted to play scrabble, alone. Debbie admits she didn't realise, but Madge just advises her not to keep digging.
Number 28 Front Porch
Mal is contemplating life, the stars and the universe as Libby arrives home. She admits she's tired so heads on inside to bed. Billy soon arrives home and stops to natter to his brother. Mal admits that he's had a nice evening with Cath, who looked sensational, but his brother reminds him he's supposed to be dating Jo. Changing the subject, Mal quizzes his brother over Anne. Billy claims their just friends, but Mal gives him a brotherly punch and wishes him good luck before heading inside.
Number 30
The girls have settled in with crisps and a movie, Cath asks Sarah how things are going with 'the reptile' (um, a toad is an amphibian, not a reptile), but Sarah throws the question back at Cath, pointing out that she and Mal were getting chummy. Cath reminds her she's been friends with Mal for ages but Sarah doesn't see what's stopping them. Cath points out that Jo still thinks Mal likes her, and claims she's okay as friends.
Number 28
Toadie arrives back late, and starts to creep through to the bedroom in the dark, when the light comes on. Karl appears holding the cage of mice.
KARL: Good evening, Mr Rebecchi.
Toadie knows he's done for.
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