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Neighbours Episode 2749 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2749
Australian airdate: 21/11/96
UK airdate: 28/05/97
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Harold Bishon: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie is stoked when Sarah kisses him on the cheek.
Harold memories of school return, when Lou used to bully him, and announces that they can't be friends.
Karl is determined to get things back on track once the inquest is over.
Number 22
Lou tries to explain, but Harold is furious at being lied to. Madge claims she didn't lie, but Harold won't have any of it.
HAROLD: No, Lou lied to me, and you just stood by and let him do it.
Lou doesn't feel the past reflects their friendship now, claiming it was all ancient history. Harold, however doesn't see it that way and announces it's time to go. Lou is about to insult him yet again, but Helen puts a stop to it, by offering coffees instead.
Number 28
Billy winds Toadie up by reading his poem to Sarah out loud. Toadie chases him around the lounge, finishing up by launching him onto the sofa. Billy can't believe that Toadie is actually going to give the poem to Sarah, but Toadie snatches it back off Billy and heads out.
Number 22
Madge is fed with Lou for making Harold think they are plotting agaist him.
LOU: I was just trying to help the bloke.
MADGE: Yeah, but you made a right royal mess of it. You just couldn't help yourself.
Lou has had enough of being told off, but Madge informs him she won't stop until he starts making sense.
Madge sits down, disappointed that the evening all went wrong. Helen reminds her to look for the positives; at least it shows Harold is slowly getting his memory back.
Number 28
Billy and Libby tease Toadie about his new 'girlfriend' over breakfast, till Karl snaps, yelling at them to keep the noise down. Susan quietens the kids, and accompanies Karl over to the kitchen area. Billy suggests Toadie sends the letter anonymously, whilst Libby suggests flowers. Toadie gets annoyed though and storms off.
LIBBY: You know what, I think we actually offended him.
Susan offers to take the day off to support Karl in court, but he claims he'll be fine.
KARL: Didn't you say I'd have nothing to be nervous about.
SUSAN: You're only human.
KARL: Yes, and we all make mistakes.
Susan tries to offer further support, but Karl won't accept it, and instead heads off to finish getting ready.
Ramsay Street
Toadie appears outside, carrying his letter; he pops it into the post box for number 30, as Karl sets off. Toadie hides behind a tree as Sarah appears. She picks up the mail and heads down the street.
Number 22
Lou opens the door to an angry Madge. She demands that he talks to Harold today to make it clear they were not trying to make a fool of him. Lou has no choice but to oblige.
MADGE: If you botch my marriage, I'll never forgive you.
Number 28
Susan asks the kids if they will be around for a family meal that evening. They agree to be there to show a united front. Toadie reappears and the three head off to school.
Coffee Shop
Sarah shows the 'anonymous' note from Toadie to Cath. She can't decide what to do next. Cath suggests she does nothing and just let Toadie worship her from afar. As Cath heads back to work, Sarah makes her promise not to tell anyone.
Outside Chez Chez
Lou bumps into Harold outside. He apologises for his behaviour the previous evening and explains that Madge and Helen had nothing to do with it. Lou admits that he did bully him at school, but that it's not something he's proud off. Harold admits that it did hurt, but it has helped jog his memory further.
Harold mentions that he remembered more about Lou and Madge, and Lou admits that they were fond of each other for a while, but that it's all in the past.
LOU: She's your wife Harold, she loves you and she wants you back.
Harold is chuffed.
Coffee Shop
Sarah asks Cath to sit with her, as Billy and Toadie arrive. Billy is worried about the exam they've just sat, but Toadie tells him to wait until the results are out. Sarah decides to head off, so Toadie opens the door for her, leading to an awkward pause. Sarah politely thanks him and walks out, leading Toadie to suspect that she hasn't yet read the letter.
Number 26
Helen assures Madge that Lou will have spoken to Harold. On cue, Harold arrives; he's brought a present for Madge. She apologises for not stopping Lou's story earlier, she just wanted to see him happy. Harold admits the event actually helped jog his memory; in particular, he's remembered the time they started seeing each other. He asks if she'd like to join him for dinner that evening. Madge is delighted.
Coffee Shop
Susan and Libby arrive. Libby is happily bouncing around, celebrating her last ever day of school. Cath enquires as to whether she is joining the other kids down at the river later, as she heard some of them talking. Libby explains that they're having a family evening, but Susan decides that Libby should go to the party; she and Karl will have a quiet night instead.
Ramsay Street
As the boys walk home from school, Billy is still freaking out about his exam paper. Toadie spots Sarah's place and announces to his mate that he is still in with a chance with the 'woman of his dreams'. Billy still believes the Toad is delusional, but suggests he goes ahead if he wants to make a fool of himself.
Number 26
Madge is trying to decide on an outfit for her evening with Harold. Helen points out she's still got hours, but Madge can't rest as she's too excited.
Number 28
Bill asks his mum if he can go to a mates that evening to swap revision notes. Susan is disappointed that he won't be around for Karl's dinner, but agrees, given the other kids will be out too. Toadie meanwhile is trying to write Sarah another poem, but Susan reminds him he should be down the Coffee Shop.
Ramsay Street
Toadie almost knocks Harold over as he rushes off down the street.
Harold heads to number 26 to meet Madge. Madge opens the door, and Harold comments as to how beautiful she is; the blue matches her eyes. Madge is pleased as he always used to tell her that.
HAROLD: I know I'm a little early, but I couldn't wait to see you again.
Madge was ready anyway so they decide to head off.
Chez Chez
Karl pops in to see Marlene, though Lou informs him she is out. Karl admits the inquest went okay, and that it was a fair trial, but he won't hear the verdict for another two days. Lou agrees to get Marlene to contact him soon. Lou offers Karl a beer, so he agrees to stay for one drink.
Coffee Shop
Harold politely shows Madge a seat. Sitting down, he admits his memory returning is like putting a jigsaw together, only he has no idea if it will ever be completed. Madge insists that it doesn't bother her at all, and that she has no interest in anyone else but him. Toadie hands them some menus and apologises to Harold for running into him earlier.
Harold declares how beautiful Madge looks, which makes her embarrassed. He apologises, but she admits that it's his honesty which she loves about him. They hold hands; gazing into one another's eyes.
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