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Neighbours Episode 2748 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2748
Australian airdate: 20/11/96
UK airdate: 27/05/97
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Harold Bishon: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Anne Wilkinson: Brooke Satchwell
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Madge helps Harold to regain his memory.
Anne reveals to Lance and Ruth that their father has a new girlfriend.
Darren is intent on not moving in with Lou.
Ramsay Street
Anne can't understand why her brother hasn't thought of a name yet for the puppy. He explains it was because he couldn't decide between Death Horn and Cyclops. Anne isn't impressed, but Lance points out that it'd be better than any name she'd pick for her. Anne is disappointed that their dad didn't allow her to get a pet, so Lance suggests the new puppy can be hers as well. It becomes clear that Anne isn't so keen on living with their dad and her new girlfriend anymore, and would like to move in with her brother and mum instead. Lance thinks it'd be cool, but Anne is unsure on how Ruth will see it given she chose to live with her dad when they split.
ANNE: I'm just not sure how I'd cope if she said no.
Lassiter's Complex
Lou is shocked to see Marlene out and about, given she should be babysitting Lolly. Marlene explains she has left Louise with Darren as part of the plan, but Lou isn't so sure it's going to work. He explains his earlier encounter with Darren and how his family suggestion didn't go down so well.
LOU: He also told me what to do with my seafood risotto, which was totally unnecessary and potentially uncomfortable.
Marlene wants to give him one more go, but Lou has decided that enough is enough and Darren has blown his last chance.
Number 24
Libby arrives to find Darren feeding Louise. She suggests they go off and do something fun as a break from her revision, but Darren is a bit tied up and unable to go anywhere. He explains his annoyance at Lou's manipulation game, first the bribery and then the guilt. He doesn't want to end up like Brett, feeling smothered by the family.
Number 32
Ruth is fretting over the latest house bills, as Anne hangs around the lounge. She offers her mother a coffee or tea, but Ruth jokes she'll want something stronger, so Anne offers to get her some wine. Ruth is intrigues by Anne's sudden interest, but Anne just comments that Erinsborough is nice, and heads off to make her mum a coffee.
Number 26
Madge has received photos from Charlene of her old school days in the hope that it might help jog Harold's memory. Phil takes great amusement looking at the old photos and comments on a photo of a younger looking Madge.
Ramsay Street
Lance is outside playing with the new puppy, when Darren, Libby and Lolly arrive. Darren suggests it might be easier to train her if she had a name, but Lance admits he hasn't decided on one yet. They head off to take Lolly to the park, leaving Lance to battle with his puppy.
Anne comes back out to see her brother, and reveals the extent of their mother's financial worries. Lance is shocked to hear they may not be able to hear dog food. Anne doesn't see the point in asking if she can move in as it sounds like Ruth won't be able to afford it.
Chez Chez
Lou and Madge laugh over the high school photos. Lou is impressed at how Madge looked when she was young, and spots a photo of Harold holding the finishing line for the school run.
LOU: Jelly Belly we used to call him.
MADGE: Yes, and it was very cruel.
LOU: Yes, but it was harmless.
Lou agrees to sit down with Madge and Harold that evening over a nice dinner to help bring back his memories of their school days. He decides it may be best to only tell him the happy memories.
Lassiter's Park
Libby, Darren and Lolly wander through the park to go and see the ducks, which Lolly is excited about.
Under the rotunda, Madge is showing Harold their old school photos, but he is unable to recognise anyone or recall any memories. Madge tells him Lou is going to cook dinner for them that evening, which pleases Harold. He still hopes to regain all his memories.
Number 26
Lou is unsure if he's done the right thing inviting Harold for dinner, but Helen and Phil reckon it's a great idea. Helen agrees to come along for moral support, and offers Lou a vegetarian cook book.
Lance pops by to ask Phil if he could pay his mother's bill sooner rather than later as cash is tight at home.
Coffee Shop
Libby thinks it's sweet the way Darren is able to play big brother to Louise. He asks her not to broach the subject, but she admits that living as a family would be a good move. Like Darren I'm beginning to hear the broken record.
Number 32
Phil has come to deliver Ruth her cheque. He offers to pay her by the session in the future if she is tight for cash, but Ruth is baffled and asks that he explains what Lance has said to him.
Outside, Anne suggests Madonna as a name for the puppy, but Lance isn't keen. Anne jokes that at the rate they are going they'll have to pick a name out of a hat. They eventually decide on Bonnie, which the puppy yaps at in agreement. Ruth soon appears at the door demanding that Lance comes inside.
In the lounge, Lance is faced by Ruth and Phil, but doesn't understand what he's done wrong. Phil decides to leave them too it. Ruth explains that Phil is their landlord and doesn't need to know about their money issues, besides they're not that poor yet. Lance explains he was just trying to help so that Anne would be able to move in with them.
Number 24
Lou thanks Marlene for the trifle when Darren arrives home with Libby and Louise. Lou is about to head off when Darren stops him. He admits that he has done a lot of thinking and realises he was only thinking of himself earlier. He apologises for his earlier attitude and agrees to move in with Lou. Marlene is delighted and gives her grandson a hug.
Number 22
Lou is making up stories from school for Harold, but unfortunately he paints Harold out to be his sidekick as they got up to mischief, when he was actually the poor guy being picked on. In the kitchen, Madge isn't so sure about Lou's stories, but Lou believes it's better than telling Harold the truth, which could kill the friendship at this point. Madge is left unsure what to do.
Number 32
Ruth sits down with her children and admits they never really talked things through when she and their father split up. She knows Anne and Bill were close, but explains that she and Lance had always hoped she might come and live with them. She reassures her children that they are not to worry about money and that her home will always be their home. Mother and daughter hug.
Number 22
Lou brings out Marlene's trifle to the table. Just as he is about to serve it Harold stops him and reaches out for the trifle, remembering the name Lou used to call him at school - Jelly Belly. It dawns on Harold that all the stories Lou told him earlier that evening were a lie, and that it was him who was the butt of all the jokes.
LOU: Well you laughed when I told you the story.
HAROLD: Well I wasn't laughing at school.
Harold is hurt that Lou lied to him and pretended they were friends.
LOU: But Harold, we could be friends.
HAROLD: What, you and me? Never.
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